The 32X probably had more games cancelled than it had games released. Many of the games listed below were listed in American video game magazines, some have screenshots available, but many don't. Some of the games would later be seen on other formats (such as Alien Trilogy and Darkstalkers) whilst a lot of them would never be seen again. This section looks at the 32X games that never came out. Some of these games have prototype roms available, which let me go into more detail.

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32 Xtreme

Developed by SEGA, this was going to feature different sports games. Some screenshots were shown in magazines. Thanks to Unseen 64 for the above scan.


Alien Trilogy

A first person shooter based on the Alien film series. It isn't clear how much work was put into the 32X version, but it was eventually released for the Saturn and Playstation.

Alien Vs. Predator

There seems to be a lot of confusion over what this was going to be, as there were already several games available under this title. AvP for the Jaguar was a first person shooter, AvP for the arcades was a scrolling beat 'em up, and AvP for the Super Nintendo was also a scrolling beat 'em up, but was completely different to the arcade game. It was supposedly going to be a port of the arcade game (which was made by Capcom).

Alone in the Dark 2

This game would have been a 32X CD title, and was advertised in some American game magazines. No screenshots of this version have surfaced. It was released on other formats, including the PC, 3DO and Saturn.


Batman Forever

This was meant to be developed by Acclaim, who released Batman Forever for some other consoles (including the Genesis). Judging from Acclaim's other 32X games, this probably would have been an update of the Genesis version.


A very violent fighting game that was developed by Incredible Technologies and released in arcades. The 32X version was cancelled, resulting in the game never getting a console port.



This was going to be developed by Interplay, intended for a late 1995 release. The 32X verison never came out, but Casper games were released for the Saturn, Playstation and Super Nintendo.


A platform game that would have been a sequel to the PC Engine title Chi no Rondo. It is also known as Castlevania: The Bloodletting, but this title might have actually come from fans, rather than Konami. Some sprites from the game have been shown, which show Richter Belmont and Maria Renard, along with a new rival for Richter. Whilst the 32X game never happened, a sequel to Chi no Rondo was later released for the Playstation in the form of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This game would later be released on the Saturn, but only in Japan.

Clay Fighter 2

The original Clay Fighter was released on the Genesis, but the sequel was going to be released for the 32X. In 2018, a very early prototype ROM was dumped. This prototype has two playable characters (Tiny and Blob) on a placeholder background. Pressing start changes the character's colors. The characters appear to lack their special moves, but have got some basic strikes. Whilst the 32X version was cancelled, the game was released for the SNES. The 32X prototype ROM can be downloaded from the Hidden Palace.



Capcom announced several games for the 32X, this was one of them. It would have been a port of Capcom's monster fighting game that saw an arcade release in 1994. This game, like all of Capcom's other 32X titles, was cancelled, and it seems unlikely development on it got very far, if it was started at all. The game would later be released for the Playstation.

Daytona USA

Exactly how SEGA would have pulled this off remains unclear. The 32X couldn't even do arcade perfect ports of the Model 1 arcade games, so how the system would deal with a Model 2 game I've no idea on. The 32X Daytona was never released, whilst a poor port was later released as one of the Saturn's launch games.

Dynamite Headdy

Dynamite Headdy was released on the Genesis in 1994. A 32X Dynamite Headdy game was listed in some magazines, but it isn't known if it was a sequel or just an ehanced version of the Genesis game. It ended up never being released.


Ecco the Dolphin

A new game in the Ecco series was in development, but other than a video showing Ecco jumping through the game's logo, nothing is known about the 32X Ecco game. A Saturn Ecco game was also rumored, but this was never released either. A new Ecco game was released for the Dreamcast in 2000, developed by a different team that did the Genesis Ecco games.


FIFA Soccer '95

Seen in one of EA's American advertising brochures for that year. Whilst this game was never released, Europe did get FIFA '96 instead.


Golf Magazine Presents: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples

This game was released for the 32X, but a 32X CD was also advertised, which was not released.


Maximum Surge

A 32X CD title. The game was released for the SEGA CD, but the 32X CD version never came out. The game's box was shown on some of the 32X's earliest advertisements.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

This might have been a new game, or it could have been an updated version of the SEGA CD version and released for the 32X CD.



A platformer that was released for several consoles -including the Genesis and SNES -but the 32X version never made it out. The other versions came out in 1996, at which point the 32X was long dead in the market, so not releasing Pinocchio for it was a smart move. In 2019 a prototype version of the game was ROM dumped. The prototype reveals the 32X version featured more parallax scrolling in the backgrounds, and more vibrant colors for the graphics, but these were the only major differences between it and the released Genesis version. The ROM can be downloaded from the Hidden Palace.

Primal Rage

This game was released for the 32X, but there were also some ads for a 32X CD version. Quite what the benefits of the 32X CD would have added to the game remains unclear, but some other versions -such as the Playstation version -added new cutscenes to the game. Perhaps those would have been included in the 32X CD version, had it been released.


