Kenshiro goes into his fighting stance as an undead zombie crawls out from the ground! However this isn't just any old mummy zombie, oh no -this is zombie Ryuken! Ryuken tells Ken that he is trying to turn away from his destiny. Ken says that his destiny is just about hate and revenge.

Zombie Ryuken says that it is by his own hand that he set his destiny in motion. He is now the Fist of the North Star! This makes Ken snap as apparently he doesn't want to be the successor to the style, and he takes his anger out on a car. Zombie Ryuken vanishes and as Ken calms down he sees that he is alone again, and that night has turned to day. He also looks down at his chest to see that his seven wounds are bleeding.

Back in Paradise Valley, most of the villagers and preparing for war as they know that the Crossmen will return. Neville, the village leader, is against such actions and shows Charlie and Asher a treaty he has made which will mean people from Southern Cross can share their water. He plans to go to the city and show them, but Charlie and Asher aren't convinced and continue making preparations. Meanwhile in the wasteland, Kenshiro trains.

As he works out he thinks about his past again, and how Shin beat him in front of Julia. He then snaps back into the present when he hears some punks yelling at Bat. The punk want to beat him up for some reason, so Bat punches one of them in the face. They are about to get nasty when Kenshiro appears, so their attention is diverted to him. Ken quickly beats them both down.

Ken finds out that Bat had been following him because Lin wanted him to. He had come to ask Ken if he could help them, as the Crossmen are going to come back to Paradise Valley and try to take it over. Ken isn't very interested though as something catches his eye on the back of one of the punks he just beat: a picture of his beloved Julia!

Ken rips the picture off him and then goes absolutely nuts, punching the punk in the face over and over again until he collapses and dies. Bat wonders what that was all about, but Ken just says that he has business in the south and walks off. Bat says that the south isn't the quickest way to Paradise Valley but goes after him, hoping to change his mind over helping them out. Back in the village, Lin is playing with her music box whilst looking out of the village gate to see if Bat and Ken return. Asher appears and watches with her.

Bat is on the way back, but as he walks across the desert he collapses, will Ken bother to help him? Meanwhile the Crossmen get together for a meeting, where Jackal raises their spirits by saying that they are going to go out and kill some people.

Their attack soon starts and the villagers put up a hopeless counter attack. Soon the Crossmen and beating the men and raping the women, before getting more creative with their violence by committing such atrocities as setting people on fire and dragging them around the village.

Lin starts screaming and Kenshiro hears her -but he can't stand her yells, as he puts his hands to his head as he feels her pain. Ken tells the now the found and now recovered Bat that he understands what Ryuken was telling him, to which Bat replies with "whatever you say, man". Ken tells him that he will go to Paradise Valley after all, and the two start to run there.

The Crossmen have captured the remaining villagers, and most of them have been chained up and put in a truck which Jackal sends back to Southern Cross. Some of the remaining villagers Jackal wants to question and he starts off by talking to Asher and Charlie. They don't want anything to do with him, but he likes Asher's tough personality and he tells his men that they need to keep Charlie because of her mechanical skills. Neville still wants peace and says they can both benefit if they work together. Jackal's response to this? Kill him.

Sandman, one of the bigger Crossmen, completes this task by breaking Neville's neck. Meanwhile Kenshiro and Bat are still on their way back to the village. Bat is trying to get Kenshiro to join forces with him as with his strength he'll never go hungry again, but Ken shows no interest. Back in the village, the flag of the southern cross is placed up.

The well is fenced off so now people can only drink from it when the Crossmen see fit. When one villager says she will die if she doesn't have a drink, they Crossmen don't care and tell her to die. Lin tries to help the villager but gets grabbed. Jackal points to something that they've just had set up in the village -something perfect for troublemakers like her.

It is a guillotine, and Lin has the honor of getting to try it out first. As she is placed into it the villager tries to stop them, but Jackal says that she will be next if she touches him again. Jackal tells Lin that in the next life she should watch her mouth. Just as the device is activated Lin screams that Kenshiro will make them pay.

Jackal stops the blade for slicing her head off at the last moment. He tells his men to take Lin to Southern Cross and let her see Shin, and to just tell him "seven wounds". Lin is released and taken away by a Crossmen called Stone.

Meanwhile at Southern Cross, Shin decides to be a dolt and accidentally cuts himself on a weapon. Some of his blood hits the plans which are on the floor for no reason and his blood drops catch fire. Yuria sees this then walks off as Shin looks at her and doesn't know what to say. Probably "what was the point of this scene again?" if I wrote the script.

Bat and Ken arrive at Paradise Valley and see that the village has been invaded and now the Crossmen have put an electrified gate around the place. However Bat knows a few tricks and takes Ken into the village via a hidden underground tunnel network.

At Southern Cross, Shin is still going on about how Julia is trapped in the past. He wants to destroy the past and believes he is doing the right thing with what he is doing, as he is going to recreate mankind. He hopes Julia will understand him, but she ignores everything he says. He tells her that she must open her eyes, as he is doing all of this for her. Without her, the future is meaningless as far as he is concerned. She still shows no emotion to anything he says, and Shin leaves the room.

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