Julia opens up a large box full of jewelry, but ignores it all and picks out a small box. Inside this box is the bag of seeds she was seen with earlier. She thinks back to how this mess began. She was with Kenshiro, talking to him about his destiny and how the people need him. Ken says she reminds him of Ryuken.

She says his hands hold the future, but Ken reveals the bag of seeds and tells her that the contests of this is what really holds the future before passing it to her. Back in the present, Julia goes into Shin's throne room and looks out of a window. She sees the run down buildings and lack of greenery, the seeds she has could never grow in a place like this.

Back in the past, Julia remembers how just after Kenshiro gave her the seeds, Shin and his men arrived. They were both surprised at Shin's appearance, as he looked like someone who was in the military. Shin revealed that the world now needed a leader -he will be that leader. Shin had also brought along Jackal, who was desperate to fight Ken, as he thought he was weak.

Jackal charged forward as two other men restrained Julia. Ken had no choice but to fight and after a brief exchange of blows, Ken quickly got the upper hand and pressed many of Jackal's pressure points.

Jackal is left scarred for life as a result of Ken's attack. Shin said that the north star and southern cross are never meant to fight, as the teachings told them. But he no longer cared for such nonsense and the two warriors started to battle one another, starting off with flying kicks.

It didn't take long for Shin to start dominating their brief battle, and Kenshiro was taken down. Two of Shin's men picked him up, as Shin told Julia to say that she loved him, Shin. She refused and said that Kenshiro is the only one she would ever love...

...so Shin stabbed Ken in his chest. Julia still refused to talk, so Kenshiro was put into even greater pain as Shin stabbed him repeatedly.

Eventually Kenshiro was given seven wounds and he fell to the ground. Shin coldly stared at him before going back to Julia and telling his men to take her back to Southern Cross. As his men departed, Shin headed back to Ken and told him to think of this as he takes his last breath: he also killed Ryuken.

Back in the present, Shin runs back into the room yelling for Julia to stop thinking about the past, and slaps the box out of her hand. The seeds go everywhere so Julia desperately picks them up, but Shin picks her up and is about to slap her when she tells him to go ahead. He can kill her if he wants, as she feels she is already dead. Shin lowers his hand and leaves. As this happens, one of the seeds fell into a crack in the floor! Oh no!

Lin has been placed in a cage. Sandman, Stone and some other men arrive in the prison block and see Lin singing a song. Everyone finds this hilarious expect for Stone, who tells them to shut up as she's just a kid and they shouldn't laugh at her.

Jackal then storms in having seen everything and tells them all that they are Crossmen, not peons, so they shouldn't show any feeling for Lin even if she is a child. He then asks Lin where Kenshiro is, but she just continues singing. So to show the others what it takes to be a Crossman, he tells Goliath to enter the room. The huge, bulking Goliath appears with a mace in his hand, and is instructed to interrogate Lin.

Meanwhile Ken and Bat finally arrive in Paradise Valley, and Bat desperately wants to find Lin. They do find another girl who has been tortured by the Crossmen. She seems to be OK though and she tells them that Lin is on one of the higher floors, where someone known as Goliath has her. Ken tells Bat to stay down here whilst he presses on.

Goliath's torture methods aren't actually that bad as all he is doing is shaking Lin's cage, but she's still screaming her head off. This at least makes it easy for Kenshiro to find her and he quickly knocks Goliath back whilst freeing Lin. He tells her to run away, he will find her later. He and Goliath then get ready to rumble.

Lin heads back down and looks for Bat, only for Jackal to find her. Bat then appears and tells Jackal to try picking on someone who will fight back before booting him in the face a couple of times. But Jackal has a weapon and as Bat charges at him, he stabs him with it.

Goliath is surprisingly good at taking hits and he lifts Kenshiro up above his head before throwing him through a window. Ken gets up to see he is in a courtyard full of the prisoners from Paradise Valley, as Goliath runs in. Ken kicks him in the face, then pummels several of his pressure points, causing him to fall down. Ken then kills him by breaking his neck.

Sandman challenges Ken next, but a few kicks is all it takes for him to be beaten. More of the Crossmen attack with swords and staffs, but none of them can come close to matching Kenshiro's level of skill. Stone has been watching everything with a molotov in hand, but he has a change of heart and drops his weapons.

Jackal runs up to a window with a sniper rifle and takes aim at Kenshiro's head. However his shot ends up missing, hitting and killing Stone instead. Why?

Because Bat hit him on the back of his head with a plank of wood. No sooner does Jackal fall, so does he. Ken hears where the shot came from and he and the villagers run in. After leaving Jackal in their hands, Ken and Lin crowd around the fallen Bat.

Bat tells Ken that he nearly beat him, but Ken says he did beat him and that he is a hero, as he saved Paradise Valley. Bat tells Lin that he did it, he is a hero, but he then dies. As Lin mourns his death, Kenshiro starts to choke the remaining life out of Jackal.

It seems Ken has no other plan aside from Jackal's death when a voice calls out for him to stop. He turns around and sees Lin floating in the air! Somehow Ryuken is speaking through her and tells him not to take revenge against Jackal, but to go and defeat Shin. Not because of his betrayal, but apparently to restore balance. Uh-huh. The past is done, but the future is his to shape.

Lin returns to normal, so Kenshiro lets Jackal go and tells him to go back to Southern Cross and explain to Shin that the North Star has taken Paradise Valley. Kenshiro watches him leave, but the final battle between him and Shin will soon start!

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