A few small updates today. The rage quitters and e-mails pages have been updated with some new entries. I found a new regional difference for the original Fatal Fury regarding Andy's zan ei ken move and have added it to that game's regional differences page. Whilst clearning out stuff on my hard drive I came across some unused Tekken 6 fanboy comments, which I've added to the page (the new stuff is at the bottom). Finally, I wrote up a info page for The Transformers: The Movie.


I know I said that I wouldn't announce any more game playthrough section updates here, but it turns out I lied since that's exactly what this update is about. But that's because I've re-done the entire section so it looks a bit nicer whilst also offering a little more insight into each game beyond "playthrough with x character". There's a few new sections in there too, such as a Q & A. But from now on all game playthrough updates will be made without them being announced here. I'll try and update that section at least once per month, if not more.


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