Street Fighter IV:
The Ties That Bind

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S.I.N. intends to draw out the powers of the satsui no hado from Ryu.
Original release date: February 17th, 2009


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Delta Red track strange energy readings from the Amazon. Satellite photos don't show anything unusual, but the team think the photos may have been altered. Thinking it may be the work of Shadaloo, Cammy and her team move out. Meanwhile, Chun-Li and Guile are working together regarding the disappearances of several famous fighters. Seth, the CEO of S.I.N., is updated on the progress of their new weapon. Seth intends to shrink the device down and make it commercially viable, but is told to perfect the device, they need Ryu. Ryu has the power of the satsui no hado, which is needed to bring the BLECE project to fruition.

Crimson Viper is sent to track down Ryu, but she instead goes after Ken first. She tries to have a meeting with him at his office, but he declines, stating appointments must be made in advance. Viper leaves, whilst Ken wonders how Ryu is doing, and how his own life is so different now that he barely relates to Ryu as a fighter. Meanwhile, Delta Red arrive at where the energy wave originated from, and see that the scene looks nothing like the photo they'd received. They also find some dead bodies buried in the ground nearby.

Ryu is in conflict, and hears Akuma's voice. Ryu swears to defeat Akuma, but doesn't want to become like him in the process, and wonders what to do. Viper meets with Ken's wife, Eliza, and asks if they could have a coffee together. Guile and Chun-Li head towards a castle, having been informed by Cammy about what she found. The cells of the dead bodies seemed to have exploded, as if the moisture inside them was suddenly heated, causing them to boil. Guile tells Chun-Li that the army and the FBI are suspiciously reluctant to help. If even Interpol and Delta Red's intelligence is being manipulated and controlled behind the scenes, there must be a huge organization responsible for all this. Chun-li says they'll get to the bottom of this, as too many people have been hurt already.

Eliza returns home, and shows off a doll that Viper gave to her. Guile and Chun-Li arrive at the castle, and find that a fighter is being experimented on. They take out the staff, but the fighter dies before they can free him. Chun-Li gathers up some data from a computer, and then they and Cammy later take a look at it in another location. They found out about project BLECE: Boiling Liquid Expanding Cell Explosion. They also find out that the ones responsible are after Ryu. They want to find him first, but don't know where he could be. Chun-Li suggests they try asking Ken.

Ken returns home and talks to Eliza, the two not having had the time to talk much recently. They then hear some noise outside, so Ken investigates. He finds that all of his security guards have been beaten up by Sakura. Sakura says they treated her like a common burglar, and then later says she came here looking for Ken. She hoped he knew where Ryu was, but Ken then gets a call from Chun-Li, who also asks about Ryu. Sakura reveals that famous fighters have been vanishing.

Ryu goes to a bar, where a trucker talks to him about a missing American karate master. Ryu gets the trucker to call Ken, as he might know more about it. Ken realizes where Ryu is, so he and Sakura head out to find him. What they don't know is that the doll Viper gave to Eliza had a bug in it, and she heads off to find Ryu first. Ryu visits the home of the missing American fighter, but is then attacked by Viper. She intends to get him to show off the power of the satsui no hado.

Cammy then arrives and fights with Viper, but gets beaten up. Seeing this, Ryu loses himself to the satsui no hado, and then attacks Viper. Realizing they can't capture him when he's in this state, she flees, just as Ken and Sakura arrive. Ryu is going after the rest of Viper's team, but is stopped by Sakura. He snaps out of it just in time.

The group head back to Ken's home, where they meet up with Guile and Chun-Li. They let them know about what they've found out, including the BLECE project, how an organization called S.I.N. has something to do with it and how S.I.N. wants Ryu. At the same time, Seth berates Viper for her failure, but she suggests he tests Ryu himself. Ken then receives a call from Viper, who says she's having a party on a boat -and she has Eliza. She wants him and Ryu to come to the boat.

