As Scorponok continues his rampage, Grax yells out that it's the female Autobot who has the key.

Scorponok bashes some Autobots out of the way and says there's no escape. He grabs Arcee and places her inside him.

He then opens up a panel on one of his legs, allowing the Decepticons to enter him. With everyone onboard, Scorponok transforms to city mode and takes off, as Zarak says they'll go to Cybertron. All the Autobots can do is watch, as Hot Rod asks how they'll ever fight that thing. Optimus says he doesn't know, but they've got to try.

The Autobots board the shuttle Optimus arrived in, as he tells them they've got to get back to Cybertron before Galvatron opens the plasma energy chamber. He asks for someone to carry Cerebros, but Spike runs over and tells him no. He says Cerebros must stay, as he's going to be staying here as well.

Optimus starts to tell him he must come with them, but then he receives a vision, which reminds him of what Alpha Trion said: only organic life is immune to plasma energy. Optimus tells Spike he must come with them, as he's the only one who stands a chance if Galvatron unleashes the plasma energy. Spike tells him that none of them stand a chance unless they have some way of fighting Scorponok. With Cerebros, he may be able to give them that chance. As Scorponok also has Daniel, he asks Optimus to trust him. Optimus lets him stay with Cerebros, as he and the other Autobots head off to Cybertron.

On Cybertron, the Decepticons are gaining the upper hand against the Autobots. Silverbolt is shot down, as Blast Off tells Galvatron that's the last of the Aerialbots. Onslaught appears and tells Galvatron that he and the other Combaticons have completed the construction he requested on the far side of the planet.

Galvatron says that's perfect timing, and orders the Combaticons to transport the deactivated Autobots to the construction site. He has a use for their miserable bodies: fuel. Fuel for the biggest rocket engine ever built. The Combaticons load up the battered Autobots, and move out.

As Galvatron says Cybertron is his, Ultra Magnus and the Protectobots show up and all start firing on the Decepticon leader.

Magnus tells everyone to keep on him, as he's almost finished. But then Scorponok appears and lands on the planet. The Decepticons inside him move out...

...and quickly start firing on the Protectobots. The Protectobots are very quickly defeated.

As Mindwipe, Apeface and Weirdwolf approach Ultra Magnus, he says this is the end -if only Optimus Prime hadn't left them. Galvatron is then contacted by Onslaught, who says the rocket is ready. Galvatron tells him to activate it, and the entire planet starts to shake. Cyclonus says the planet is moving, and Galvatron tells him but of course. But now they've got some explaining to do.

After being told what happened, Galvatron is disgusted -he thinks the Decepticons were out of the minds to let these filthy organics cohabitate their bodies! Scourge says they had no choice and Cyclonus explains that with them, they're 10 times more powerful than before. Galvatron calls them morons, as there are no more Autobots and he's going to blow those creepy creatures clear out of them. However, the Decepticon Targetmasters transform and take aim at Galvatron. Fracas tells him not so fast.

Zarak then appears and says the same thing. He introduces himself and says that his Nebulon brain forms the core of Scorponok, and within his city banks he holds captive the Autobot who possesses the key he seeks. Galvatron decides to talk it over with him.

Back on Nebulos, Spike repairs Cerebros. Cerebros comes around and asks what happened, but Spike says he'll explain later. He wants Cerebros to take him to that city he discovered, as they've got to use it to hit back at the Decepticons, or they're all finished. Cerebros refuses, as he's had all the fighting he can stand, and wants Spike to leave him alone. Spike explains that the Decepticons have his son, and Lord only knows what they're doing to him right now. Cerebros reluctantly decides to take Spike to the city.

Inside Scorponok, Zarak and Monzo go up to their prisoners. Zarak asks if they'll give him the key, or should he have Monzo just rip it out of them? Daniel says not to touch her, and Zarak realizes there seems to be some feeling between these two. He tells Monzo to start with the boy, and Monzo says it'll be a pleasure. He starts to pull Daniel apart.

Arcee relents and tells them to leave Daniel alone. She reveals the key, which Zarak takes and tells her that was very wise of her. Meanwhile, the Autobots are still on the way back to Cybertron, when Optimus suddenly has another vision.

Alpha Trion appears and reminds him that no harm must come to the key to the plasma energy chamber, as it is the key to a miracle. As the vision ends, Hot Rod calls out to Optimus and tells him to come quickly. They're at the location they need to be, the only problem is that Cybertron itself is missing! Sureshot asks how Galvatron could move a whole planet, and Optimus says he doesn't know, but there's only one place he'd take it. He tells Kup to head to Earth.

Cybertron arrives above Earth, and Galvatron tells the Combaticons to keep ripping out the deactivated Autobot's power packs, as they need more fuel for the jet port.

