Super Just Games Tournament version
European flyer
In 1994, Capcom had a playable version of the game available at the Super Just Games Tournament held in Northbrook, Illinois. The promotional material shows that the game originally had a subtitle of The Ultimate Championship. This subtitle was eventually dropped, for example the game's European flyer has it removed. However, the sprites for it are still inside the ROM.

Also, there is another unused subtitle sprite in the ROM called The League Battle. It seems that Capcom planned to release a version of the game that would support up to 8 players, as they had done with the previous game's Tournament Battle version, but this never happened.

Super Just Games Tournament version
This version also reveals that originally, you could get the flashy background finish just by beating an opponent with a special move. In the final version, this doesn't work, instead, you'll only get the special background by beating an opponent with a super combo.

Early footage
The above difference can also be seen in this Japanese commercial for the game.


-The Super Just Games Tournament version may have had some other differences. Some players think they remember that Zangief's crouching roundhouse would cause chip damage when blocked -this was most likely a glitch and was fixed for the final game. Ryu's forward strong and fierce punches were apparently slower than in the final game. Unless this version gets a ROM dump, we won't be able to tell for sure.

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