Some people are leaving a hotel when one of them, Kim, notices another woman not far away. This woman stumbles forward towards her. Suddenly she vanishes.

But then she appears out of nowhere right in front of Kim, grabbing her ankles -she's a vampire! Up on a roof above, Seras is part of a unit ready to shoot the vampire, but at she takes aim, she can't pull the trigger. She thinks about the members of her old unit, D-11, and hesitates. Her superior, Ferguson, gets someone else on the team to take the shot.

Kim is saved when the vampire has her head blown off. More of Hellsing's forces move in to clean up the crime scene. Seras apologizes for not firing. Ferguson tells her that it's said that failure in your first battle is a sign you'll live longer, but then in her case she'll live for as long as she likes.

Returning to their HQ, Ferguson dismisses his troops and then talks to Seras alone. He tells her he knows that D-11 treated her with kid gloves, but it won't be the same case here. Seras says she doesn't need any special treatment, but Ferguson, knowing that she's now a vampire, says he'd like to believe her. Maybe she's too highly-strung for this. Before Seras can counter that, another man appears, saying that they'll be providing for her daily needs.

The man takes Seras inside and says that his name is Walter. He's been asked by Integra to look after her, and serves her as a butler. He recommends that Seras doesn't go out during the day, and then shows her her new room where she can stay during the daylight hours. It also has a large bed, which has a closing lid -making it look like a coffin. Walter says that it's best she has it shut to help her sleep soundly.

Walter leaves, so Seras tries to go to sleep, but finds she can't -she guesses going to sleep during the night isn't something she can do that well any more. Instead, she decides to get up and take a look around the mansion. She sees a couple of guards at a door and they salute her, but she then finds that they were actually saluting Integra -who's appeared on a balcony above her. She tells Seras that those men work for her, so she shouldn't feed off them. Seras says she's not like that, but Integra just walks off.

Integra goes to her room, where Alucard appears. She says that she hopes that what he's done with Seras doesn't become a habit. He says again that the police girl chose this for herself, but Integra tells him he'd better train her well. She then shows Alucard some information about some vampire attacks in Birmingham. The attacks have left entire families murdered, and then the attackers have used the blood of their victims to write blasphemous messages on the walls. They believe there is more than one vampire. Alucard sighs and says they don't make vampires like they used to. Integra doesn't want his opinion, so he bids her farewell until tomorrow.

Seras has returned to her room, where she has been given some medical blood to drink. At first she seems to want it, but then she knocks it out of the way and doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, the wanted vampires are on out on the road...

Leif and Jessica ride on a bide recklessly, and then attack another house. They quickly kill the family inside it and write some more messages on the walls, before kissing each other. Leif thinks that the powers they have now are better than any drug. Jessica says that they only have to do this nine more times for "them" to make them so much stronger. They'll get to be young forever.

The next morning, Seras goes to the Hellsing firing range. She takes a look at some guns, but then Gareth, another Hellsing soldiers, presents her with something that might be better for her. It's a massive assault rifle, which Seras doesn't even think she'll be able to lift, but she then surprises herself by lifting it with one hand.

She tries the gun out and hits the target, but Gareth tells her that her shots are no good -they would have been fine for human targets, but for what they're hunting, she needs to aim for the heart.

Gareth's squad then gets called out, so Seras goes with them. She happens to see Ferguson talking with Integra, but can't hear what they're saying. Meanwhile, Leif and Jessica have left the house, and are once again on the move. A couple of police cars are after them.

Jessica shoots one car, causing it to slow down, which results in the car behind crashing into it. Back at the Hellsing HQ, Integra is on the firing range when Walter comes in. He tells her that Gareth's unit has blocked off part of the M6 motorway. The unit should have their little Bonnie and Clyde problem sorted inside of two hours. Integra says those two have no idea what they've become, but then asks Walter if he wishes he was out there. He says no, as nothing satisfies him more than serving her. Meanwhile, Gareth's unit have finished setting up their road block. Seras waits with Ferguson at a sniping position.

Leif and Jessica are still on their bike, saying how they can keep this feeling and love each other forever. Not too far away, Alucard appears. He can see his targets and releases his control art restriction system to level five. Suddenly, Leif and Jessica find themselves in a tunnel, even though they never drove into one.

Jessica says she's scared and tells Leif to drive her out of here right now, but he tells her to just shut up. They see the ghosts of ghouls, but they then see Alucard. He pulls out his gun and fires one shot, shooting the front wheel off their bike and making them crash.

Alucard calls Leif and Jessica children without faith. If they had any control, they'd be able to transform themselves into fog, or bats. They've taken all those lives, even though they aren't thirsty -is it fun? He then calls them cheap terrors, and immortality is wasted on the likes of them. Only shame awaits them. As Alucard is warping around as he talks, Leif manages to shoot him.

However Alucard quickly gets back up, heals his shot arm and pulls out his gun. Leif pulls out another uzi and fires, but Alucard shoots twice. His bullets destroy some of Leif's, and then go straight through Leif's chest and kill him. Jessica watches as Leif hits the ground and crumbles to dust, so she runs.

Alucard stops his tunnel illusion and tells the police girl not to fail him this time. Seras is waiting and finds out that one of the targets is on the run, and is around 500 meters away. Ferguson tells Seras she should be able to see her now. Seras doesn't think that's possible, but then, using her powers...

...she finds she can see her. She also sees that the target is just a young girl, and struggles to believe that she's a vampire. Ferguson tells her that it's time to prove that she's not a monster, so she should shoot. This time, Seras fires and hits her target.

Jessica falls to the floor and then turns to dust. Ferguson receives orders to withdraw, but before they move out, he welcomes Seras to the Hellsing organization. Later on, Alucard appears before Seras and tells the police girl that she didn't do badly tonight. Seras tell him that she has a name...Victoria Seras. Not police girl.

Alucard ignores her and tells her that she's now and forever a child of the darkness. She must drink blood, otherwise she shall become weak. Drink the blood -do as he says. As Alucard vanishes into the night, Seras quietly says yes to her master's order.


This episode adapts the manga's Murder Club storyline, although there are lots of changes. The opening hotel scene where Seras can't make the shot isn't in the manga, and neither is the scene where Seras walks around the Hellsing HQ. Leif and Jessica's scene take place inside a house in the manga, which Alucard enters and kills Leif. For the anime, they changed this so Leif and Jessica are on a bike and encounter Alucard in a tunnel. In the manga, it's just Alucard and Seras who take out the two evil vampires, but the anime changed this so several Hellsing soldiers are also present, including the first appearance of the anime-exclusive character Ferguson.

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