Cyclonus walks out and presents the plasma energy chamber key to Galvatron, asking if it's what all this trouble has been about. As Galvatron takes it, Scourge says he's not going to open that thing, but Galvatron says of course he is. Scourge reminds him that one jolt of that plasma energy nearly killed him, and blew the Autobots halfway across the galaxy. Galvatron says he's perfectly aware of that, which is why he's going to wait until they're closer to the Earth before opening it.

Back on Nebulos, Spike and Cerebros enter the Hive city, but are chased by some machines. Spike gets Cerebros to give him a boost to some control computers, which Spike uses to get the machines to crash into each other.

Cerebros asks him how he accomplished that, and Spike explains that this place is where the Hive live before they developed their mental powers. So they must have originally operated the machines with manual controls like what he's used here. Which means he can use the machines to rebuild the city. Cerebros asks what he's going to rebuild it into, and Spike tells him he'll find out -as he's going to be part of it!

The Autobots find Cybertron and land on it. They leave the shuttle and come across the new engines, and see the bodies of several Autobots nearby. Ultra Magnus sees them and tells Prime that Galvatron has the key, and is going to destroy the Earth.

Brainstorm says the battered Autobots will all die soon if they don't get any energon, but Optimus says if Galvatron opens the plasma energy chamber, they'll all be destroyed, along with the Earth, and the sun. Highbrow says who knows how far the chain reaction could carry. Pinpointer worries that it could go all the way to Nebulous. Gort tells Optimus Prime that that does it -this is a menace to the whole galaxy, so they've got to destroy that key.

Brainstorm says that's the simplest solution, but Optimus says the key must be kept safe at all costs. Kup asks who's dumb idea was that, and Optimus says it was Alpha Trion's. He explains he merged with Vector Sigma, and it was Vector Sigma itself that enabled Galvatron to get the key. All of this is happening for a reason. But Gort transforms and tells the other Nebulons that they're going to destroy that key before it destroys Nebulos.

The Autobot Headmasters transform, leaving Chromedome and the others stuck as vehicles. The Autobot Targetmasters also abandon their partners, as they rush off towards Scorponok. The Autobots follow them.

The Autobots arrive as Scorponok, but see smoke coming out of part of him, and Optimus realizes Gort and the others must have blasted their way in. The Autobots head in, but are almost immediately captured. Cyclonus tells them they've got a real party going, and tells Prime he's glad he could drop in, but if he's here for the key, he's too late.

Galvatron and Scourge arrive at the plasma energy chamber. Galvatron uses the key, but also sets up a 10 minute timer to give them enough time to get clear. Then, this entire solar system will be destroyed.

Cyclonus is about to execute Optimus, but then everything starts to shake. The Decepticons head outside and see a colossal ship heading their way, a ship which has the Autobot insignia on it. A voice calls out, telling the Decepticons to prepare to face Fortress Maximus! Inside, Spike asks Cerebros if he's ready. Cerebros asks if he must force him to do what he hates.

Spike says after they save the universe, he promises he'll never have to fight again. Spike transforms into the head of Cerebros. Fortress Maximus then transforms from city mode to battle station mode, and opens fire on the Decepticons.

The Decepticons try to fight back, but are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer firepower of Fortress Maximus. Galvatron arrives back on Cybertron's surface and sees what's going on, and says they must be clear of here in 5 minutes. He tells Scorponok to transform, which he does, going from city mode to scorpion mode.

Scorponok attacks Fortress Maximus, and Cerebros gets knocked back. Spike responds by having Fortress Maximus fire several missiles as Scorponok.

Zarak appears and says it'll take more than some pathetic little darts to stop Scorponok. Scorponok transforms into a robot, as Zarak transforms into Scorponok's head. However, Spike tells him to watch this.

Fortress Maximus transforms into a robot, with Cerebros transforming into his head. The Decepticons run out of the way as the two giant Transformers clash.

Scorponok knocks Fortress Maximus down, as Zarak tells Spike he has his boy and his Autobot friends within his city banks. When Spike dies, they all die! Spike tells him not to make any funeral arrangements yet, and has Fortress Maximus punch Scorponok in the face.

Fortress Maximus keeps up his attack, and Scorponok is knocked down, causing him to transform back to his city mode. Fortress Maximus transforms back to his city mode... Cerebros blasts his way into Scorponok, so he and Spike can rescue Daniel. The other Decepticons try to move out, but are cut off by Fortress Maximus, who keeps firing at them. Meanwhile, Cerebros shoots his way deeper into Scorponok.

He finds Optimus and the others, and frees them all. Optimus says that Galvatron has probably opened the plasma energy chamber by now, and tells Spike he's got to go there. Spike says no way, as he's got to get his boy out first. Optimus asks him to listen, as the plasma energy will kill the Autobots -he's the only one who can close it. Spike says he will, but only after he rescues Daniel.

