The Street Fighter II Movie would influence the Street Fighter game series, starting with 1995's Street Fighter Alpha.

At the start of the movie, Ryu fights Sagat in a grassy field, during a lightning storm. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, there is a special background referencing this -it's first seen in the game's intro, but can also be seen by playing through the game as Sagat -his final battle is against Ryu, on this stage. In 2019, the stage would be made available via DLC for Street Fighter V.

In the movie, Cammy is first seen wearing a red cloak. In X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, she has an intro animation where she removes a red cloak. She also has this intro animation in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and the Capcom Vs. SNK series.

The way Cammy kills Sellers in the movie is later referenced in Street Fighter X Tekken -she is seen grabbing the opponent and breaking their neck during part of her cross art move.

Vega's jet was something Capcom really liked -it made its first appearance in Street Fighter Alpha, appearing in both Charlie and Sagat's endings. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, it also appears in Chun-Li's ending. It can also be seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3, SVC Chaos and Capcom Fighting Evolution.

The monitor cyborg was the playable character in Street Fighter II Movie, a Japanese-exclusive game released released for the Playstation and SEGA Saturn -see this page for more info.

In the movie, during the flashback scenes Ken has a pony tail. In the Street Fighter Alpha series, Ken has a pony tail.

In the movie, during the first flashback, Ken gives Ryu a noogie, and Ryu throws him off. This is referenced in Street Fighter Alpha 3 -have Ryu fight Ken and the same thing will happen. Ken also gives Ryu a noogie in their special intro in Street Fighter EX3.

In the movie, Ryu is sometimes seen wandering around with a bag. He starts carrying a bag around in the Street Fighter III series -sometimes he'll have it in his intro animation, and he's seen carrying it in his Street Fighter III: New Generation and 2nd Impact endings.

Akuma's cameo in the movie would later be referenced in official art drawn for Street Fighter Alpha.

The girl Ryu bumps into in the movie can be seen in Capcom Fighting Evolution -if you pick Demitri, and use his midnight bliss super on Ryu, he'll transform Ryu into the girl.

In the movie, Zangief takes off his cloak before fighting Blanka. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, he has an intro animation where he does the same thing.

In the Street Fighter II games, Balrog's sprite had brown hair. In the movie, he has blonde hair. When Street Fighter EX2 was released, he has blonde hair in that, and also has blonde hair in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

In the movie, Vega is seen teleporting a couple of times. Starting in the Street Fighter Alpha series, he was given a teleport move.

In the movie, Vega fights Ken on top of his jet. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Vega's stage is set on his jet, although it's a bit safer in the game since it's not in-flight.

The machine Vega uses to control Ken in the movie is shown in his Street Fighter Alpha 2 ending -although it's Ryu who's hooked up to it instead of Ken. Senoh, the scientist who is seen several times in the movie, also makes a cameo in this ending.

Speaking of Senoh, there's a guy who resembles him in Street Fighter III: he can be seen in the background of Necro's stage, in both New Generation and 2nd Impact. Thanks to Mr. Din for this one.

In the movie, Ken is the one who gives Ryu his red headband. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Ken does the same thing in his ending sequence.

Compared to what he looked like in the Street Fighter II games, Vega was made bulkier and more muscular. Capcom apparently liked this change, as in the Street Fighter Alpha series, he looks more like his movie counterpart.

The brainwashed Ken from the movie would later be used as an influence for Violent Ken, a secret character in SVC Chaos. In the movie, Ken throws out a pink projectile instead of blue, and Violent Ken's projectiles are purple instead of blue. Violent Ken is also a playable character in Ultra Street Fighter II.

The end of the movie has Ryu and Ken team up to take down Vega. In Street Fighter Alpha, a hidden game mode can be played, where you have to pick Ryu and Ken, and get to fight against Vega in a special two on one battle. In the Japanese arcade version of the game, the music played is a version of "Itoshisa To Setsunasa To Kokoro Tsuyosa To", which is the theme played during the movie.

In the movie, Ryu and Ken defeat Vega by throwing hadoukens at him at the same time. This is referenced in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter -usually, for his tag hyper combo move, Ken will use his shoryu reppa technique. However, if he's teamed up with Ryu, he'll use the shinku hadouken instead. He can't use this move any other way. This is also happens in Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter.

The way the movie has Ryu and Ken's final fireballs combine into one is referenced in the intro to Street Fighter Alpha 2. This is also referenced in Project X Zone 2 -during a battle against Vega, Ryu and Ken throw out fireballs together, which combine into one larger projectile. During the battle, a version of "Itoshisa To Setsunasa To Kokoro Tsuyosa To" is playing.

The fist bump Ryu and Ken give each other at the end of the movie is referenced in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike -they'll do the same thing in a special intro animation.

The movie's Japanese poster can be seen in Street Fighter Alpha -it's on the right side of Ryu and Guy's stage.


-In the Japanese dub of the movie, Balrog is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa. He would later voice Balrog in the Street Fighter EX series.

-In the movie, Dhalsim is seen doing a horizontal spinning attack against Honda. In Super Street Fighter II Turbo, hackers have found an unused spinning horizontal attack for Dhalsim. This is just a coincidence, since the game was out before the movie.