Guile's road problem has cleared up and he continues to Chun-Li's apartment, but he starts to get concerned that she isn't answering her phone. Chun-Li is sent crashing through the bedroom door, and she runs back towards Balrog, but he rolls forward and slide kicks her. She grabs a lamp and starts swinging it around...

...but he cuts it up with his claw. She continues to attack, but he keeps avoiding her strikes, and gets right into her face. As the two keep fighting, the telephone gets knocked over.

Guile hears Chun-Li scream, and speeds up. Back at the apartment, Chun-Li manages to throw Balrog to the floor, but he gets back up and slices her face.

He takes his mask off and says he likes stripping the skin off a rabbit slowly, after he's cornered it. His hand is thirsty for blood, especially that of a pretty rabbit. Chun-li realizes she's bleeding badly, whilst Balrog licks some of the blood off his claw.

Chun-Li picks up a sofa and throws it into Balrog, knocking him over. As he gets up, Chun-Li performs her spinning bird kick attack, landing multiple hits on Balrog's face.

He gets knocked down, and before he can get back up, Chun-Li stomps on his face. He rolls back and gets up again, but becomes enraged -she has ruined his beautiful face -for that, he'll kill her! Outside, Guile arrives at the apartment building.

Chun-Li and Balrog continue to hit each other, with neither being able to land a decisive blow. Chun-Li then manages to hit Balrog hard enough to knock him away. She runs towards him, but due to the amount of blood she's lost, she nearly collapses.

However, she sees that Balrog is next to a wall, clearly on the verge of defeat. She runs up to him and starts kicking him in the face rapidly, over and over again...

...and then kicks him through a wall. He falls down the side of the building, just as Guile arrives.

Guile sees the scene, and finds that Chun-Li is still alive. She weakly tells him Balrog was here, but then passes out.

At the Interpol HQ, an agent is on a call with Guile. Interpol have been tracking monitor cyborgs, and have detected some around Ken Masters in Seattle. They know Ken is a martial arts champion, so there's no doubt that Vega will approach him. They've also learnt of another man called Ryu, who trained together with Ken. They're currently looking for Ryu, and have heard someone matching his description was heading into Thailand from India. Guile says he is worried about Chun-Li's condition, so will be staying in the hospital for a while. As soon as the situation improves, he'll fly to Seattle to see Ken.

Meanwhile, Ken is driving Eliza back to her home. He suddenly blurts out that they should get married. Eliza asks if he means right this minute, so he asks if she doesn't want to. She says she does, but it's just that he's never talked about this kind of stuff before. Ken says they should do it, but Eliza thinks this is all a bit out of the blue. She asks if something has happened to him, but he says it's nothing special.

Ken thinks back to a time when he and Ryu were training by running together. Ryu leaps across from cliff to cliff and Ken follows, but before he can jump, part of the cliff gives way, causing him to slip off.

Thankfully, Ryu manages to stop in time, and catches Ken before he falls.

Eliza suddenly yells to Ken -he's in the wrong lane! Ken quickly manages to get out of the way, and they thankfully don't crash. Eliza tells him he seems different today. Ken says he's sorry.

Later on, they arrive back at Eliza's place. Eliza thanks him and says she'll consider his proposal. She gets out and tells him to call her later.

Ken drives off, and gets back out on the road again. He thinks about how he's tired of waiting for Ryu. As he drives on, Vega's jet suddenly flies right over him. He stops the car, as the jet beams a bright light over him.

Vega appears, and tells Ken he's come to get him. Ken asks who he is, so Vega tells him: he is Vega, the leader of Shadowlaw. Ken says he's never heard of him and asks what he wants. Vega says he's going to make him into a powerful fighter, and make him into an even better fighter than Ryu. Ken wonders how he knows Ryu.

Ken decides to drive off, but Vega uses his psycho power to levitate him out of his car, and take him up onto the jet. Vega teleports up to him, and pushes him away.

He tells Ken it's no use trying to resist against his psycho power. As the jet heads up higher into the sky, Vega tells Ken to submit to him. Ken tries to jump kick him, but the moment he gets close, he gets sent flying away by a blast of energy.

