Seras gets hit and falls down, unable to throw her master an ammo clip. Alucard is also bleeding badly, as Incognito gets back up and laughs. He tells Alucard that this cursed tower cries out in hunger, eager to consume his blood. Alucard thinks the tower is an old and decrepit ruin -it suits Incognito perfectly.

Seras tries to reach out for the clip but can't make it, as Alucard declares he'll send Incognito to the deepest pits of hell. He raises his rand and the ammo clip is physically moved by his power, entered his gun's chamber.

He fires several shots at Incognito, blowing his head completely off. The demonic light in the room disappears, but a few seconds later, Incognito's body begins to glow.

Despite having his head blown off, Incognito still lives and his head partially reforms. He sends the bullets still lodged in his head back at Alucard, destroying his gun and ripped him apart.

Incognito full reforms and asks Alucard how it feels to have a taste of his own blessed silver bullets. Alucard dissolves into a pool of blood, with only his head remaining. Meanwhile, Integra and Walter are still on the way to the tower, but are intercepted by a couple of army helicopters.

Walter wishes they'd equipped the helicopter with sidewinder missiles, to which Integra says they'll discuss it at the next budget meeting. Back in the tower, Seras crawls up to her master. He tells her he is her master and she should have listened to him. He then closes his eyes.

Seras picks up his head and licks some blood off him, but Incognito appears. He tells her even if she licks every last drop of blood of her master, she'll still never be able to become a true nosferatu. She's losing a lot of blood so she's already dead, and there's nothing for her to be afraid of any more. Alucard weakly tells her to run from this place.

Back outside, the army helicopters open fire. Walter tries to avoid them but their helicopter gets hit. Integra tells him that's enough, she doesn't want to lose him. But he tells her orders given by the Hellsing organization must be completed even at the cost of their own lives. He tells her to try to endure the situation for just a while longer...

...and destroys part of the helicopter, sending Integra out of it. Using his wires, he catches her and gently lowers her to the ground. But then his helicopter takes another hit.

Integra is dropped just in time, but she can only watch as Walter's helicopter goes out of control and crashes close to the tower.

A little later, Integra is captured by Incognito. He pins her down and then begins a strange ritual. She asks what he's trying to do, and correctly guesses that he's trying to summon something from hell. He doesn't answer her but she clearly hears the last word he speaks in his chanting: "Sett". Outside, a bright energy erupts out of the ground, creating a beam of light.

This light crashes back down, causing a large explosion. Integra can't believe it but Incognito tells her he was born to bring ruin to all that is. He gets closer to her and she tells him she won't allow herself to be part of his filthy demonic magic. Incognito explains that he intends to let Sett enter him and together they'll send this town crashing down to hell. She is going to make his power strong. She thinks he's nothing more than trash but he tells her he's going to violate every part of her being. Integra calmly tells Alucard to unlock his control art restriction to level 1, and to activate the Cromwell initiative.

However Incognito tells her Alucard is dead, and drinks a small amount of blood from her. She yells out to Alucard, demanding for him to acknowledge her command, but there is no reaction. Outside, Sett goes on a rampage across London, causing several massive explosions.

Back at the tower, the spilt blood of the fallen begins to trickle towards a single point. A giant pentagram appears in the city of London, and Alucard says he has released his control art restriction to level 1.

On the top of the tower, Incognito laughs as Sett takes to the sky and circles around him. Sett then charges straight into Incognito himself -who stops laughing and starts screaming. Meanwhile, Seras wakes up to see...

...her reformed master standing in front of her. He says it's another beautiful moonlit night, and then disappears whilst laughing. He then appears behind Incognito and tells him he's feasted on all of the blood which had soaked into this fortress, which has revived him. He asks which technique should he use to send him to a purgatory of eternal pain and torment?

Incognito asks Sett to consume his enemy into the flames of hell. He becomes Sett, and rises high into the sky before coming back down and trying to smash into Alucard. Alucard avoids it by jumping away at the last moment. He thinks that this is the way of a true a list vampire.

Nearby, Walter has survived and is pulled out from the wreckage of the helicopter. As he's taken away he weakly says that Alucard is a true immortal. Back at the battle, Alucard decides to take Sett head-on and grabs his mouth, pulling it apart.

Sett unleashes a large beam on him but it does nothing, and Alucard mocks Incognito by asking if this is all the power he has, even after merging with the God. Incognito tells him he will grovel before him in disgrace, and will make him become a part of him, so they can both serve Sett for eternity. Alucard unleashes two of his baskerville familiars at him.

Incognito combines his attack with Sett again, and clashes with Alucard. Their collision releases a wave of energy across London, which damages several buildings. All the people can do is watch, although Anderson is among them. He just laughs.

The battle takes to the sky, and one of Alucard's baskervilles managed to bite down into Sett, whilst Sett pierces through the other baskerville. They fall back down and crash into the tower. Meanwhile, Seras gets Integra out of danger. Integra wants to know where Alucard is, she tells her that Alucard is winning, and that no matter what, her master will win.

Inside the tower, Alucard and Incognito face off for the last time. Incognito admits Alucard wasn't a simple braggart, but it doesn't matter. He'll never be able to destroy him due to him being infused with the power of an ancient God. He welcomes the pain! Alucard thinks he has such disgusting tastes, and if pain truly is his pleasure, then he'll grant him his wish. But now he wants to know what he's going to do next, and tells him to hurry and make his next move. Incognito pulls his grenade launcher out of his body.

Incognito tells Alucard to disappear forever, and jumps towards him. The two clash in the air and rip chunks out of each other. Alucard lands in front of a cross, his hair glowing brightly. The glow creates a liquid, which fills into what's left of his Jackal gun. Incognito thinks this is a joke, he can't seriously think he can beat him with a broken gun. But Alucard just laughs and pulls the trigger...

...causing the gun to shoot one final projectile. A few moments later, Incognito realizes he's been defeated, the shot Alucard fired has pierced straight through him. Barely alive, he asks Alucard who he is.

Alucard says nothing, but briefly shows his original form: Vlad the Impaler. Not long after this, Incognito is finally killed for good when he is impaled again.

Sometime later, Integra is being held prisoner in the tower. Alucard appears in the room and asks his master for her orders. She says nothing, as he picks up a wine glass and crushes it. He's offering her his blood once more, and he tells her that the decision is hers. She just smiles.

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