After the narrator goes through a bunch of stuff you should already know by now (there was a nuclear war), we see Raoh and his massive army making their way across a bridge. The narrator explains that Raoh is the end of century conqueror and he has taken the name of Ken-Oh (Fist King). Now, only one man is left to stand in his way...

At some village, some of Ken-Oh's troops are busy lashing a man who refused to join Ken-Oh's army. The guy can no longer stand when his wife come across and begs the troops to stop, as she is pregnant and needs her husband for when their child is born. The troop with the whip doesn't know what to do... his superior walks over and makes it clear: no mercy for anyone! He says the man is to be executed now and tells the villagers gathered that one of them will have the honor of killing him, so he needs a volunteer. When nobody steps forward, he threatens to have the entire village killed, but then a man with a cloak on raises his hand.

Kenshiro has been watching what was going on and as a troop gives him a sword, he asks where he has to go. The soldier boots him in the direction of the wounded man but as he does, Ken swings his arm back and slices into the soldier's head, killing him. The other soldiers notice and all of them charge forward.

Kenshiro takes out each soldier with one finger. He makes his way to the Captain and before he can even move, Ken hits a pressure point on his head with one finger. The Captain gets annoyed, saying nobody can take him out with just one finger, but he then sees that behind him all of his men have exploded!

The Captain begs for forgiveness only to find out it is far too late -as soon as Kenshiro moves his finger away, he will die. The Captain doesn't believe him, but seconds later he explodes. Ken checks on the couple and sees that they are OK. They ask him what they can do to thank him but he says it doesn't matter -he once had his love taken away and later killed, he didn't want to see it happen to someone else.

Kenshiro starts to leave, but as he does the woman asks him what his love's name was. If her unborn child is a girl, she wants to name her after his love in her honor. Kenshiro ignores her, but after she starts pleading he slowly turns around and tells her: Yuria.

"Hokuto Shinken's successor, Kenshiro...he continues to fight to protect the weak. He soon became known as the "savior". The feared conqueror and savior...fate has led them to this sorrowful struggle to the death. The oldest brother, Raoh...and the youngest brother, Kenshiro..."


(Legends of the True Savior - Fist of the North Star)


(Legend of Raoh - Chapter of Fierce Fighting)

At what is meant to be the last ocean on Earth, there is a pirate ship waiting on the waves. Nearby on dry land, Reina looks out across the sea, whilst Captain Akashachi sees to a fire. He tells her that nobody can stand in Ken-Oh's way now and that her work as Captain of Ken-Oh's guard was splendid. Raoh's dream of conquest will come true. However she disagrees, as even if Raoh conquers this land, there is still more for him to take over. Akashachi agrees as he knows what she is talking about. The next land Raoh will travel to is the land of Shura.

Akashachi then wonders why Ken-Oh didn't make Reina his wife, as she is a fine woman. Reina says that Ken-Oh has only ever loved one woman: Yuria. Even though she is dead now, Reina believes Raoh will continue to chase after the shadow of her memory. However Reina says she will continue to wait here for him to return.

The next morning Ken-Oh and his army come across an area where a great battle has taken place. Some of his army fought against another one, but his men were victorious. One of Ken-Oh's Generals, Giraque, goes forward to plunder from the dead bodies, whilst commenting on how foolish these people were for trying to take them on. Another of Ken-Oh's Generals, Balga, explains to his master that this army was the Nanto Giyyu Gun (South Star Volunteer Army). The leader of this army is meant to be the most important member of the Nanto Roku Seiken (and the only one left alive at this point) but he doesn't know the identity of this leader. Nobody seems to know.

Giraque tells Ken-Oh not to worry about this army, as he will destroy them all in one fell swoop. Ken-Oh is more interested in the white bandages each slain member of the Nanto army has on their arms. Balga tells him that the bandage represents their hope, Kenshiro. They praise Kenshiro and believe he is their savior, and the bandage is like the one Kenshiro himself has on his arm. Suddenly everyone looks forward as part of the canyon erupts in flame!

The cause of these flames is Shuren, who is part of the Nanto Goshasei (South Star Five Chariots). He tells Raoh that his ambition ends here and then jumps high up into the air. He throws a large fireball at Raoh which completely engulfs him, but he has the power to withstand it without any injury.

However this was just a distraction and as Raoh recovers from Shuren's first attack, he follows it up with another suicidal technique, with his body completely covered in flame. He charges directly at Raoh and says that all of this is for the last General's eternal light. Raoh stops him and tries to keep him back, whilst saying that it is impossible for his flames to turn his ambition to ash here.

With concentrated force, Raoh turns Shuren's flames on himself and causes him to explode. The explosion hits part of his own army but as the smoke clears, the troops see that their master hasn't got a scratch on him. Raoh tells Giraque to discover the identity of the last Nanto General immediately.

