At the Decepticon HQ, Megatron is busy working on something, when Starscream walks into the room and asks if he is finished yet -they need those electrodes for the energy magnet. Megatron silences him just as he finishes his work: Kremzeek!

A small being of pure electrical energy, Kremzeek jumps forward and dives straight into a computer, and moments later Soundwave reports that systems are malfunctioning.

Megatron is fascinated by his new creation, but Starscream tells him he'd better do something. Megatron tells Kremzeek he will be his ultimate weapon against the Autobots, and gets him to go into a small box.

The box is actually a circuit trap that is able to contain Kremzeek for a while. Megatron contacts Thrust and tells him to prepare for flight. A little while later, Thrust heads towards the Autobot HQ, with Megatron and Kremzeek inside him.

They drop the circuit trap off and it lands inside the Autobot HQ, as Thrust and Megatron withdraw. Optimus Prime finds out from Teletraan I that sensors have detected an intruder at the main entrance. Prime asks for a visual, and is shown the intruder just as he escapes: Kremzeek has broken out of the circuit trap.

Kremzeek sees the camera and goes through it, and reappears right through Teletraan I. He ignores Prime and instead phases right through the electrical panel of a door, where some Autobots and Sparkplug see him. They wonder what it was they just saw, so Jazz decides to slow Kremzeek down by shooting at him.

The blast hits near Kremzeek, but this just angers him and he charges right into Jazz's head. He makes Jazz malfunction and fall over.

Hoist then meets the same fate when Kremzeek goes into him. Sparkplug is able to grab Kremzeek before he can go into Smokescreen, but gets zapped and has to let go. But he realizes what he can do and runs off, as Kremzeek goes to attack Smokescreen. Smokescreen tries to defend himself with a table, but Kremzeek just breaks through it.

He goes into Smokescreen and causes him to transform repeatedly whilst blowing smoke everywhere, as more Autobots arrive. Ratchet tells Smokescreen to knock it off but Smokescreen explains it's not him. As Ratchet asks who it is, Kremzeek appears on his shoulder and then takes him out. Nearby, Prime is about to enter the room when Sparkplug soaks him.

Prime tells him this isn't time for jokes, but he explains he's sprayed him with an insulation compound that will prevent Kremzeek from going into his circuits. Prime says they'll see how well it works, and enters the room just as Kremzeek leaps towards him. However he bounces off, and Prime is able to catch him.

Kremzeek is able to slip out of his grasp, and heads through another door. Sparkplug wonders how they'll ever catch him, but Prime tells him to worry about it later, they need to insulate the other Autobots. But they find that most of them have been taken out already -only Bumblebee, Blaster and Inferno are left. Sparkplug sprays them with the compound.

Prime tells them they are the only ones left who can stop that thing -whatever it is. He tells them to split up and search the entire HQ, and remember that the thing likes electricity. As Bumblebee and Inferno head off together, Bumblebee wants to know where Kremzeek came from. Inferno says this practically has Megatron's fingerprints all over it. They then hear Kremzeek and rush into a room, only to find he's already trashed it and then moved on.

Inferno isn't sure what the use is, as they can't catch it, hold it or shoot it. Sparkplug says it has also wrecked their gear, but they've still got Teletraan I. They then realize Teletraan I could be under threat and sure enough, Kremzeek is causing havoc. He gets the computer to send out a fake alert, stating that martian flamingos have invaded supermarkets across the planet, and have come to steal Earth's ammonia. This gets picked up by some military station, who are very confused at what is going on.

Bumblebee sees that Kremzeek has jumped into the monitor, and appeared in the place it was looking at. Sparkplug says he could have ridden a Sky Spy's transmission beams to whatever place it was observing, and they find out that Kremzeek has gone to Japan. Omega Supreme is summoned, and as the Autobots move out, Prime tells Sparkplug to remain at the HQ, and try to reactivate any of the other Autobots.

Omega takes off and heads to Japan. Meanwhile, at the Decepticon HQ, Soundwave reports that all transmissions from the Autobot HQ have ceased. Megatron thinks Kremzeek must have blown the bits out of the Autobots, so now it's time to ready the energy magnet.

Omega Supreme arrives in Japan, and lands on the beach Kremzeek was at. They start looking for Kremzeek, but he pops out of the sand and finds them. He tries to enter them, but thanks to their insulation, he keeps bouncing off.

Prime realizes Omega wasn't insulated, and tells him to take off. He does, but Kremzeek goes after him and catches up. He enters Omega and causes him to spin out of control, resulting in him crashing into the beach. Bumblebee tells him they'll help him as soon as they can, as Kremzeek pops out and heads over to a railway line.

He jumps into a train, so Prime transforms and goes after him, with the other Autobots holding on. Blaster asks Prime what they'll do once they catch Kremzeek. Prime says they'll worry about that once they've caught him, as Blaster realizes he doesn't have a plan. Prime tells him who's had time to think of one!

Kremzeek is annoying the train driver, causing the train to suddenly lose speed. Prime tries to stop but ends up hitting the back of the train, causing all of the Autobots to fall off. They get up and get back on him.

Out at sea, the Decepticons deploy the energy magnet. With everything ready, Megatron tells Starscream they'll test it out.

Back in Japan, the train comes to a stop, and the Autobots catch up with it and start looking for Kremzeek. Kremzeek gets off the train and starts taking a look around...

