It's a fine morning in England and several security guards pack money into a armored van, which then sets off. However, Sodom suddenly appears in front of the van. The driver attempts to reverse and turn away to make an escape, but Sodom jumps forward and uses one of his sais to cut through the bottom left of the van, destroying two of it's tires Sodom isn't the only bad guy around though as Birdie also shows up and starts punching out the guards who try and stop him.

Their first raid a success, Birdie gets the money and tells Sodom that this is just the beginning, and with that the two start more raids across London, destroying various placements whilst taking off with any money or treasures they can get their hands on. Birdie says nobody can stop the two of them.

Since they are causing so much destruction, the chief of police holds a press conference where he says he is putting his best three agents on the case: Burke, Rory and Celia. These three once stopped a plot involving a one billion pound ransom and Rory says that if Bison is behind this wave of crime, they want to let him try and take them on again. They'll crush him just like they did last time. This report is seen by Birdie and Sodom.

Bison is also there are everything is going to plan. He rings up Scotland Yard and says tips them off about a robbery taking place tonight. Later on, Birdie and Sodom are sent to steal the crown jewels -something they manage. Birdie puts a crown on his head and cracks a joke, which Sodom finds funny at least.

Burke and his team show up and Celia says that their crime spree is over. Birdie and Sodom have no plans on coming quietly and attack, but are quickly defeated. Whilst Rory is pleased they got them, he'd really like to have another fight with Bison.

Bison then shows up and quickly knocks out Burke whilst freeing Sodom and Birdie. Celia tries to make a move but is restrained by Sodom. Rory is the only one left and goes to fight Bison one on one, but Bison easily defeats him just by using his magnetic powers to rip apart one of his opponent's cybernetic arms.

Bison says that maybe next time Rory will think twice before taking him on but he then questions his intelligence. Elsewhere, Cammy is happy as she is back in her home country again and she is going to be meeting her old team. Better than that, she has the morning off to go on a date with her boyfriend. She is referring to Guile, who is also with her, but he reminds her that they are here to say Escher and he has to remind her again that he is not her boyfriend! He's already with Lucinda.

Cammy deliberately falls off the wall she is on so Guile has to catch her. She kisses him and tells him to forget about Cindy -she has dumped him once already and she'll do it again. But when she does, Cammy will be there for him. Again, she tells him to forget about Cindy -a person cannot live in the past. The past is filled with pain.

They arrive to meet Escher, who has bad news: MI5 have informed him that their top three agents have been captured by Bison. For the safe return of Burke, Rory and Celia, Bison wants two billion pounds and he is also demanding that Guile and Cammy are the ones who deliver it to him. This time MI5 is going to give him the money as Burke is so valuable to them -he apparently discovered some secrets recently which could topple the British government if Bison finds out about them.

The two of them are sent to a warehouse near the docks and get to it by truck. Inside the warehouse, the three Delta Red members are trapped in a cage whilst Birdie and Sodom start to unload the money. Bison wants to personally see the money before freeing his hostages, so Guile shows him some of it and confirms that the notes aren't fake.

Bison is pleased but he then pulls out a gun and says they are his prisoners too. Guile begs to differ and uses some very strange looking upside down jump kick move to get the gun out of Bison's hands and into Celia's. She uses it to open up the cage.

The odds are now in the Street Fighter's favor. Birdie and Sodom prove to be useless, so Bison activates a magnetic shield around himself so his opponents cannot harm him. That is until Rory charges at him saying that he has reconfigured his cybernetic arms to be on the same level as Bison's shield. After colliding with Bison his shield breaks and Bison is exposed.

Rory starts to fight him and Bison tries his magnetic powers again, but he is quickly surrounded. Burke says that he will go down here but Bison says that he still has a secret weapon. Cammy is busy fighting Sodom when Bison calls out to her.

Bison's eyes turn red and Cammy suddenly drops to the floor, screaming.

