As Hyo screams, a spirit appears within his aura, which looks a lot like him and also seems to be yelling in pain. Kuroyasha and Shachi believe it to be the aura of the God of War. Kuroyasha doesn't understand why he would have that aura, as he has entered the evil side of Hokuto Ryuuken. He wonders if Hokuto Soukei is awakening within him. Hyo stops fighting and thinks about another image in his mind.

He is at a table with the glowing object he keeps seeing in other flashbacks, but he can't seem to get up. He does seem to think that he must protect the glowing object, which seems to be a baby crying. However Jukei then takes the baby and says that he is doing this to ensure the survival of their homeland. Hyo finally manages to get up and goes after Jukei, but he sees him watching a boat heading away. The boat has Raoh, Toki and someone else in it!

Hyo jumps into the water below and as he gets close to the boat, he sees Toki holding the object. As the older Hyo is seeing this memory, he sees himself yell out "Kenshiro!" as the boat heads away.

In the present, Hyo suddenly stops screaming and the spirit above him vanishes. But his aggression towards Kenshiro hasn't vanished and he goes into a new stance, one that Kuroyasha recognises. He says it is a Hokuto Soukei style stance, which means his lost memories about Hokuto Soukei may have been restored!


(Scouring Light Palm)

Kenshiro only just avoids being fatally struck by this attack and his jacket gets ripped up as Hyo cuts into his chest. However, Ken isn't put off by this and resumes fighting his brother. Kuroyasha says that this situation isn't good as the two will keep fighting each other until neither of them are left standing, they will both die if they keep this up.

Meanwhile Kaioh moves closer to Lin and asks her if she's done talking about useless things like love and emotions. She is more busy trying to find a way out of this and she happens to find a knife under one of the bed's pillows. She puts it to her throat and threatens to kill herself, but Kaioh laughs at her. He doesn't have and emotions in his heart as they would only hold him back. His heart is just evil, so he couldn't care less if she kills herself. He then takes a seat and encourages her to do it.

Ken and Hyo continue their fight, their attacks getting stronger and stronger. They block each other's strikes at one point and Ken notices something...

...Hyo's eyes look different, as if he is normal again. He quickly resumes his rage but for that moment, Ken saw that Hyo's killing instinct was gone. The two exchange more blows, and Hyo hits Kenshiro hard in his stomach.

Kenshiro strikes back, and whilst his punch is blocked, he hit out with so much force that it still causes Hyo's hand to bleed. The two go into stances and Kuroyasha tells Shachi that this is it -Ken and Shachi are about to use their final strikes to finish the fight. If they both die, Kaioh will take over the world. Kenshiro wanted to try and free Hyo from the demon spirit that consumed him, but he sees that that seems impossible to do now. Hyo is about to make his move when he looks into Kenshiro's sad eyes and wonders what it means. But he then forgets about his thoughts and charges forward.


(Ten Thousand Hand Demon Sound Fist)

Kenshiro also advances, aiming a single punch at his opponent, but then notices a tear in his eye. Regardless, he continues moving forward when Hyo suddenly stops moving. The reason for this is because Shachi has just stabbed right through him!

He removes his hand and Hyo falls down to the ground as Shachi says he had to do this. If Ken and Hyo had both fallen in this fight, then Kaioh would take over and the world would enter a new dark age. Shachi wanted Kenshiro to survive, so he could stop him and he had to interrupt their fight in this way.

As a way of apologizing, Shachi offers to kill himself and takes out a knife. He comes close to stabbing himself in the heart when Hyo stops him. He tells Shachi it is alright now and that the only person who would have died in the fight was him -he could not defeat his brother. His memories of Kenshiro have finally returned!

Hyo says that when that spirit vanished, his memories slowly started to come back to him. As he fought Kenshiro, he began to piece more and more of his past together but he still saw Kenshiro as a warrior, rather than his brother. Now that Shachi has done what he's done, the fight is over and Hyo has recognized his brother. He asks Kenshiro if he killed a woman called Sayaka. Ken says he hasn't and that he's never even heard of her. Hyo figured as much and has realised that he has been used by Kaioh. He has remembered that Kaioh was the one who took away his memories, not Jukei.

Hyo goes on to say that Kaioh thinks love is foolish, but just look: that love was what motivated Shachi to fight for Kenshiro, taking a heavy beating from Kaioh and losing one of his eyes in the process. Hyo has been waiting a long time for his brother's return and he is happy to see him again, and is glad at how strong he has become. The brothers have finally been reunited.


When Kaioh finds out his plans have been ruined by Shachi, he decides to take care of him. Next time on Hokuto no Ken 2: "Shachi's Battle Of Love! Kaioh Will Ridicule With Laughter!!"

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