Ken and Ryu arrive at the boat, and head into it. Elsewhere, Sakura and Chun-Li have also arrived, and start fighting with the guards. As Ryu and Ken split up, Ken soon finds Viper, but she says that now Ryu is here, she doesn't need him anymore. She attacks Ken, but he easily causes her to retreat.

Ken finds Eliza, who reveals that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Ryu finds Seth and starts to fight with him. Despite landing several heavy hits, Seth isn't fazed, and easily beats Ryu down. He wants Ryu to use the satsui no hado, believing that if he doesn't, then he'll die a meaningless death. As Ryu falls, Seth calls him pathetic, and tells him he'll end up like all his other test subjects.

However, Ryu gets back up, and says the power he seeks is nothing like what Seth wants. Seth thinks he's talking nonsense, and resumes his attack, but Ryu stops one of his punches and burns his arm. Ryu then uses a new technique, the metsu hadoken, which hits Seth and defeats him. Seth crashes into a balcony, and wonders how he could have been hurt. He falls down, and is escorted out by some guards.

Guile and the coast guard show up, but aren't able to stop Seth escaping on a helicopter. Inside it are Balrog and Vega, and Vega says he has a message for Seth from Lord Bison. Bison thinks Seth put on a fantastic show, but the success of S.I.N. has only come through the manipulation of Shadaloo working behind the scenes, to ensure its good fortune. Back inside the boat, the others have surrounded Ryu. Ken says Ryu's technique was amazing, and he really let his true power shrine through. Ryu says he can feel this power in Ken, also. He then passes out.

Later on, Chun-Li, Guile and Cammy talk about the events that happened. Even with all the evidence they've got, they're right back where they started. Things have been covered-up, with even the costal guard's appearance being officially denied. They are then approached by another man. Seth has also recovered, and is in his office. Whilst Bison may think he has the upper hand, Seth thinks S.I.N. has been manipulating Shadaloo.

He then contacts Viper and gives her new instructions. However, after ending this call, Viper then receives another call from the CIA -her other employer. She is told she has done an excellent job, and if she keeps this up, they should have everything there is to know about S.I.N.'s activities. Once they have the information they need, they can bring S.I.N. to justice. Viper says she understands her mission. Elsewhere, Ryu decides to leave so he can resume his training, and whilst he was able to control the satsui no hado once, he's not sure if he can do it every time. He tells Ken they'll meet again, and whilst they may travel down different roads, their life force is one and the same -he's sure their paths will lead to the same destination. As Ken tells him he guarantees they'll meet again, he walks off.


-In the Japanese dub, Miyuki Sawashiro voices both Cammy and Eliza. The English dub uses the same voice actress for both of these characters too: Caitlin Glass.

-Several pieces of music used in this movie are character's themes taken from the games.

-The move Ryu uses to defeat Seth is his new ultra combo from the Street Fighter IV game.

-There is a post credits scene, showing Ken and Ryu fighting each other.


The film was initially available in the collector's editions of Street Fighter IV for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The Playstation 3 version had the film on a Blu-ray disc. In Japan, the film was released on DVD, but I'm not sure if it came with certain versions of the game (maybe as a pre-order bonus?). In 2012, the film was included in the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary set. This set was available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Voice Cast

English voice actor
Japanese voice actor
Akuma (Gouki)
Dave Mallow
Caitlin Glass
Miyuki Sawashiro
Laura Bailey
Fumiko Orikasa
Crimson Viper
Michelle Ruff
Mie Sonozaki
Caitlin Glass
Miyuki Sawashiro
Travis Willingham
Hiroki Yasumoto
Rueben Langdon
Yuji Kishi
Kyle Hebert
Hiroki Takahashi
Brittney Harvey
Misato Hukuen
Michael McConnohie
Akio Ohtsuka
Vega (Balrog)
Doug Erholtz
Junichi Suwabe