On Cybertron, Ultra Magnus says that today marks a momentous occasion. In a few moments, the new power generator deep within the planet will begin to send energy into the processing units, which will give them an energy supply that lasts forever. Rodimus tells Grimlock to throw the switch. Up on the control room, Grimlock says he's ready, but then forgets which button it is he's supposed to press.

Rodimus says he went through it with him five times. Grimlock tries pulling one lever down, but this causes the computer it's attached to to start smoking. He pushes the lever back up.

He tries another level, but this sets off the emergency alarm, so he puts it back the way it was. He's about to try another one when Rodimus runs in and tells him which is the right one. Grimlock says that one would have been his next choice, and pulls the correct level.

This starts up one of the generators, and the Autobots outside cheer. Grimlock asks why they think he's stupid -he's not stupid, he's the smartest Dinobot of all!

Perceptor says unfortunately that's probably true, and he wishes the Dinobots had more sophisticated brains. Grimlock says he knows how to bash brains, and threatens to bash Perceptor's. Elsewhere on the planet, the Skuxxoid and Slizardo are on a mission to the generator deep within the planet. The Skuxxoid says to hurry, so they can get the money Galvatron promised them -his kids need the dough! They arrive and Slizardo pours a container of liquid into the generator.

Cosmos and Sky Lynx are heading back to Cybertron. Both are annoyed that they've missed the generator's opening ceremony, but they were hunting for Decepticons in space. Suddenly, Cosmos goes out of control for seemingly no reason. Sky Lynx goes to help him, but then he also goes out of control.

The Autobots hear them calling for help and Perceptor sees that they need assistance. Cosmos and Sky Lynx end up crashing near the processing units. As the other Autobots arrive on the scene, Grimlock asks what went wrong. Perceptor says something incapacitated their aerial capabilities.

Grimlock doesn't get it, so Rodimus breaks it down for him: they couldn't fly, so they crashed. Grimlock says he knew that. Springer transforms and says he'll fly Sky Lynx to a repair bay, but as he moves, the processing unit shines some beams on him, that cause him lose control of his transformation controls.

Blaster tries to radio for more assistance, but then he gets struck by a beam and starts mis-transforming as well. The Autobots consult Teletraan II about the problem, and find out that the source of the problem is the master power generator, deep inside of Cybertron. It's sending unidentified force waves up the central shaft, and that force has entered the units on power platform alpha, which is causing the Autobots to malfunction. They must shut down the power core and repair it, as if they don't, all of the Autobots will start glitching so badly they'll have to leave Cybertron. Perceptor says he'll construct a crane to help move Sky Lynx and Cosmos to a repair bay, and passes Rodimus a device to help him locate the generator.

Rodimus, Grimlock, Kup and Ultra Magnus head towards the generator. The route involves them going through a lot of ancient tunnels, but Rodimus says thanks to Perceptor's electro-map, they won't get lost. Grimlock says he wants to try the electro-map now, and despite Rodimus warning him about it being too delicate, he takes it and starts messing with it. He ends up breaking it.

He calls it stupid and throws it down a shaft. Rodimus says that's just great, as it was their only guide to the power core. Grimlock says they don't need a guide, as they have him! Rodimus says not to remind him. This causes Grimlock to storm off, as he thinks they think he's just stupid, and they don't want him any more. Magnus thinks this is a fine time for him to throw a tantrum, but Kup is worried he'll go and set off the automatic security defenses. Rodimus tells Kup to stay with Grimlock, whilst he and Magnus keep looking for the power core.

As Rodimus and Magnus walk on, Rodimus says they must be getting close. But he suddenly starts to malfunction, as he transforms to his truck mode for no reason. Meanwhile, Grimlock and Kup find the generator. Kup is malfunctioning, as he's forgotten what it is they were looking for, but Grimlock starts to smash the generator up.

He grabs a bunch of cables with his teeth and gets electrocuted. Kup says his mind is clearing up and asks Grimlock how he shut the generator down. Grimlock explains that he used his rear molars.

Kup says that makes sense, but then realizes what Grimlock just said -he what?! Grimlock asks if his hearing is impaired, and explains that using his teeth, he severed the connections, thereby breaking the electrical circuit. Kup still can't believe this is Grimlock speaking to him. Meanwhile, Rodimus and Magnus are on their way back, as Rodimus says he's suddenly returned to normal. But they then trip the security system.