Ken nearly falls off the jet, but manages to hang on. Vega tells him again to submit, but Ken starts to charge up a hadouken.

He throws the hadouken out, but it bounces off of Vega, and smashes into Ken. With Ken defeated, Vega tells him he's quite a fighter -he's looking forward to training him into an even better one. Sometime later, Guile and another officer are heading to Ken's place.

They come across Ken's car in the middle of the road, but Ken is nowhere to be found. Guile realizes they're too late, and goes to Interpol's New York branch. One of the agents shows Guile the locations of Shadowlaw's bases they've identified so far, which are in various countries. No base was found in Seattle, so Guile thinks if Ken was taken, he must have been taken to the same place where Vega trained the other captured fighters.

Guile asks if they have any info on that, but they don't yet, other than knowing that Shadowlaw's major command centers are concentrated in southeast Asia. Another agent then says that as they're talking about southeast Asia, they've established the whereabouts of Ryu, the guy who trained with Ken under the same master. He's been seen in a mountainous area of Thailand.

Monitor cyborgs have been reported there, but as Ryu keeps moving around a lot, it's unlikely he's being followed yet. Guile thinks that Ryu must be on the same kind of level as Ken, so there's no way Vega has not got his eye kept on him. He says they'll have to find Ryu first, before Shadowlaw. He then asks about the plan for the joint operation between Interpol and the US military to eliminate Shadowlaw. The Interpol boss says they've already got most of Shadowlaw's main bases, and are secretly planning a concentrated attack by the special forces on Vega's command centers in southeast Asia.

Guile goes to visit Chun-Li in the hospital. She is in a coma, but he tells her he's located Vega's HQ. He'll avenge her and her father at the same time. He takes her hand and says he's sure she wanted to kill Vega with her own hands, but leave this one to him -she just needs to get herself better.

Meanwhile, Vega has Ken hooked up to a machine, which is displaying memories he is having. The machine displays images of the dojo, Eliza and Ryu, among other things. Vega thinks the source of Ken's fighting power is his competitive feeling towards Ryu.

He says he'll amplify that rivalry with psycho power. He starts to send psycho power directly into Ken's body, and as he does, Ken's memories starts to warp and shatter...

In Thailand, Ryu is climbing up the side of a cliff. As he does, he thinks back to a time where he was sparring with Ken. He gets grazed by one of Ken's kicks, causing a cut to his head. He ends up falling down some steps.

Ken checks to see if he's ok, and he says he is, but Ken sees he's bleeding. Ken takes off his hair band, and wraps it around Ryu's forehead, giving him his bandanna. Ryu asks Ken if he wants to go at it one more time.

Back in the present, Ryu continues to climb. Meanwhile, Guile is in a helicopter, which is heading towards Laos -the place where Ryu is meant to be.

Elsewhere, Senoh tells Vega that he's just been informed that a military helicopter, which has Guile aboard it, is heading towards the Thai-Laos border. It seems Guile has discovered the whereabouts of Ryu. Vega thinks Guile must be trying to get there ahead of him, and says he'll head out there with Ken. Senoh advises that Ken is not completely ready yet.

Vega says it doesn't matter, he's just letting two rivals fulfil their destinies as fighters. He tells Senoh to be prepared, as he'll be bringing Ryu back with him. As the communication ends, Sagat asks Vega to let him fight Ryu. Vega tells him he's a valuable Shadowlaw fighter, and to forget about the grudge he has.

Sagat says if he can't fight Ryu again, his honor will be... Vega cuts him off. He says that things like honor are petty, and that Sagat's opponent is the entire world now. Sagat tries to protest, but Vega reminds him that the rules of Shadowlaw are that he is not permitted to answer back to his orders. He tells him that his orders are to fly to New York, and eliminate Balrog and Cammy, as Shadowlaw does not forgive failure. As he walks off, Bison follows him, leaving Sagat alone.


The truck that Ken nearly crashes into has the Capcom logo on the side of it.

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