At the Nanto capital, Yuria looks out over the city and removes her helmet. Rihaku comes over to her, saying that the day for her reunion with Kenshiro has finally come. But Yuria seems sad, as she's had to fake her death for so long and she thinks she has made him suffer because of that. Rihaku changes the subject by telling her to look at the people in her city. Unlike other cities, this one is peaceful, where people work hard together.

They then hear something and turn around to find Giraque looking at them. He has heard everything, and seen Yuria, and he thinks Ken-Oh will be quite interested in this news. Rihaku tells him he has nowhere to run and tries to slice him in half with his sword, but Giraque avoids his attack and tells them he'll be seeing them again. He jumps off the balcony and reveals his gliding ability, which lets him get out of the capital.

Giraque returns to a canyon where Ken-Oh and his army are waiting for him. Balga is telling his master and the other Generals that Rihaku is part of the Nanto army, and is meant to be an expert strategist, so he might have traps ready for them. Giraque then lands in and says he knows who the last General is. It seems that Shin has played the all for fools, as the last Nanto General is none other than the thought to be deceased Yuria! Raoh gets angry, as he's been tricked by Shin, but he now has no time to waste. He resumes his journey towards the capital, as the rest of the army follow him.

Meanwhile Kenshiro has already reached the Nanto capital and a soldier says he will take him to meet Yuria. However Ken-Oh and his army also arrive. Most of the Nanto Giyyu Gun are sent out to stop them, and soon a large scale battle takes place right outside the city.

However Raoh isn't involving himself in that battle, as he proceeds to go straight to the capital by himself. He blasts down the main doors and says that Yuria can either join him or die. The rest of the Nanto army is there, and charge towards him.

Kenshiro is taken into a large room and told to wait, as Yuria is coming here. However the room shakes and Ken heads over to the balcony to take a look outside. There he sees Raoh making mincemeat of the Nanto army, easily making his way into the main building to start his search for Yuria. Any resistance he encounters is promptly dealt with.

Raoh finds the door to a large room and kicks it down. He heads inside where there are some traps waiting for him, including a couple of statues which fall down. He destroys them with his fists and then turns around to see Rihaku. Rihaku says that he will never hand Yuria over to the likes of him, and that this room will become his grave.

Raoh thinks differently and wonders if Rihaku will be another one to sacrifice his own life for Yuria. He starts to walk forward, but then lots of arrows are launched at him, far too many for him to dodge...or so Rihaku thinks. Raoh runs forward at an incredibly fast speed, avoiding all of the arrows and getting him right in front of Rihaku. He grabs him by his throat and tells him to die.

Yuria is taken to the room Kenshiro is in, but finds her love isn't actually in it. The soldier who was escorting him says that Kenshiro left because Yuria will never be at peace with the likes of Raoh around, and he has gone to find him. Yuria says she will continue to wait for him, as that is the promise she made to him long a go.

Meanwhile Kenshiro finds Raoh. Raoh loses interest in killing Rihaku and throws him to the side before heading towards Ken. This first thing Ken does is punch Raoh hard in his stomach, sending him into a wall. Kenshiro tells Raoh that the time has come for him to return to the heavens, but Raoh just laughs and charges at him again. He delivers a powerful kick, but Rihaku watches in amazement as Kenshiro blocks this strike with only one of his arms.

Raoh resumes his attack, using the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken and eventually pinning Ken to a wall with one of his strikes. He thinks he has won, but suddenly Ken vanishes and appears behind him!

Raoh sees that Kenshiro somehow has the same touki (aura) as his brother, Toki, and is moving in the same way as him! Raoh doesn't understand what is going on, but uses one of his special techniques -Hokuto Goushou Ha -to finish off Ken for good. But Ken once again evades this move and seems to go right through it -and then right through Raoh himself! Part of Raoh's torso gets sliced, and he stumbles.

Raoh looks into Kenshiro's sorrowful eyes and then gets the chills, as he wonders if this is that technique he has heard about...he thinks back to the time he defeated Ryuken.

After beating his master, Raoh asked him if he knew of what was meant to be the ultimate Hokuto Shinken technique, known as the Musou Tensei (Nil-thought Rebirth). However Ryuken says that nobody has meant to have mastered this technique aside from the one who created the Hokuto Shinken style 2,000 years a go. For someone to learn it, they must experience true sadness. Raoh will never master it.

