Hopefully you know that the anime movie is based on the Street Fighter II series, some of the most successful fighting games of all time. But did you know there was a game based on the anime? It was a 2 disc game released on the Playstation and SEGA Saturn in 1995, and was exclusive to Japan. The game is labeled as an "Interactive Movie" and you basically just get to watch some scenes from it for the most part. You play as a advanced monitor cyborg, and have to record data on fighters from around the world. You are shown scenes from the film and have to try and take pictures of characters fighting or doing moves. Doing so will boost the cyborg's powers, which makes a difference towards the end of the game.

Several battles from the movie are included, such as Balrog Vs. Chun-Li, Ryu Vs. Ken and more. Some extra animated scenes, which are exclusive to this game, were also added. For example, if you take a picture of Gouki, an animation of him will play where he gets up and then throws a projectile at the screen. The reason you need to take pictures is for at the very end of the game, where the gameplay changes to something much more familiar to Street Fighter fans.

Make it to the very end and you get to fight Ryu. Gameplay is like that of Super Street Fighter II X , the cyborg has all of Ken's moves from that game and Ryu also has his Super X move set. The fight is only one round and the difficulty comes from how well you did in taking pictures -if you got lots of good ones, then you do more damage with your attacks, but if you did badly, the Cyborg is very slow and many of the attacks do pathetic amounts of damage.

There are three endings to the game, all of them based on what happens in this fight. If the Cyborg loses, then the ending from the anime plays -Ryu and Ken team up to fight Vega together. If the Cyborg wins, there is a new ending showing that the Cyborg has replaced Balrog as one of Vega's henchmen. One year after the battle, during a Shadowlaw party, Ryu goes to challenge Vega again. If the Cyborg wins the fight without taking any damage, then the third ending will play. In this ending, the Cyborg turns against Vega and kills him.

Bonuses include a training mode, with a new stage where you get to fight a holographic version of Ryu. Another feature is the gallery mode, which contains character profiles, design sketches and even storyboards from the anime movie. This game was never released outside Japan -a localized version was apparently shown at a U.S. game show in 1995, but never released -but really only die hard fans of the movie are going to go after this. My understanding is the Playstation version has superior video quality, but the Saturn version has shorter loading times.