Years a go I found an unused Jingle Bells theme in Street Fighter III. With some help from Ragey, we've found out that this theme was probably used in a location test version of the game, so I've updated this page appropriately.


I've added some new pages to the regional differences section, with a few Dreamcast games covered. There are also a few additions to the arcade Street Fighter III 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike pages.

I've also had a clear out of the links page. There were several retro gaming sites I've had linked for years that have never linked back in any way, so most of those are gone, along with any deleted sites and sites that no longer update. If you want your site link back, e-mail me.


I've added a lot of new scans to the original Shinobi III section. The new scans are from ASM, Computer + Video Giochi, Consoles +, Game Power, Game Pro, two different issues of Gamers (the latter issue is the only one we have to show the final boss), Hobby Consolas, SEGA Pro (worth viewing to see the random man with a sword) and Sonic the Comic. Thanks to Magic Island for sending all of these in. There are also a few new scans about the final version, including reviews from Computer & Video Games and EGM, along with a scan of the game's official ad -which features slightly different box art than the version available in stores had.

I've also updated the Earnest Evans shrine regarding a secret that I believe went undiscovered for 26 years, that can be found in the sixth level. There is also a new regional difference for El Viento regarding the title screen. There's also a new page about unused content -not much on it at the moment, but the full unused intro text, partially seen in the protoype footage found last month, is there.


This must be the year of El Viento. A former EGM staff member uploaded footage from the 1991 Tokyo Toy Show, and recording some footage from an earlier version of El Viento. It's not much but the script for the game's intro is completely different in this version. I've made a new page and covered all of the differences here.


I've made a few additions to the El Viento manga page, thanks to Ácido Cinza.


Thanks to Ragey I have another update to the El Viento shrine, with a few additions to the mythos page (Minion of Karakal, Serpent People and Formless Spawn). Also the level 3 boss looks like it was based on a monster from Dungeons & Dragons called the Gelatinous Cube. I've made a note of that on the level 3 page.


The El Viento shrine has been overhauled. Changes include:

-The level guide has been re-done with new images and text. There's also some new notes on most of the pages.
-The manga has now got its own section, and the full thing is there rather than just bits of it. Plus I have a potential reason as to why it ends on a cliff-hanger.
-The cheats page has been updated, since I finally got that stupid color test cheat to work.
-The music has been re-recorded and now includes the music used in the cutscenes.
-There's a new review scan in the magazines scans section, which is a badly written review from Ace magazine.
-The ending page has been updated, featuring how to do a glitch which skips some of the text.
-There's now a page about the test level.
-There's also a new page about the game's connection to the Cthulhu Mythos.

Phew! In addition to the above, the Annet Futatabi shrine also has a new page about the Cthulhu Mythos, which can be seen here. And I'm sure you'll notice the great custom sprites dotted around the section:

You can thank ScrollBoss for these, if you want him to make some sprites for you, then be sure to check out his commissions page!


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