Something isn't right in the London Underground and after a whole of of electricity being discharged, we see that Bison is...up to no good on the tracks, I guess. As he rides around, his fun is suddenly stopped when a missile hits him.

This missile was sent out by Delta Red, a British Special Forces team consisting of, from left to right, Rory, Burke and Celia. Burke tells Bison to surrender but he wants to fight them. However he then narrowly avoids getting hit by a train, giving Delta Red enough time to capture him.

News of Bison's arrest soon reaches the airwaves. Guile and Cammy have met up with Escher, and they watch a report. Escher explains that Bison's Shadowloo organization will not let their leader stay behind bars and it is most likely that attempts to free him will be made, so Guile and Cammy are being sent to Britain to make sure that doesn't happen. Dee Jay and Honda are also going along. Cammy tries to explain that the ones who captured Bison are the best and her old team mates, but Escher insists and she agrees to go.

Back in Britain, Delta Red are celebrating in a bar, even though they are the only ones in it -Rory is giving a victory speech to nobody. Burke wants to go and says he just doesn't feel like celebrating, but Celia brings up that ever since Cammy left their team he hasn't been the same. The two are about to get into an argument when Cammy herself enters the bar. They are all pleased to see her, but Cammy says she can't stay as she is here on business. Burke hopes she means that she is going to rejoin them.

Cammy has to state the bogus story Escher gave her: that she is part of a security group, working for a plumbing supply company. Her ex-teammates laugh at this, which promptly leads to Cammy almost getting into an argument with Burke, but then Guile strolls in. However Burke then decides to trash talk him instead, going on about how he heard that Guile got kicked out of the army just to try and get Bison. And now they've captured Bison themselves.

Cammy isn't happy with his words and says that it was a big mistake for her to come here. She and Guile start to leave when Rory says that his sensors have picked up someone outside. Everyone rushes out and Guile sees someone scaling the wall. He, Rory and Celia make their way up to the roof to go after him but as they do, Cammy tells Burke that the bar has been rigged with explosives!

Up on the roof, the good guys have the bad guy surrounded and they tell him to surrender, but suddenly a helicopter appears. The man is picked up by it and before Guile and the others can react, it shoots at them with a laser before it heads away. Meanwhile Cammy is trying to convince Burke to let her go up to the roof so she can warn Guile, but then the explosives detonate and they are both sent flying.

As they get up they see their friends still on the roof, who manage to get down by using a billboard as a ride. As they meet up, Guile says he has a pretty good idea who is behind this: Bison. Delta Red return to their headquarters, where they find out that there have been more bomb incidents across the county, with Bison taking credit for them. Bison has said that more explosions will happen unless he is released and given £1,000,000,000. Outside the meeting room, Cammy is moaning about how the team just sit around doing nothing in a time of crisis -this was why she left them in the first place.

Honda and Dee Jay are on route to London via a helicopter. They radio Guile to say that they will be there soon just as Guile notices some guy in a trench coat walk past. He asks a guard who that person was and finds out that he is a lawyer. Guile and Cammy decide to follow him but as soon as they get out of the building they seem him speed away in a car. They do get to see his face as he leaves though and they realise that Bison's lawyer is actually Zangief. Guile contacts Dee Jay and gives him a description of this car so he can track it.

Dee Jay sees Zangief ditch his car and head into the underground. Guile and Cammy catch up but the train Zangief must have gotten on is already departing. They manage to grab onto it and then enter a carriage, where they start to search for the man they are after, but don't have any luck.

To make things worse, Dee Jay contacts Guile and says that the deadline Bison set for his freedom and money is now, but the British government haven't done anything, as they think Bison is bluffing. Honda thinks that Bison will do something and whatever it is, it will be big. Guile and Cammy keep searching and end up in the dining carriage, where they come across Zangief. Before he gets to eat, he gets into a fight with Guile. Guile throws a sonic boom...

...and that is enough to take him out. Guile is about to question Zangief when the train suddenly comes to a stop and loses all power. When Guile and Cammy recover they see that Zangief is gone and they find out from Honda that Bison's troops have the train surrounded and were the ones behind it. Guile realises that this must have been part of Bison's plan, to get them away from him. They are now stuck in the channel tunnel and they aren't the only ones on the train -their are civilians also, who are no doubt going to be used as hostages.

News of the train gets to Delta Red, who go to Bison. Bison explains that he wants to be released and given his money within the next 20 minutes, otherwise they can say goodbye to the hostages on the train. His troops have planted a bomb on it. Meanwhile Guile and Cammy manage to get on top of the train and beat down the terrorists guarding it.

Dee Jay contacts Guile again and says that the British government are now going to give Bison his money and freedom. Guile tells Dee Jay to try and stop that from happening. He then throws a sonic boom at the wall, creating a new entrance to a service tunnel in the process. He tells Cammy to get the train passengers out though it. Meanwhile, Bison is out of his cell and outside, as he and Delta Red watch... a Shadowloo helicopter comes down, landing next to the billion pounds. Bison thanks Delta Red for their hospitality before heading towards his ride. Meanwhile Guile and Cammy watch as the last of the passengers head through the newly created exit -Guile contacts Dee Jay and tells him to contact Delta Red, as it no longer matters if Bison blows up the train, the hostages are safe. Word quickly reaches them and Rory goes to attack Bison.

But the Shadowloo troops on the helicopter get out and open fire. Bison gets away from Rory as Delta Red take on the terrorists. Rory rips out part of the ground to deal with a couple of goons but his efforts are too late as Bison gets aboard his helicopter.

However Dee Jay throws a projectile at him and it knocks Bison down. Bison instead takes to the skies himself and uses his magnetic power to take out Dee Jay's helicopter and make it crash into the street.

Bison returns to the ground and blasts Delta Red out of the way before picking up his money. But before he can depart he notices that both Honda and Dee Jay have survived the crash, and the sumo wrestler is charging straight towards him whilst using his 100 hand slap move.

And in what can only be described as complete stupidity, Bison throws the money at Honda. The crates get blown apart by his slaps, sending the money everywhere. Bison gets into his helicopter and gets away, but seriously, he doesn't even care about the money.

Later on at an airport, Cammy says goodbye to her former teammates. Burke asks her to rejoin them but Cammy says she can't, as she has to stay with the Street Fighters now. Burke and the rest of his team leave as Cammy, Guile, Dee Jay and Honda head for home.


Delta Red were first featured in Cammy's ending sequence for Super Street Fighter II. However for this cartoon they were re-named and given different designs. Wolfman became Burke, McCoy became Rory and Luwanda became Celia. In the games there is another Delta Red member called Ginzu (he's the youngest of the group) who never appears in the cartoon. This is what the game Delta Red looks like -as you can see they were given many changes for their cartoon appearance.

At the start of the episode, a newspaper can briefly be seen. It is largely the same as the one in "Keeping the Peace" but no longer has the picture of a man and the headline about Street Fighter 3 now states that the game has been released in Japanese arcades rather than Korean ones.

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