The world has been destroyed in a nuclear war. "All the warnings were true. All the predictions fulfilled. Chaos ruled. But that was not the worst...once the honorable banner of a school of martial arts...the flag of the southern now the fearful symbol of a new order."

"The sign of the north star...symbol of the last opposing freedom's only hope. Oh, Kenshiro, my son...I know your pain. I feel your conflict. How can you wonder in the wasteland while the world awaits for you to fight the oppressor. How can you deny your destiny?"

We then see a flashback scene. Ryuken, a master of the Hokuto Shinken style, is meditating in his dojo when he sees someone else outside the room.

The door opens and in steps a man, but Ryuken recognises him straight away: it is Shin. He tells Shin not to insult him by wearing a mask and at least show his face, so he does. Shin asks Ryuken if he knows why he is here. Ryuken correctly guesses that he is here to take his life and says that he is ready to die, as his work is done. However, as he belongs to the North Star and Shin belongs to the south star, their teachings say that they must never fight. Shin just says that this isn't a fight, it's an execution. Oh boy, what Nanto technique is Shin going to use? Nanto Gokusatsu Ken? Nanto Senshu Ryu Geki?


(Any questions about the quality of this movie should be answered now.)

The narrator explains that Ryuken's death was a year a go, and that Shin has gone on to create Southern Cross, which is meant to be the largest city in the post-apocalyptic world. Life there is harsh for the normal people who managed to stay in it, as Shin's army is large and they treat the villagers as slaves. The tallest building in the city is where Shin lives.

Meanwhile, 200 miles north of Southern Cross there is a smaller village known as Paradise Valley. There are a lot of villagers at this place mainly because water was found there -clean, uncontaminated water that was safe to drink. Also at this village is a young girl called Lin, who walks around the place singing a song and playing her music box. However she is blind and most of the villagers don't care about pushing her out of the way.

One of the villagers, Charlie (the woman), returns in a truck having found some food and alcohol which goes down well with Asher, another villager. And at that point Bat then appears, doing some kung-fu moves and telling some villagers that they need to be more alert! One of the villagers gets fed up with his antics and pushes him to the floor before walking off. However the joke is on him because as Bat gets back up, we see that he stole a food tin from him.

Bat goes up to Lin and hands over the tin. Lin says that she can hear bikes and Bat leads her to a place to hide as a gang known as the Crossmen -part of Shin's army -invades Paradise Valley. Villagers and knocked down or killed as the bad guys do typical bad things, such as throw molotovs at stuff and make it catch fire.

One gang member called Jackal finds Bat and Lin, but says that he isn't going to hurt them. Turns out he was just telling a lie though as he promptly smashes Bat in the face with his spear and then laughs at Lin trying to find her friend before riding off. The gang then leave the village.

Sadly one of the villager's trucks has has been destroyed. Bat gets up and says he fought them off, as it then begins to rain. Rain is a bad thing however, as it is acid rain. The villagers quickly cover up their well and head for cover.

Meanwhile we get to see the Earth's oceans: they are no more. Out in these desert wastelands the narrator explains that dwellings are rare and travelers are even rarer. Nevertheless that doesn't stop Kenshiro from walking across them.

He finds a small house and after knocking on the door he just says "I need shelter" without even saying please. The husband and wife duo in there let him in and Ken sees that they have a fully working radio system set up. And someone is broadcasting -the Southern Cross radio station. They all listen to a female voice who explains that Shin's army has begun liberating the waste land and that the recreation of human civilization is the next step. The man explains that this signal is being broadcast from Shin's city.

Ken is allowed to stay, and he goes to sleep as a storm starts. However he starts having a nightmare and he thinks about his past: Shin savagely beat him.

Ken wakes up and sees that the storm has ended, but there is another problem. A gang of punks led by the gun wielding Zeed have appeared, wanting to take whatever they can get their hands on. Since the couple don't really have anything valuable, Zeed lets his punks take the woman so they can have some fun with her in her own house. They walk her over to the door...