Race Drivin'

A conversion of Atari's arcade racing game, which had seen a port to the Genesis in 1993. The 32X version wasn't released, but a SEGA Saturn version was later released in Japan only.

Ratchet & Bolt

A shooter which was originally in development for the Genesis, then switched to the 32X. The game was developed by SEGA and had two different robots to play as, who had many weapons to choose from. More can be read about it at SEGA-16.

Return Fire

A port of the popular 3DO game. Issue 31 of Mean Machines SEGA (the May '95 issue) shows a small preview, although the screenshot is most likely from the 3D0 version. They also state that the game is be EA. Whilst the 32X version was scrapped, Return Fire was later ported to the SEGA Saturn.


A platform game that was released on many consoles (including the SEGA Saturn), but the 32X version never came out.

Revolution X

Developed by Acclaim, this rail shooter was released in the arcades and for many consoles (including the Genesis), but the 32X version was never released.

Road Rash 3: Tour de Force

This racing game from EA was released for the Genesis, but the 32X version was cancelled.


Shadow of Atlantis

A point and click adventure game that was originally going to be released for the SEGA CD. Development was then switched to the 32X CD, but when the 32X flopped, development was moved to the Saturn. Even this didn't work out, and the game ended up being never released at all.


A Shinobi game was announced for the 32X. One European leaflet calls it "Digital Shinobi". Several screenshots were shown in magazines, but it was decided to release the game on the SEGA Saturn instead. The 32X screens shown in magazines look very different to the Saturn version, which was called Shinobi Legions.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Special Edition

A 32X CD game which would have been an enhanced port of Sonic 2, which also included an updated version of the first Sonic game. This game was going to feature numerous improvements, including video clips, new gameplay modes and the most amount of playable characters even seen in a Sonic game. The game was fully completed, but was never released, sadly. However one person managed to get a copy and did a full playthrough of it, which can be seen here.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Some magazines listed the 32X Sonic game as Sonic the Hedgehog 4. A new Sonic game was put into development for the Genesis, but then work on it was switched for the 32X. The 32X version is known as Sonic Mars, and it can be read about at Sonic Retro. When the 32X flopped, development was switched to the Saturn. The Saturn version, known as Sonic X-Treme, was never released either, and had a problematic development history that can also be read about at Sonic Retro.

Soulstar X

Developed by Core, this was going to be an update of Soulstar, which had been released in 1994 for the SEGA CD. In addition to improved/different graphics (eg the ship you control has a different set of sprites), one magazine mentioned that the 32X version was going to have a 2 player option, where the second player could repair damage to the ship. A prototype version of the game was dumped and can be downloaded from ROM sites. The prototype lets you play through 2 levels: the first has you heading towards a planet, the second has you flying towards a large ship. The prototype crashes when you reach this ship. Soulstar X was also meant to be getting a release for the Atari Jaguar CD, but this never happened either.

Spot goes to Hollywood

Said to be an update of the Genesis version, which was released in 1994. This game was also meant to have been completed, and one magazine even reviewed it. It was never released, nor was the SNES version, but updated versions were later released for the Playstation and Saturn.

Street Racer

According to Mean Machines SEGA, this version of the game would have improved on the Genesis version, but it never came out. However Street Racer would receive a Saturn version later on instead.

Street Fighter: The Movie

Based on the 1994 movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, it isn't known if this would be a faithful port of the arcade game, or if the gameplay would have been heavily changed. The game was later released for the Playstation and Saturn, and played very differently to the arcade version, along with having different characters.

Surgical Strike

A 32X CD game which was an update of the SEGA CD version. This game actually was released in Brazil, but some American magazines mention it was going to be released in the US, which never happened. The American SEGA CD version even mentions the 32X CD version in the game itself, hinting that the game was axed very late on.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

A port of the fifth game in the Street Fighter II series. According to the defunct website Street Fighter Legends, Capcom had initially planned to port this game to the Genesis, but scrapped this when they found out how big the game would have to be (the Genesis version of Super SF II was 40 megs, the largest Genesis game ever at that point). However they then announced a 32X version, which sadly also got scrapped. It was released for the 3DO and then later for the Saturn and Playstation on Street Fighter Collection.


Thunderhawk 2

A sequel to the original Thunderhawk, which had been released for the Amiga, PC and SEGA CD. Whilst the 32X version wasn't released, the game did come out for the Playstation and Saturn under the title of Firestorm: Thunderhawk 2.

Tom Cat Alley Deluxe

This presumably would have been a 32X CD game, and an update of the SEGA CD's Tom Cat Alley.


Virtua Hamster

Also known as Virtual Hamster. An early prototype of the 32X version was released, which can be read about here.

Virtual Golf

A golf game that was being developed by Core. Like all of their other 32X titles, it was never released. However the game was released for the Playstation (in America and Japan) and Saturn (in Japan and Europe).



A 32X CD title. The game was released for the SEGA CD, but the 32X CD version never came out. The game's box was shown on some of the 32X's earliest advertisements.



Also known as X-Men: Mind Games. The game was cancelled for unknown reasons, but a prototype is available to play. Read more here.