Guile tries to help her up but as he gets close, she uses her cannon drill move on him! She gets up by herself, picks up a laser gun and tells the Street Fighters to stay away from Bison or she'll shoot. Guile tells her to try and remember who she is as Bison has messed with her mind, but she says she has remembered -she has always worked for Bison! Bison and his cronies head to the truck. Celia tries to shoot Bison but before she can, he uses his magnetic powers to aim the gun at the ceiling and fire it.

The ceiling of the warehouse collapses as Bison and his team make a clean getaway. Inside Guile and the others have survived but they have no option but to report to their superiors. Guile tells Escher what has happened, who naturally isn't pleased: whilst he got Burke and his team back, he lost the ransom money and Cammy. Escher tells Guile that he can either try and cure Cammy, or otherwise she should now be treated as a terrorist and due to the knowledge she has, will have to be terminated.

Chun-Li and E. Honda are flown to England to help out and they meet up with Burke. He tries to take a look at the files they have on Cammy only to find they are locked out -even to authorized personal! Honda has a go at making them viewable and manages to do so, but they only get to see it for a few seconds before it deletes itself. Someone is trying to cover up Cammy's history, but they don't know who managed to do it.

Meanwhile Celia and Rory are in a pub. According to Celia's intelligence, Birdie frequently visits this place and sure enough, he comes in. Celia quickly pulls out a gun and forces him to tell her where Bison is going. She then later gives this information to Guile who gets the whole team together and preps them before they move in.

Sodom is loading the ransom money into the hovercraft vehicle whilst Cammy and Bison watch. Sodom asks what they are going to do about Birdie as he hasn't shown up yet but Bison doesn't think twice about leaving him behind, he knew when the departure time was. The Street Fighters then arrive and try to surround them, but rather than put up a fight, Bison tells everyone to get into the hovercraft. They do so and the vehicle takes off immediately.

And as they take off, Bison and Cammy hang around by the door so Guile can see them. Cammy congratulates Bison and wants a big kiss off him, which she gets. Guile is not amused.

Rory then has the bright idea of firing his grappling hook at the bottom of the ship and manages to latch on, but as the ship rises he is pulled upward. Honda runs across to a pylon and does his 100 hand slap on it, causing it to fall. Rory grabs onto it as it does and Bison's ship goes out of control.

The ship crashes into a building and explodes. The Street Fighters run in and inspect the wreckage, but Guile sees Bison and Cammy making walking away. Guile orders the rest of the team to put out the fire as he goes after them. Rory smacks the ground so hard it cracks and he grabs a drainage pipe, ripping it up to put out the fire with the help of the rest of the team.

Bison and Cammy get to some docks where there is a speedboat they can get away in. However Guile blocks them off and tells Bison that they can settle this here and now. Bison can't fight as he has been injured in the crash but Cammy says that if Guile wants to get to her master, he will have to go through her first. Cammy gets ready to fight him but Guile says he doesn't want to have to hurt her.

Cammy has no problems beating him up though and kicks him out of the way. She picks up Bison and takes him to the speedboat and declares that she will make them pay...make them all pay for hurting the man she loves! Guile gets up and can't believe what she just said but all he can do is watch them leave.

The rest of the team show up and Burke wants to know what happened to Cammy. Guile says that she and Bison must be on their way to Shadowloo city now. Rory tries to lighten the mood by saying that they at least got the two billion ransom back, but Guile says Bison got something much more valuable: Cammy. He says that the Street Fighters will not rest until they get her back.


Sodom's helmet is now game accurate and cover all of his face, unlike what happened when he appeared in "The Medium is the Message". However there are still some animation errors in this episode where Sodom's face can be seen. Oddly, Sodom had white socks in the previous episode he was in, like he has in the games. In this episode he has no socks though.

Speaking of Sodom, he is not seen getting out of the burning hovercraft wreckage. Did he die? Apparently not, as he later appears in "Final Fight".

This is also the only episode Sodom appears in and has a line of dialogue. He usually just grunts but at one point he says this.

The hovercraft Bison and friends get into is actually a vehicle featured in the show's intro, but with slightly different colors. Burke refers to the hover craft as a "T-2 20 Skyhopper".

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