Date: Mon 30 November 2015 01:15:06
Subject: your hokuto no ken site

Rage Quitter 87,

I wanted to say thanks for your excellent Fist of North Star website. It's the most exhaustive source of info I'm aware of on the subject and has helped me fill in a lot of gaps in my own knowledge. Hokuto no Ken has an inspiring quality that is absent from a lot  fiction these days, and I'm glad you're helping to preserve it.

Best regards,

Thank you!

Date: Mon 02 Noevember 2015 09:12:42
Subject: Marvel by Capcom Shrine

Hey there, hope you have a good day! I wrote this just to clarify several information in your Marvel by Capcom shrine, and hopefully you could update them soon.

X-Men: Children of the Atom FAQ Page:
In the question regarding the X-Men TV show VA's voicing the characters in the game, you mentioned and asked something about George Buza, who happened to voice Beast in the cartoon, yet not present in the game at all. George Buza is the announcer of this game, so to speak.

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Norimaro Page:
Regarding the arcade flyer of this game, in one of the pages of the Marvel vs.Capcom Complete Works art book, wherein it shows the flyer of MSHvsSF, it's clearly seen that Norimaro is apparently removed/censored/airbrushed for legal or obvious reasons. Proof

So yeah, that's all. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for this, I've updated the X-Men page.

Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2015 20:58:41
Subject: Hokuto no Ken (1986 Movie) Questions

Hello there!

First off, I would like to say thank you for keeping up an amazing Fist of the North Star page up on the internet. I've been a fan of the franchise since 2010 and your site helps remind me why I'm such a big fan. HnK is awesome, and I'm still blown away that you have individual episode summaries, errors, and other trivia. Absolutely incredible, and your work hasn't gone unnoticed!

Anyways, I had been revisiting the 1986 film that I hadn't seen in many years, and I was shocked that I couldn't find the film anywhere in a theatrical aspect ratio (I was looking for anything that was not 4:3, essential) and was quite curious as to why. It then came to my attention that the latest official DVD is also in this aspect ratio. I've read somewhere that the original film prints (or some print at least) is also 4:3. My assumption is that this film was originally done and released this way, and always has been. I find that strange for an original anime film of the time, do you know if this is true? I took note that the theatrical trailer uploads are in widescreen, so color me confused!

One more question I'd like to ask. Was the film originally censored due to parental guardians, or was this a proactive decision from the director? I read a rumor once that Toyoo Ashida felt that the violence may have detracted from the story. I never found a source for this, but it seems credible since he also made a revised ending for home video releases.

tl;dr Was the movie always 4:3 and what was the exact reason for the censorship?

I hope you get this mail, and again I thank you for your awesome work!

I'm afraid I'm completely clueless about the aspect ratio. I remember reading somewhere that the original prints for the film were possibly lost in a studio fire, hence why all of the recent DVD releases are of the censored version. If this is true, it could also possibly explain the reason why we've not got access to a 4:3 version of the film.

But there have been a lot of rumors about the violence, the main one being that, during its run in cinemas, the movie was not censored in any way, but was censored when released on video. Unfortunately the only way anyone could confirm this is if a fan who saw the movie in Japan in 1986 could remember if it was censored or not. I don't understand the censorship either, since in the video and DVD releases of the film it's wildly inconsistent -for example, Jagi and Jackal's deaths aren't censored at all, and yet Heart's is and many of the standard punks had the blur effect thing going on. I really don't understand why some deaths were censored and others weren't, you'd think it would either be all or nothing.

I haven't heard anything about Toyoo Ashida saying the violence detracted from the story and haven't been able to find anything about it, I just heard he wanted to change the ending for the video release, as you mentioned.

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 10:32:35
Subject: Street Fighter 2 sprite warehouse

Hi,how are you nowadays?

I will made a SF2 Sprite and Strategy Guide Warehouse with all the stages,characters and miscellaneous stuff.

Here I like to ask you if there is a problem that I can take your guides and structures,I will give you credits,salutes.

That's fine, as long as you give my site a link back.

Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2015 21:41:27 -0500
Subject: Do a review of the new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series!

To Rage-Quitter 87,

Could you please try to review the 2012 anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and the 2014 adaption of the Stardust Crusaders arc? From what I've seen so far, it's pretty manga-accurate.


Hi, I might do this one day but the series hasn't ended yet, I think they will cover all of the manga, plus I don't think the DVDs have been released outside of Japan yet. I did see that the Japanese DVDs have English subs but they're very expensive so I can't get them yet.

Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 17:13:18
Subject: PC Version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Hey there RQ87!

I like and go to your site quite often, especially because of the "shrines" you created for the Street Fighter II games. I have to say, you put a lot of good research into everything you do...

Anyways, the reason I'm writing to you, is that you said you don't know very much about the PC version of SSF2T and asked for someone who's played it a lot to get in touch with you.

Well, I'm pleased to inform you that, even though it's clearly not arcade perfect, it really is worth playing! I'll list a few of the things I've been able to notice:

-Presentation and Structure is similar to the 3DO Version
-All 6 Attack Buttons are available
-All 16 Characters including Akuma are available
-All 16 "Old" Characters are available using the same Arcade Codes
-Arranged CD-Quality Music (Only tracks missing are Akuma's Theme and the Staff Roll :( )
-Controls and plays very akin to the Arcade Version, with only a few Moves and Animations missing
-The Shun Goku Satsu is absent (!!), Akuma now faces Bison in an actual fight (with an infinite health bar :P ) before challenging you
-The endings are pretty much the same as in the Arcade Version
-When you beat the game at a certain difficulty or higher, the Akuma Staff Roll (the one that shows all your defeated opponents) will always play.

I even did a review for the PC version under an old username on Abandonia (a DOS and Windows 9x game site) if you wanna check it out...

Well, just thought I'd share that information, and Thank You for creating and maintaining your site! Once again, I love visiting the SFII shrines!


Thanks for this update, is there any way you could do a playthrough video of the PC version? Some of those changes sound pretty strange, especially the Akuma Vs. Bison thing.

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2015 00:37:43
Subject: A Request on KOF Playthrough


Love the game KOF 03 and your playthrough video on YouTube.

Can you send me the original recording video because I want best quality of the game's playthrough of my favorite team that YouTube's 480p isn't enough.

Many thanks,

Hi, I'm afraid sending you the file won't make any difference, 480p is the best for the older consoles. I am hoping one day SNK releases a KoF HD collection with all of the Neo Geo games on, if they make that I'll do some playthroughs of them at 1080p, 60fps.

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