I've updated the Annet Futatabi shrine. The levels guide has been overhauled, with all new screenshots, but more importantly is the fact that thanks to Ácido Cinza and popfan95b, I've got an English translation of what is going on in the game. So now the cutscenes have accurate descriptions about what's happening in them. There's also some new notes on most of the level pages. I've also updated the characters and ending pages, and added a new page about the game's intro. The moves page has been deleted in favor of a gameplay page, which not only lists all of Annet's moves, but has some other stuff about how to play the game. The video playthrough has been updated, featuring a link to my newest version, which is in HD and was recorded at 60 frames per second. A must read for any El Viento fans!


A Shadow Dancer prototype was also released recently, check out all of the differences here.


A prototype of the cartridge version of Earnest Evans was recently released, so I've done a page about it here.

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