This causes a large crusher to head their way, but thankfully Grimlock is on hand to help. He finds a control panel and uses it to stop the crusher and open a door, saving Rodimus and Magnus. Rodimus asks if Grimlock bit the controls, but Grimlock says that was hardly necessary. He simply nullified the hazard by terminating the operation of the security system. As Rodimus asks if Grimlock is feeling ok...

...Ratbat appears, who has been spying on the Autobots. The Autobots can't stop him from getting away, and as he heads back to Chaar, they go back to Cybertron's surface. As they walk past the other Dinobots, Snarl asks if Grimlock is going to fish with them. Grimlock asks why he can't comprehend that he have more urgent matters weighing on his mind? Snarl says the Dinobots always fish together, but Grimlock tells them that he has to determine the reason the generator in the power core malfunctioned.

On Chaar, the Skuxxoid says he done what Galvatron asked, so now he wants his money -his kids need it! Galvatron calls them insolent and says they've failed in their mission. He has Ratbat show them what he's discovered -the Autobots have shut down the master generator. Without a source of power, the anti-electrons have vaporized! He tells them that because of their incompetence, his plan has failed, unless he finds a new source of anti-electrons.

Galvatron is about to kill them both when Slizardo mumbles something. The Skuxxoid says Slizardo knows where there is another source of anti-electrons. Galvatron says if he's lying, they're both space food, but the Skuxxoid says Slizardo is suggesting he tries looking inside of Unicron's brain. Back on Cybertron, Grimlock says information he's inputted into the analyzer has been processed.

He reveals that it is just as he suspected -someone fed anti-electrons into the generator's power circuit. Perceptor says why didn't he think of that, and Grimlock suggests it's because his mental abilities are so limited.

Meanwhile, the Decepticons -consisting of Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge and the Terrorcons -head towards Unicron's head. Galvatron warns that Unicron may still be quite powerful, and if he awakens whilst they drain his anti-electrons, they'll need all of their power to destroy him. They land inside Unicron, and the Terrorcons start unsealing the cerebral chamber.

Back on Cybertron, the Dinobots go and check on Grimlock. He says he's occupied installing the multi-faceted inverse thrusters, but they can assist him. As Sky Lynx and Cosmos are still in the repair bay, and Omega Supreme is away on a mission, he's constructing a new Autobot shuttle. He tells Sludge he needs him to balance the exhaust manifold on his back, whilst he rivets it to the fuselage. Sludge says he doesn't like how Grimlock doesn't act like a Dinobot any more, and Slag tells the others that they'll go hunting without him.

Later on, the Autobots head towards Unicron. Grimlock says his data reveals that the source of the anti-electrons was Unicron, before his body exploded. The Decepticons have probably determined that more anti-electrons still exist in Unicron's brain. Rodimus says they must get to Unicron before the Decepticons do, and stop them. But the Decepticons are already there, and now have enough anti-electrons to paralyze any intruders. The anti-electrons have been loaded into a cannon, and when Galvatron sees an Autobot shuttle approaching, he fires at it.

The shuttle is hit, and it crashes into Unicron. But the Decepticons find out that the Autobots have survived, so Galvatron tells the Terrorcons that he wants the Autobots torn into so many pieces, that they couldn't even sell them as junk to the junkions!

As the Autobots stumble out of the shuttle, they begin to malfunction -Kup wonders where they are and who he is, whilst Rodimus loses his connection to the Matrix - briefly reverting him to Hot Rod. The Terrorcons then attack, but with the Autobots unable to properly control themselves, it makes it difficult for them to defend themselves.

As the Terrorcons move in, Grimlock suddenly runs off. He heads inside Unicron, and quickly gets to work on constructing something.

That something turns about to be a new Autobot: Nosecone. Nosecone asks if Grimlock is his father, and Grimlock says in a way he is, but he would rather him think of him as a fellow Autobot. He wants him to help in vanquishing the evil Decepticons, and tells him to transform. Nosecone transforms to his drill mode.