The plasma energy chamber opens, as Galvatron leads the Decepticons into Scorponok. They see that the Autobots are escaping, but Galvatron says to let them -in a few moments, the plasma energy will blow the bolts out of them.

They need to get this oversized shopping center in the air. As Scorponok starts to take off, bolts of plasma energy shoot out of Cybertron's surface. These begin to effect the Autobots, making them overload on power.

Cerebros and Spike find Arcee and Daniel, and free them. Spike asks Arcee if she can drive, and she says to just watch her.

She and Daniel smash their way out of Scorponok, as Cerebros and Spike follow them. As they land back on Cybertron, Scorponok continues upwards, but is the hit by a bolt of plasma energy and sent hurtling through space.

Arcee and Cerebros are then effected by the plasma energy. Spike and Daniel watch...

...and see that the plasma energy is overloading the sun -it's going to go nova! Optimus weakly tells Spike to shut down the plasma energy chamber, but Spike says that won't stop the sun from exploding. Optimus says the Autobots are all gone, it's up to him now... Vector Sigma promised a miracle...

Spike gets an idea and tells the Nebulons to get out of their exo-suits. He tells Gort and Arcana that there is a giant rocket thruster about 2,000 meters away, and asks them to reverse its polarity from output to intake, whilst he shuts down the chamber. Spike heads off and arrives at the plasma energy chamber, which he successfully shuts down.

This stops plasma energy from being spewed out everywhere, so he heads back to the surface and goes to the rocket thruster. Arcana tells him they did what he asked, although Gort wonders what it is they did. Spike tells them that they've reversed that rocket's entire mechanism. Instead of putting out energy, it's going to draw it in, straight to Vector Sigma.

Spike tells everyone to hold their breath and pray, as he pulls down a lever. The rocket thrusters suck in energon straight from the sun, which is sent into Cybertron itself.

The entire planet is given a golden glow, as the Autobots recover. Optimus says this is just as Vector Sigma promised. Spike walks over to him and says the excess solar energy has restored Cybertron.

He tells Cerebros that they're all safe, and whilst Cerebros is very glad to hear that, he says that now that they don't need him any more, he wants to be deactivated. Spike thinks he's out of his mind, but Cerebros says he doesn't want to fight any more, and wants to be shut down forever. Spike tells him no way, as he has to see this. He puts his exo-suit back on and unites with Cerebros.

Cerebros sees the new-look Cybertron, along with all of the celebrating Autobots. He asks what happened, and Optimus explains that the Golden Age of Cybertron has come again, thanks to him and Spike. But he tells him he doesn't have to fight any more. Cerebros asks about the Decepticons, and Optimus tells him there may always be Decepticons, but has has a different task for him. The Autobots board Fortress Maximus, and head back to Nebulos.

Fortress Maximus lands, and the Autobots step outside. Gort says there is still much to do here, as the Hive's evil machines must be destroyed. Optimus says his people must also learn to be masters of their own fate. Gort says they'll do it alright, as he and the other Nebulon Headmasters transform and unite with their Autobot partners.

Daniel tells Arcee it's good to be together again, and just wants to say something else to her, but he then falls asleep. Arcee says he doesn't have to, as she feels the same way. Optimus tells Cerebros that when the last of the Hive's evil is wiped out, he shall live here in peace, as this world's guardian. Cerebros thanks him, and says this is a miracle.

Out in space, Galvatron tells Zarak it's a miracle they got this flying junk pile of his stabilized. Zarak says he was the idiot who opened the plasma energy chamber. Galvatron silences him and says there is much to do. They will attack other planets, they will suck them dry...

...they will rebuild the planet a hundred times more powerful than Cybertron! And he will rule the galaxy! Zarak asks him who will rule the galaxy, and Galvatron responds that he will -it is his destiny! Zarak tells him they will see... they will see.


-This is the final episode of the American Transformers series. It is believed that season four was originally going to be a much bigger season, and have more than three episodes, but plans were scaled back to just wrap things up with The Rebirth. The evidence for this lies in a booklet included with a certain Japanese DVD set of The Headmasters series, which state that early episodes of The Headmasters were based on early scripts of unmade episodes for the fourth season of the American series. The booklet doesn't mention which episodes, but if I were to guess, I'd say this one, this one, and possibly this one.

-Another rumor is that there were plans for The Headmasters to be dubbed into English and aired in America instead, but the dubbed episodes were lost in a studio fire. Personally I really doubt this was the case, purely because that series kills off several characters, and Optimus Prime dies again within the first three episodes... I doubt Hasbro wanted even more backlash after what happened last time.

-Some of the voice cast were unaware that the series was even over. Dan Gilvezan (Bumblebee's voice actor) mentions in his book, Bumblebee and Me, that he only found out the series was over when Chris Latta (Starscream's voice actor) happened to meet him at a movie showing and told him. There was no wrap party either, and as Dan puts it, his time on Transformers ended "not with a bang, but a whisper".

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