Date: 06 October 2016 13:44
Subject: Hi, im fan of your videos from chile!

Hi!! im felipe from chile south america, im a graphic designer and big fan of sega saturn and other classic game consoles.. i love your videos from youtube and thanks for your work.. sorry my bad english but in this part of the planet we speak spanish lol ... do you have a facebook page or something to chat with you? xbox live??
great work dude... and again.. sorry for my bad english

PD: you are from united kingdom or japan?

bye !! :)

Thanks for the message, I don't have a Facebook account, but I do have Twitter, my twitter is here if you have it.

Date: Mon 12/09/2016, 15:17
Subject: Hyper Street Fighter II FAQ

Hi Rage Quitter 87.

In your FAQ for Hyper Street Fighter II, you were talking about the "15th anniversary" logo which appears before the intro.

I have another theory regarding that stuff. The first home version of a Street Fighter game was the port of the original Street Fighter titled "Fighting Street", which was released in 1988 for the PC Engine CD ROM in Japan, so probably Capcom released Hyper Street Fighter II in December 2003 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of that port of the original Street Fighter.

Please add this info to your Hyper Street Fighter II FAQ.

David Araya Rocha

I somehow doubt that was it. Why celebrate the 15th anniversary of some obscure port? I still think they just wanted to get a new Street Fighter game out and tried to make a big deal about it by tacking on the 15th anniversary logo, even though it was the wrong year.

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