He drills Grimlock a passage to Unicron's brain. Nosecone transforms back and asks if this is where he wanted to go, and Grimlock says it'll do nicely. Meanwhile, Cyclonus and Scourge find more anti-electrons, and start draining them.

But Unicron then reactivates, and asks who dares to enter his mind. He tells the trespassers to prepare to die, and starts firing at the two Decepticons. He then realizes they're not the only trespassers, and starts firing at Grimlock, Nosecone and the other two new Autobots Grimlock has created: Strafe and Lightspeed. Grimlock has Strafe transform and take out Unicron's internal defenses.

Outside, the Autobots are still struggling with the Terrorcons. Sinnertwin wants to rip and tear Kup apart, but Kup says he's fought bigger monsters than him. Meanwhile, Grimlock finishes creating another Autobot: Scattershot. Grimlock decides to call his new creations the Technobots.

Strafe says it feels great to be Technobot, and introduces himself. Afterburner thinks it's far out and fantastic, and he's ready to burn neutrons and see some heavy action. Lightspeed tells him to mellow out, and introduces himself -he's faster than a speeding photon!

Grimlock tells Scattershot he'll be the leader of the Technobots. Scattershot protests, as he thought Grimlock was their leader. Grimlock says he won't be of use to them for much longer. Scattershot says Grimlock is a genius, and they won't survive without him, but Grimlock says they can and will, and then sends them to help the other Autobots. Outside, the battle is still going on as Cyclonus and Scourge return with the anti-electrons.

Galvatron takes the jar, only for it to get blasted to pieces the moment he gets his hands on it. Scattershot is the one who fired, as he transforms from his jet mode to his cannon mode.

The Technobots take on the Terrorcons, leaving the other Autobots to wonder who all of these new guys are.

The Terrorcons then merge and become Abominus, who causes the Technobots to retreat and return to Grimlock. Scattershot asks what they should do, as the Terrorcons turned into a giant. Grimlock tells them not to fear Abominus, as they have the power to become Computron. He tells them to merge.

They transform and unite into Computron, who says his computation capacity is nearly infinite, but he lacks the intelligence to feed his capacity. Grimlock tells Computron to kneel, as by using a device he's made, he will transfer his intelligence to him. It'll revert Grimlock to his former state, but he tells him that he'll need super-intelligence to beat the brute force of Abominus -it's the only way.

The process is started and completed, and Grimlock says Computron is smart now, so he can't help him any more. Computron says the data has been received, and the conclusion is that he must destroy Abominus at once. He heads outside and confronts Abominus.

Abominus grabs him, and Computron says his grip is unbreakable. The conclusion is that he must use intense vibration to disengage him. Abominus is shaken apart, which causes the Terrorcons to retreat. The other Decepticons fire at Computron...

...but can't harm him. He tells them his name and says his primary goal is to obliterate Decepticons. He fires a powerful shot at them, and Galvatron orders a retreat.

Back on Cybertron, Rodimus says they've taught Galvatron a lesson he'll never forget. The new generator is functioning flawlessly, and their future will be more secure now the Technobots are among them. He wants to thank Grimlock, but then the Autobots realize he's not actually there.

Sludge says Grimlock is right here -he loves to fish with the Dinobots. Grimlock says it was no fun being a genius all the time, and it's much better to be good old Dinobot Grimlock. The other Autobots start cheering.


-The Secret Files segment for this episode is about Ultra Magnus.

-Broadside can be seen a couple of times near the beginning, but he's using a new character model which looks more like the toy.

On the left is what Broadside looked like in Carnage in C-Minor, and on the right is what he looks like from this episode and onwards.

-Swoop is entirely absent from the episode.

-Slizardo was previously see in The Gambler, but he apparently split from Devcon and has gone back to working with bad guys.

-Rodimus Prime briefly reverts to Hot Rod when the Autobots stumble out of the shuttle wreckage. Some think this is an animation error, but it's a deliberate change -the dialogue script states Hot Rod rather than Rodimus.

-The episode introduces the Technobots and Terrorcons, whilst this episode first aired in November 1986, the toys for these character wouldn't be available until 1987. The Terrorcons get no explanation to where they came from, but the Technobots at least do -although it's pretty ridiculous, as Grimlock is seemingly able to make them all within a few minutes!

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