Back in the present Rihaku says he can see them...the men whose souls have become one with Kenshiro through battle. Kenshiro tells Raoh that Toki is waiting for him in the next world. Raoh gets up and sees that Kenshiro has managed to master this legendary technique, making him the strongest in the 2,000 year history of the style. He's about to resume his attack when he notices something...

H's shaking!

Kenshiro tells Raoh that he is afraid. He might not be conscious of it, but his instincts are telling him he is afraid. Raoh is outraged that he could possibly be fearful of his youngest "brother" Kenshiro, and refuses to believe it. There is no retreat for him, only the drive of victory -and he then uses an ultimate technique of his own.


(Heavens Command Charge)

This massive projectile beam hits Kenshiro and cuts his face whilst also destroying his shirt, but that is all of the damage it does to him. Kenshiro tells Raoh that there is no retreat for him either, and that now is the time he will put an end to his ambition.

Both warriors run towards each other but as Raoh charges, the room suddenly begins to shake. Rihaku lunges forward and pushes Kenshiro down, as this is the last trap he had and it has just been set off. Suddenly the floor gives way and Raoh is sent plummeting down below.

Part of the ceiling to a room crumbles and after a lot of wreckage falls through, Raoh also crashes down. He slowly gets back up, cursing Rihaku and his stupi...


As Raoh gets up he sees that he has found Yuria! He says that the heavens are once again on his side. After blowing away the few guards that were with her, he takes Yuria and heads back to his horse. He starts to laugh, as they leave the Nanto capital.

Later on a couple of soldiers look around the badly damaged capital for Kenshiro and Rihaku. They find them and see that Rihaku has been injured, but should be alright. Ken tells them to treat Rihaku's injuries, but before they take him away, he apologizes. He says that he underestimated Kenshiro's strength and set a trap that he didn't need to. If he hadn't of done that, Raoh would be dead now. Kenshiro says it doesn't matter, but he must go on and defeat Raoh now. Having experienced fear, Raoh will have become enraged and will destroy everything he touches. Kenshiro has to stop him now.

Raoh wakes up from a nightmare he was having of Kenshiro punching him in the face. He realises that he is even afraid of his own dreams, but also notices that the wounds he received have been seen to. He turns to his right and sees that Yuria is there, and for whatever reason she has shown him sympathy. Raoh is very displeased, as it is the greatest insult for a man to be pitied by the woman he loves.

Heading outside, Raoh abandons the name of Ken-Oh and declares that he will become a demon who will drown Kenshiro in a sea of blood.

The next morning two soldiers of the Nanto army head to Fudo's village to inform him what has happened. They also want his help to rescue Yuria from Ken-Oh's clutches. Fudo isn't sure what to do because if he has to go and fight again, he'll have to leave his children behind once more. But the kids want him to go and they bring him some of his armor. They say that they will be alright. However Fudo suddenly uses a chop move to smash apart an arrow fired at him. He turns around to see that Raoh and his entire army have arrived.

Raoh says that even if he didn't want to come to them, they have come to him. Nobody knows why Raoh has come here, but he says that he has come to take the demon's blood that flows inside Fudo. It doesn't matter if he lives the life of a good man now, he still has that blood that made him feel fear inside him. Raoh says that he has come here to fight him as a test before his true victory, and if he doesn't want to fight, then all of the children he look after will be killed.

A long time a go, Fudo attacked the Hokuto Shinken dojo and killed many of the students there. He saw Raoh cowering in a corner, but he didn't fight him. Raoh was afraid of him. He was so fearful of Fudo that he could not move, and could only watch as Fudo left the dojo.

Back in the present Raoh says if he can take Fudo's blood, and kill the man who made him feel fear for the first time, he will no longer fear anyone else, and can take Kenshiro on again. He then creates a line in the ground and then steps over it. He then tells his troops that even if he takes one step back over to the other side of the line, they are to shoot him with their arrows without hesitation. The archers load their weapons up as Raoh removes his cape, knowing that he will die if he retreats. He is determined to win to not shame himself of losing to Kenshiro, the youngest brother.

Meanwhile Kenshiro is at Raoh's palace and is beating up the guards there. He slaps one of them about as he wants to know where Raoh has gone. He eventually finds out that Raoh has gone to Fudo's village.

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