...when he sees a guy with a Walkman. He enters the device and starts screaming his name through the speakers, and he has to throw it when it gets too loud. As it hits the ground, Kremzeek makes it explode.

The Autobots see this and go after him, but Kremzeek moves quickly and heads out, entering an arcade. He goes into the machine for a racing game, and appears within the game itself!

The Autobots hear the commotion and enter the arcade, only to see Kremzeek leave. They head out and are dismayed when they see him enter the building for Shibuya Electronic Manufacturing Corporation. As soon as he gets in, Kremzeek starts getting things to blow up.

The Autobots enter, and comes across Dr. Souji Yoshikawa, who is trying to find out what's going on. Prime explains that there is a creature of pure energy nearby, to which Souji thinks Prime is crazy. Blaster says it's real simple, and fires at a machine, causing Kremzeek to pop out.

Souji wonders if radio waves will effect Kremzeek, to which Blaster says that's his department. Souji tunes him in to the right frequency, and he then transforms and blasts Kremzeek with waves. Kremzeek doesn't like it and manages to enter Blaster, causing him to transform and spin around.

But Blaster is able to control himself, and then says he'll fry the little creep with his own juice. Souji thinks that's good thinking, but then realizes it's bad thinking, and gets him to stop. He explains that Blaster's power will only feed the creature, and make him stronger. Kremzeek then pops back out of Blaster... does another one... and another one... and several more! They exit the building and soon start causing chaos in the city.

The Autobots head out, and Blaster says there's no way they'll ever stop all those Kremzeeks. Prime asks Souji if there is any way they could reunite all of the Kremzeeks. Souji thinks there is, but he's not sure how to convince them to do it. Prime has an idea, and tells him to take them to the nearest power station. Back at sea, some ships sail by the energy magnet. Starscream says he's ready to commence the test, so Megatron tells him to activate the magnet.

The magnet takes energy from the ships, causing them to lose all power. Soundwave reports this to Megatron, who says that their power is now being stored in their undersea batteries. They'll drain this planet dry!

Back in Japan, the Autobots wrap several cables around a tower. A switch is flipped and electricity is sent through the cables, which sends electricity through the entire tower. This electrical energy soon gets the Kremzeek's attention, and they all pile into the tower.

As they do, they start to merge, getting bigger and bigger. As the Autobots look on in horror, none of them notice a Kremzeek enter Blaster's back. The power is then cut, but the giant Kremzeek smashes out of the tower.

As Kremzeek heads out, the Autobots follow him. Prime hopes to force him out of the city, and has Inferno blast him with all the foam he has. This his Kremzeek, but he simply takes it off himself and throws it back onto the Autobots.

Back at the energy magnet, Megatron wants a longer range test, but Starscream is fed up with testing and decides to do things his own way. He has the energy magnetic drain energy from the entire city, causing a blackout.

Kremzeek and the Autobots are effected by this energy drain. As Kremzeek stumbles off, Prime says Megatron must have created that creature to keep them busy, as Bumblebee says he must have created some kind of energy magnet. Blaster gets a fix on the magnet, only to find it's 200 miles offshore. Prime says they're out of time, but Blaster thinks why not get Megatron to fight Kremzeek for a change? He points out an antennae on the nearby Tokyo Tower and suggests using it to zap Kremzeek straight to the magnet. Prime is glad he's finally come up with a plan.

Kremzeek isn't looking too good when Bumblebee appears before him. Bumblebee gets Kremzeek to follow him towards the tower, where the other Autobots are waiting. Prime sees that Kremzeek is on the way... he gets Blaster to activate the antennae. The tower zaps Kremzeek with a bolt of energy.

Kremzeek is moved up to the tower, then shot straight out to the energy magnet. His arrival results in the energy magnet's destruction, which forces the Decepticons to flee. With the magnet destroyed, the power to the city is restored.

The Autobots are also back to normal, and head out to the remains of the energy magnet via boat. Souji says he can do it with this equipment -as Kremzeek is made of energy, and whilst energy cannot be destroyed, it can be dispersed. Bumblebee is having second thoughts about getting rid of Kremzeek, as he's kind of cute. Inferno says they've got to get rid of him, which is something Prime agrees with. Prime tells Bumblebee that Kremzeek is too dangerous, and doesn't belong in this world... it has to be done.

Souji gets the equipment ready, and Prime pushes the button that seals Kremzeek's fate. A beam is fired at Kremzeek, hitting him...

...and dispersing him. The next morning, the Autobots head back to Omega Supreme, and Souji says he'll help them reactivate their friend. Inferno is happy that now that little creep is out of their hair, maybe they can start getting things back to normal. Blaster says he may have been a little creep, but he can't help but miss him somehow.

Just then Blaster's door gets flung open, and a Kremzeek jumps out. As this Kremzeek starts immediately going on a rampage, the Autobots have no choice but to go after him -it's not over yet!


-Jazz only has one line of dialogue in this episode, and rather than his usual voice actor (Scatman Crothers) say it, the show's voice director, Wally Burr, says it instead.

-This episode's writer, David Wise, has stated that one of the things Hasbro suggested to add to this episode was a scene where Kremzeek rips a bunch of live wires out and shoves them into his mouth. David thankfully convinced them to not do this.

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