Chun-Li reports on a story about how there have been several attacks in a certain city during the night. The thieves keep breaking into places such as jewelry stores and taking everything, but no-one knows who they are. She requests on air that if anyone knows anything about them, they should report it. Just as she finishes her report, some creatures head to the bank she is standing in front of.

The bank explodes and three creatures run out of it. Chun-Li tells her crew to start filing again but the bank robbers can move that quickly it is hard for the cameraman to keep them in focus. The creatures see that they have been spotted and decide to do something about it.

They capture Chun-Li's crew. Two of the monsters head down into the sewers but Chun-Li prevents the other one from escaping and corners him at some nearby docks. However, this creature has wings and flies past Chun-Li.

He gets some crates to drop down on her and she gets buried. Believing he has one, the creature admits she was tough, but not that tough, before flying away to rejoin his friends. Chun-Li has survived though and after getting out of the wreckage she heads back to her van to call Guile.

Guile is watching Blanka in a fight when he gets the call. Blanka has the upper hand in the battle whilst Guile tells Chun-Li to stay where she is, they will be there soon. He tells Blanka that they've got to go, Chun-Li needs them.

Blanka's opponent tries to throw him from behind whilst he's talking to Guile, so he shocks him and then makes a joke. Later on they meet up with Chun-Li and head into the sewers, where she saw two of the creatures go earlier. Down there they find Mutagen has infected the water and Blanka reveals in a flashback that this was what changed him to what he looks like today and that they shouldn't touch it.

Suddenly a large wave hits them and they are all swept back. It gets worse when the creatures attack them and they find out that these mutants can breathe under water. Blanka heads downwards to try and find something to clear the water away.

He finds a door which he kicks down and the water is drained, taking the Street Fighters along with it. They continue to walk but the creatures which attacked them seem to have gone, until the one with wings appears.

Guile throws a sonic boom and takes it out. Chun-Li wants to know where her film crew is but then the other creatures appear and attack.

Chun-Li takes the green creature out with her lightning kick whilst Guile tries to fight the red one, but he gets hit when his opponent generates electricity. Blanka takes him on instead and uses his own electricity to knock him back.

Screech, the bat type creature, uses a sonic scream to stun the Street Fighters whilst he and his buddies escape. When Guile and the others recover, they come across three drainage pipes and they don't know which one the creatures went down. Meanwhile, the creatures return to their master and explain to him that they weren't strong enough to beat the Street Fighters and there was one like them.

Their master is a former Shadowloo scientist called Quinn. A flash back reveals that after Dhalsim betrayed Bison and Guile destroyed his operation (see the events of the live action Street Fighter movie) Dhalsim's assistant, Quinn, asked Bison if he could become chief scientist for Shadowloo. Bison shot down his idea though and then left the room. Quinn ass upset as he can't continue with his life's work in the form of developing Mutagen. The other three men in the room said they know how he feels, they all wanted to be Warlords but after they lost one fight Bison deemed them to be weaklings and forced them into doing basic cleaning tasks at the base.

Quinn told them that he can make them strong if they join with him, but in return for this they must steal as much money as possible so Quinn can get himself his own private island. They agreed to his terms and got turned into what they are today.

Back in the present the mutants are worried and they demand to be made stronger so they can battle the Street Fighters. Quinn isn't so sure though as to make them more powerful he will have to get them a large dose of Mutagen each, so much so that he doesn't know what effect it may have. They don't care though and threaten to kill him if he doesn't do it, so he gets his machines set up. Meanwhile Blanka sees mutagen some of the mutants bled when they retreated, so he leads Guile and Chun-Li through the correct drain.

Quinn powers up his monsters just as Guile and the others arrive in his lab. The mutants step out of their chambers more powerful than ever, but Guile doesn't know that and since they kicked their butts once already they can just do it again. He jump kicks the green mutant but sees he didn't even seem to feel it.

The mutant smacks Guile across the room with his tail and he crashes into a cage, which contains the two crew members Chun-Li wanted to save. Before she can get to them though she finds herself under attack from Screech.

The mutants are now too powerful for the Street Fighters. The green mutant has become more like a serpent and easily swats Guile whilst Screech's extra strength lets him grab Chun-Li, run up a wall with her and then drop her. Guile catches her before she lands but the red mutant says he now knows his weakness: he cares about others. The mutant asks him how he will deal with this and pulls a lever that makes a batch of Mutagen bottles fall.

Blanka catches them before they hit the ground, but then the other green mutant hits him and causes him to drop the stuff. The Mutagen canisters break open and their contents splash all over Blanka.

Blanka suddenly grows slightly in size and his appearance changes. Quinn says that this is the new, improved Blanka and the other mutants say that he is one of them now. They tell him that he should destroy the humans.

Guile and Chun-Li start saying the Street Fighter code and Blanka goes for the other mutants instead. He gets them outside of Quinn's lab and even when the three of them team up to take him on, he's still able to beat them with ease. He uses his electricity on the water to shock them all and they then run away.

Blanka goes back to the lab and starts trashing the place, but then he spots Quinn. Grabbing him, he asks Quinn if he would like a taste of his own medicine and to be transformed into a mutant as well, but Guile and Chun-Li appear and demand for Blanka not to kill him. They talk to Blanka and tell him that he must control his rage, as he is not like the other mutants. Eventually Blanka lets go of Quinn and tells them to get him out of his sight.

Chun-Li releases her news crew who were locked in a cage and then makes Quinn get in it, telling him he should get used to being behind bars. Chun-Li hopes Blanka will be able to control himself and Guile says he hopes so too as Blanka walks off.


Blanka's opponent is Mike Haggar from Final Fight, although the outfit he has on looks more like his Saturday Night Slam Masters one.

When Guile attempts to touch the Mutagen infected water when they first go to the sewers, Blanka yells "No! Don't touch it!" even though both Guile and Chun-Li are standing in the stuff. Later on they are swimming through it but suffer no side effects.

Out of the three evil mutants, only the bat one -Screech -is named.

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