Up above on a cliff, the last Nanto General, Yuria, has been watching along with two of the other Nanto Goshasei members: Rihaku and Fudo. She says that even Shuren's suicidal attack failed to stop Ken-Oh, and she wonders if he can even be defeated. Rihaku doubts that even Kenshiro would be able to beat him. Yuria wonders about Toki, but Rihaku tells her he has heard Toki has died recently. The only hope they have now is to get Kenshiro to the Nanto capital. If he and the Nanto army fight together, they may be able to stop Raoh. Fudo volunteers to go and get him, as his whereabouts were discovered recently.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro is at Toki's grave. He has the headband his friend used to wear, and he thinks back to just before he died. Kenshiro told Toki that he let Yuria, the woman that they both loved, be taken away and killed. But Toki told him that because of that, he became stronger -by changing his sadness into rage.

Toki also said that he could hear the voices of the ones who saw Kenshiro as their savior. He told Ken to live for them, but he wouldn't be able to go with him for the rest of his journey. The next world was waiting for him.

Back in the present, Kenshiro says he will live by Toki's words. Bat and Lin are nearby, but he suddenly hears Lin scream -which isn't surprising as a rather large man has found them. Kenshiro runs over to where they are and finds this man, who calls himself Fudo the Demon.

Fudo says that he challenged Kenshiro's master, Ryuken, to a fight once, but he backed down. He's come here to settle that old score by fighting Kenshiro inste...suddenly Fudo realises he isn't talking to anyone, as Kenshiro has walked off! Fudo asks him if he is also running away as his master did, but Ken just waves goodbye.

Fudo gets irritated with him and charges, telling him to take this seriously. He smashes Kenshiro into a rock and then continues to charge, as he reaches the rock he uses a chop move, but Kenshiro deflects his strike to hit the rock instead. Derbies goes everywhere.

Once the dust settles down, Fudo sees that not only has his attack missed, Kenshiro's fist is also about an inch from his face. He asks why Ken didn't hit any of his pressure points, only to be told that he has the face of a good man. Fudo kneels and tells him that he is part of the Nanto Goshasei and has come here to take him to the Nanto capital. There the last Nanto General awaits him.

Meanwhile at Ken-Oh's palace, Balga informs his master that Fudo has made contact with Kenshiro, and is most likely taking him to the Nanto capital. It would give the South Star volunteer army a huge morale boost if Kenshiro was to help them. Giraque argues that they should just go and and destroy this Nanto capital now, as if they managed to do that, it would mean that Ken-Oh would have total control of this land. Ken-Oh agrees and tells all of his Generals to gather together the entire army, so they can attack soon.

Later on, Raoh is by himself looking out at the stars. He senses someone behind him and turns around to see the spirit of his old master, Ryuken, in part of waterfall feature. Raoh wonders why he is here and believes that he can't enter heaven, as he resents being beaten by him. Ryuken doesn't respond to that, but instead says that one of Raoh's Generals, Giraque, is pretentious because he referred to him earlier as "your majesty". He basically thinks Raoh is an Emperor, even though he has not completely finished his conquest yet.

Ryuken then asks why Raoh has decided to go with Giraque's plan of attacking the Nanto capital. He knows that Raoh could destroy the entire Nanto army at any time, so why doesn't he instead challenge Kenshiro first? He thinks Raoh may be afraid. Raoh thinks differently and says that he could crush Kenshiro, but even he wouldn't come away from the battle unscathed. Kenshiro managed to beat Souther after all. If Raoh got badly injured, his army would fall apart or turn on him. He wants to keep them under his control, and put enough fear into them to not let them even think of such a thing.

Ryuken says his conquest is a fragile thing. Raoh doesn't like his words and tells him to leave. Ryuken vanishes as Raoh heads back out to look at the stars. He believes that even the heavens desire his conquest.

The next morning, Raoh and his army set off to the Nanto capital. Fudo is also taking Kenshiro, Bat and Lin towards the capital, by getting a lift on a truck. However the driver of the truck says that they are low on gasoline and they won't make it on what they have. So instead Fudo tells him to stop at his village, which is much closer, as they can get more supplies there. They reach his village, but Ken and the others believe it to be deserted.

However Fudo yells out that he has returned and a few seconds later, lots of children run out. He tells Ken that these children no longer have their parents, as they were killed by gangs. The children are glad to see their father return, but he tells them that he can't stay at the moment as he still has places to go with Kenshiro. But Ken tells him that he won't be going anywhere, he cannot allow Fudo to come with him any further. He is all these children have, and it would devastate them if he died.

Fudo reluctantly agrees, and also decides that it is time to tell Kenshiro the true identity of the last Nanto General. They had to keep it a secret for so long as they didn't want Raoh to find out. Fudo stuns Kenshiro by telling him that the last Nanto General is none other than his thought to be deceased love, Yuria!

Fudo says that the Nanto Goshasei are sworn to protect Yuria, and that they saved her when she was trying to commit suicide in Southern Cross. She is now waiting for his return, and she knows he has been walking the path of the savior. Kenshiro is stunned that his girlfriend is still alive, and all he can do now is think about her.

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