Released in 1995
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Genre: Platforming
Also known as: 36 Great Holes

Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples

The only golf game released for the 32X, 36 Great Holes features Fred Couples, a former gollfing world no. 1, who'll provide some commentry on your playing. He can also be selected as a playable character, but you can also create your own golfer. There are many different game modes, from playing in a tournament to practicing your putting.

If golf games interest you then it might be worth looking into, but I don't think the graphics for this game are that impressive, and the PGA Tour games for the Genesis are just as good, as well as usually being cheaper.

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Create a golfer (or just pick Fred) and then enter a game mode. The game modes let you play in tournaments, play Fred's favorite holes, or you can just select the hole of your choice for a pratice session. The aim is to get the ball into the hole in the lowest amount of shots possible.

Whilst playing you'll have to select the right club for the job, which all depends on how much distance you want to send the ball. When you take a shot, there are two bars beneath your golfer. The aim is to perfectly time your shot by pressing the C button at the right moment. When you press C, a red bar will move up, and you must press C again when it reaches the white line. A blue bar will then appear, and again you'll have to press B when it reaches the other white line. Doing this makes your shots travel the correct distance and aims them where they need to go.

There are various other modes, most of them allow turn-based multiplayer. You can save up to four seperate games thanks to the game's battery back-up, and you can also save some replays of your best (or worst) shots.


Object viewer
You'll need a six button controller for this. Go into the options menu and press the mode button. A new screen will appear, which allows you to view various objects from the game and make them smaller or larger.


There are over thirty prototypes available for this game, click here to read about them.


A 32X CD version of this game was advertised, but never released. I don't really know how the CD format would have helped, but it probably would have had FMV sequences showing off the courses.