I've made a few additions to the El Viento manga page, thanks to Ácido Cinza.


Thanks to Ragey I have another update to the El Viento shrine, with a few additions to the mythos page (Minion of Karakal, Serpent People and Formless Spawn).Also the level 3 boss looks like it was based on a monster from Dungeons & Dragons called the Gelatinous Cube. I've made a note of that on the level 3 page.


The El Viento shrine has been overhauled. Changes include:

-The level guide has been re-done with new images and text. There's also some new notes on most of the pages.
-The manga has now got its own section, and the full thing is there rather than just bits of it. Plus I have a potential reason as to why it ends on a cliff-hanger.
-The cheats page has been updated, since I finally got that stupid color test cheat to work.
-The music has been re-recorded and now includes the music used in the cutscenes.
-There's a new review scan in the magazines scans section, which is a badly written review from Ace magazine.
-The ending page has been updated, featuring how to do a glitch which skips some of the text.
-There's now a page about the test level.
-There's also a new page about the game's connection to the Cthulhu Mythos.

Phew! In addition to the above, the Annet Futatabi shrine also has a new page about the Cthulhu Mythos, which can be seen here. And I'm sure you'll notice the great custom sprites dotted around the section:

You can thank ScrollBoss for these, if you want him to make some sprites for you, then be sure to check out his commissions page!


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