Kenshiro bikes it over to Southern Cross, and he takes a look at the huge city. Shin knows he is coming and he says that Julia must not find out that Kenshiro is still alive. He tells Jackal to guard her and not to take his eyes off her.

Julia is taken to a room and Jackal explains that he is to protect her whilst Shin attends to some business. Meanwhile Kenshiro has made it into the city without any trouble when an alarm goes off -he finds out that this alarm signals the start of a curfew.

Jackal starts to creep Julia out by offering her something to drink and touching her face. She keeps rejecting his advances, but that just makes him like her even more. He eventually backs off to babble on about how strong he is and how Kenshiro has lost it strength wise. Julia suddenly says that something is moving underneath them.

Being an idiot, Jackal believes her and preses his ear down to try and listen to what Julia heard. Whilst he does this, Julia brings down a some shelves which crash all over Jackal and she starts to run, only for Jackal to grab her foot. She manages to get away, whilst Jackal fumbles in getting the shelves off him.

Ken enters Shin's building and finds the place to be heavily guarded. Many guards attack him and as he takes them on, Jackal is running around trying to find Julia.

Julia is hiding down below but the only way down is down -a large shaft is beneath her, but she has no safe way of descending it. Kenshiro enters the throne room and finds the one he is seeking: Shin. Shin is surpringly pleased to see him and asks what he has been up to. Ruining his plans is the answer he gets.

Shin says that Ken is standing in the way of his progress. He tells Ken to just walk away and let the future commence. Ken takes off his jacket and tells Shin that he always did love the sound of his own voice. Shin gets up and starts to walk towards him. Meanwhile Julia has moved away from the shaft and sees a possible exit...

...but has to run back the way she came when Jackal smashes the glass and goes through it. Meanwhile Shin takes his jacket off and after the two stare each other down for a few seconds, their fight begins.

The two exchange blows, but Shin notes that Kenshiro has improved. He still doesn't think it matters, until he is put on the receving end of several kicks and is floored.

Shin tells Ken to stay back and as he gets up, he has some shocking news for him: he tells him that Julia is dead! As Ken is taken aback with this lie, Shin uses it to his advantage and quickly turns the tables back in his favour.

He picks Ken up and slams him head first into walls and tables several times. Elsewhere Julia is having similar luck as her boyfriend, as Jackal has finally caught up with her and says she has been a very bad girl.

Kenshiro counter-attacks, but his strikes are blocked and Shin uses a special technique. He hits Kenshiro in his chest...

...which causes blood so spurt out of his arms. However Ken isn't dead yet and as he lies on the floor, he sees something amazing: a crack on the floor with a flower growing out of it!

Kenshiro somehow knows that the flower must have been Julia's doing, and with new found strength and determination he gets up and resumes fighting Shin, easily over-powering him. Meanwhile Julia has become Jackal's punching bag...

...until she grabs one of the straps from his head gear and shoves it in some of the cogs. The grinding cogs rip the straps off him and soon his mask is destroyed, leaving his bulding brain exposed.

However his head gear was the only thing that was preventing his head from exploding and without it, his skull buldges up and bursts apart, killing him. Meanwhile Kenshiro uses the North Star 1000 Crack Fist on Shin, and then does a few more final kicks...

..which floor him for good. He asks him if Julia is still alive, but Shin just laughs and says that she is dead. Ken punches his him the head, which kills him. Ken then makes his way out of Southern Cross.

Ken is injured from his fight, but as he is about to go down some stairs he notices that the rest of the Crossmen have found him, wanting to fight. He has no choice but to try and fend them off...

...when suddenly they all bow kneel down. Ken turns around and finds out why: Julia is here! She's still alive!

The two are finally reuinted again and as they hug each other, the movie ends.

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