...but then punk 1 gets his jaw destroyed when Kenshiro kicks through the door. Punk 2 tries to fight him but Ken strikes him in the back, which causes his chest to blow out and kill him. Ken then heads towards Zeed and knocks the gun out of his hand before using one of Hokuto Shinken's signature techniques: the North Star 100 Crack Fist.

Ken ends the move by hitting a pressure point on Zeed's head. He then turns around and starts to walk away, leaving Zeed confused and telling him not to turn his back on him. Kenshiro just says that he's already dead and Zeed suddenly falls to the ground, clutching his head. Seconds later his head explodes, although said event happens off-screen.

At Southern Cross, a fighter enters Shin's throne room and sees some rare food on a table. Shin appears and tells him to eat it, he can have as much as he wants. Shin refers to this man as his brother -because he is also a master of Nanto Seiken, a style Shin is also a master of. However the man tells Shin that that was in the past, he no longer practices the style and he isn't a threat to him either.

He asks to leave Southern Cross, but Shin says he cannot. Before the war, there were 108 different styles of Nanto Seiken, but now things have changed. Shin does not want other Nanto masters around any more. He tells him to attack him. The man reluctantly does so, but after taking several hits Shin suddenly blocks one of his strikes and then beats him up.

Shin tells him he was good, before he strikes him in his chest, causing parts of it to explode and his arms to burst open. As he dies, Shin looks up a picture of a woman.

The picture is of Julia, who is Kenshiro's girlfriend. However Shin took her away and she now lives in Southern Cross. In her room, she stares out of a window whilst holding a small bag. She tips some of the contents of the bag out onto her hand, revealing some seeds. She then starts to cry.

Meanwhile Bat and Lin arrive back at their little home when they find that someone else has decided to move in. Kenshiro is meditating, but Bat tells him to get out. He gets up and takes interest in Lin, finding out that she is blind. Bat says that since she saw her parents get killed by the "Crossmen", she has not been able to see.

Ken hits a couple of pressure points on her head. He then gets up and walks out of the building. Lin tells Bat they should go and watch him and she heads to one of the broken down walls -Bat realises that she can see again! They watch Ken go out and find out his name, but when Lin asks him to stay with them he refuses and keeps on walking. The two are amazed that Ken can just walk though the acid rain without getting hurt.

At Southern Cross, Jackal is telling Shin about Paradise Valley and how they can easily take it, but Shin gets bored with words and tells him to just go out and do it. Julia then enters the room, so Jackal leaves as Shin shows her a blueprint of a city he plans to construct, and that he is going to revive mankind. Julia isn't impressed, saying that many will die in the process. Shin says her problem is that she cannot see the future because she is trapped in the present. She says she isn't trapped in present -she's trapped in the past. She then leaves as Shin pulls the same "what the fuck was that meant to mean" expression I now have.

Back at Paradise Valley, Charlie returns. She tells Asher that she and some other villagers have collected some weapons and tools to fight back against the Crossmen and other gangs, but Neville, the leader of the council, wants peace and is against fighting. Asher tells her that Neville is an idiot. Shin does not want peace, he wants slaves, and the villagers here would be perfect for that. Elsewhere in the village, Bat is doing his bit by teaching some of the other kids how to punch and kick.

Lin watches the other kids punching whilst Asher starts going on about some legend. Apparently, a man known as the Fist of the North Star will come and be a savior to them all. Suddenly one of the kids walks up to Lin...

...and as she stands there dumbfounded, the child speaks in Ryuken's voice! He tells her that she must open up Kenshiro's heart. Meanwhile, Kenshiro has decided to take a nap in the middle of a street, in front of some smashed up vehicles.

Suddenly Ken has a vision of weird, floating Ryuken yelling out his name, and he wakes up. He gets up and takes a look around, but nobody seems to be there. He can still hear Ryuken though, and he says that he isn't carrying out his destiny and that they will talk. Ken looks up and sees the big dipper in the stars in the sky.

Suddenly the ground in front of Kenshiro starts to crumble and a human hand bursts through it! Who could this be? Check the next part to find out!

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