Kaioh is waiting for Lin to kill herself when a Shura runs in and reports the bad news: Kenshiro and Hyo's fight has ended, and both of them are still alive! Kaioh gets angry and then his mood gets worse when he finds out that Shachi was the one responsible for ending the fight. First Akashachi got in his way, now his son has ruined his plans. He tells the Shura to go and tell everyone that he wants Shachi captured. He then gets Lin and says that she will see what happens to people who go against him with her own eyes.

The Shura find out that Kaioh is offering a huge reward for Shachi's capture and desperately start going through villages looking for him. They keep hitting dead ends with their searches, but they keep looking as they all want to be in Kaioh's good books. Leia happens to see some of them running around and goes off to try and find her boyfriend.

Elsewhere Kenshiro and friends are enjoying a bit of fried lizard for dinner. Hyo is still injured but he says it doesn't matter about him, he just needs to tell Kenshiro something important. He has remembered where the secret style of Hokuto Soukei is. Taiseiden is the place where Hokuto Soukei originated, and where both he and Kenshiro were born. Within this place is some kind of key which unlocks the Hokuto seal, which Kaioh had mentioned to Kenshiro during their fight.

If Kenshiro could unlock the seal, he would inherit all of Hokuto Soukei's techniques and become the true successor. Kenshiro promises to do so, but not until Hyo is better. Shachi, however, decides to take matters into his own hands and goes off towards Taiseiden in the hope of finding a clue. But he doesn't get very far when he sees Leia collapsed in the wastelands! He gets her up and is glad to see she is alright. He finds out she was out here because she wanted to warn him of Kaioh, and the fact that he and his Shura are out looking for him.

Shachi is kind of glad this has happened, because it at least means Kaioh's attention has been diverted away from Kenshiro and Hyo for the time being. He tells Leia to go back to the village but she refuses, saying that she doesn't want to not be with him, especially as he seems to be constantly throwing himself into danger. She wants to go with him this time and he agrees, promising to protect her. The next morning they both head towards the place known as Taiseiden.

They arrive at the ruins of what appeared to be a palace and start to look around, but they feel a chill in the air and suddenly Kaioh appears with Lin. He sees Shachi with Leia and says a man who is in love with a woman has no purpose, so he can die. Anyone restrained by love is a fool.

He dismounts and also puts Lin down. She runs off but Kaioh doesn't even try to stop her, and it seems he's lost all interest in everything but Shachi. As he walks towards him he says he has never felt anger like this in his fists before. Shachi tells Leia to run away, and then he charges towards Kaioh.

He uses a teleportation technique, but Kaioh easily sees past such a move and boots Shachi in his back. He crashes next to Kaioh's horse, who also joins in the battle by stomping on his left arm.

Shachi rolls away from the horse only to bump into Kaioh, who also stomps on him and comes close to crushing his head. Kaioh says he can't avoid all of his attacks and is about to punch him again when Leia grabs onto his arm and begs him to stop.

Lin does the same but as this happens, a bright beam of light suddenly shoots out of the floor and a high pitched sound can be heard. Kaioh gets off Shachi and backs away, he hates the bright light and he can't stand the noise!

Shachi goes into the beam and sees a ring on the ground. He pulls at it and the light suddenly gets brighter, but part of the floor also breaks apart. Everyone falls down.

Meanwhile Tao finds Kenshiro and tells him what is going on. He says that Kaioh has gone after Shachi. Back with Shachi, he slowly falls down and wonders what this warm light he feels could be. As he lands he falls over, as he is still badly hurt from what Kaioh did to him. He sees that Kaioh has landed beside him, but he is looking at something straight ahead.

In the middle of the room is a statue which is somehow glowing. Shachi wonders aloud if this place could be where the secrets of Hokuto Soukei are. Kaioh stands up and heads toward the statue, wondering what the purpose of it is, and also what is the spiritual feeling he has in this place.

He touches the statue but his gauntlets explode and he feels that he is losing his power. He snaps out of it and blasts the statue, destroying one of the arms in the process. He feels normal again and so goes back to his task at hand: killing Shachi. Whilst he's at it he'll take Leia's life because he will kill anyone who opposes him, no matter if they are man or woman.

Shachi gets battered around and lands in front of the statue. Kaioh wonders how a man who learnt Hokuto Ryuuken could possibly throw his life away for a woman, and then punches him again. He lands in front of the statue. He isn't going to live for much longer and is sorry for not being able to protect Leia. Suddenly the statue starts to glow again and Kaioh can't stand it.

The statue has started crying! As Kaioh looks at it, he sees that Shachi has somehow gotten back up! What is going on?


How is Shachi still standing? Find out in "The Fighter of Love, Shachi, Dies! My friend, Love Is Everything!!"

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