The statue has started crying, and the tears fall into Shachi. As Kaioh looks at it, he sees that Shachi has somehow gotten back up! What is going on?

Kenshiro runs towards the place where Shachi went -as he gets closer to it he can hear a noise, as if something is calling out to him. Meanwhile Hyo is also on his way, but due to his injuries he can't move very fast and Tao has to help him. Tao gives him some water and asks if he would be prepared to fight against Kaioh, a man who he used to treat as his own brother. Hyo tells Tao that Kaioh is a demon who took the life of his own sister. There is no way he will let Kaioh rule the world, and he will dedicate his life to helping Kenshiro now.

Meanwhile, Shachi is standing and nobody seems to understand why. Kaioh realises that the statue must be the thing that has saved Shachi from death, but he believes that it doesn't matter. No matter how powerful Shachi becomes, he will never be a match for him. He goes to punch him in the head, but as his fist is about to connect, Shachi warps out of the way.

Shachi easily avoids his strike and then counter attacks with a quick stab at one of his hands. It doesn't take long for Shachi to one-up Kaioh and get him into a strangle hold. Kaioh knows that this is not Shachi's own power. As he chokes the life out of him, Shachi says that he is a fool for not believing in love. The reason he is so strong now is because of his love for Leia.

Oh no, don't tell me the series is going down the "LOVE IS EVERYTHING!" route, please...well at least Kaioh seems to be on the same wavelength as me for this love subject. He tries to kill Shachi by striking a pressure point on the back of his head, but it doesn't do anything!

Lin tells Leia that Shachi's feelings for her have somehow merged with the statue, giving him new strength to take Kaioh on. She believes that the message the statue is trying to convey is that of love and that love is the secret of Hokuto Soukei. Meanwhile Kaioh refuses to go down like this, and he finally gets Shachi off him.

If the statue seems to hate him so much, he decides to destroy Shachi to stop him from fighting. He pins Shachi against the statue and then strikes him, making him bleed heavily and then fall down. As he does this, the loud noise starts again and Kaioh can't stand it.

Suddenly, several beams of bright blue light flash across the room. Kaioh looks around and sees what appear to be some spirits standing around him! He thought this would be the case as he believed that they were the ones who took control of Shachi just. These spirits are people who come from Hokuto Soukei.

Kaioh goes crazy trying to fight them off, but he can't hit them. After realising this he falls to his knees as Shachi raises his head and tells Kaioh if he understands what the loud noise is. It is to summon Kenshiro here. Kaioh says that if the statue wants to help Kenshiro, then that's fine. But it won't make a difference.

If Hokuto Shinken's legacy is love, then Hokuto Ryuuken's is evil. In order to let the spirits know that evil rules over love, Kaioh vows to defeat Kenshiro and kill him. And Lin will get to watch it. He takes her and leaves Leia to see to Shachi. As Kaioh rides away with Lin, he tells her that the history of Hokuto Soukei will come to an end when Kenshiro is dead.

Shachi tells Leia that everything is alright now, but his body has been heavily damaged. Kenshiro arrives but sees that Shachi won't survive much longer. Shachi tells him that the statue lent him some extra strength to fight Kaioh with. As Ken looks at the statue, it starts to glow.

It glows brightly but then suddenly stops and starts to crack, but then it crumbles completely. As the dust clears something else has appeared: a large obelisk which has some letters engraved into it. Ken wonders what it is for when it also starts to glow...

...and the energy it releases it absorbed by Kenshiro, who believes that the secrets of Hokuto Soukei are within this obelisk. He then hears a female voice in his head, which tells him she has waited a long time for him to come here. Only he can read the letters on the obelisk. She tells him that to read them he needs to hit the "Shihorin" pressure point.

He does so and this lets Ken start his own incantation. He extends out his arms and places his hands onto the obelisk. The voice tells him that he will now experience the lifetime of a certain man in an instant.

Ken sees something swirl before his eyes and it turns into a silhouette of someone. Behind the silhouette are images of death and misery. The voice tells Kenshiro to cry for the never ending sorrow in human nature. Leia sees that Kenshiro's touki seems to be flowing from his body, as the voice tells Kenshiro that his body now trembles with a rage which shakes the heavens. He will now inherit the will of "that man".

The obelisk shines very brightly and the spiritual energy it releases is taken by Kenshiro.

As everything returns to normal, Shachi asks Ken what he saw in the obelisk. Ken tells him that he viewed the tough life of "that man" -the one who created Hokuto Shinken. He now has the Hokuto Soukei secret techniques and it is all thanks to him. Shachi is pleased, but it is clear he can't survive much longer. He tells Leia that whilst he was fighting he was always thinking of his dream of creating a new era, he wanted to change the land of Shura. He says that he lived for her love and he will also die for it.

The obelisk shines again and Shachi is honored for it do so on him, but he then passes away. Kenshiro says that his love lives on within him and now, there is only one thing left to do. He will find Kaioh and defeat him.


Kenshiro and Kaioh clash once again, and we learn more about the demon's past. But what does he plan to do with Lin now? Find out in "A Sad Victim of Love! This Is The Origin of The Evil Kaioh!!"

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