Ryu has traveled to Calcutta, where a man called Vahaan is giving a speech to a large crowd. Ryu walks through the poverty stricken streets.

Near to the place where the speech is being given, a black car comes to a stop. Meanwhile, Ryu goes round a corner and accidentally bumps into a young girl, who trips up and spills the milk she was carrying everywhere.

Ryu sees the girl looking at someone, and sees her mother sat not too far away. He gives the girl some money and tells her to buy some more milk.

As she runs off, Ryu continues walking through the streets. He comes across a street fight, taking place between Dhalsim and E. Honda. Honda gets Dhalsim into a hold, and starts crushing him.

However, Dhalsim is able to slip out of his arms, and the two resume fighting. Dhalsim surprises Honda when he reveals he has the power to teleport!

This gives Dhalsim the chance to kick Honda in the face. Nearby, a monitor cyborg is watching the fight, and records the data of the two fighters. Dhalsim then goes into a stance, and uses his power...

...to make it so Honda can't move. As Ryu watches the fight, Dhalsim suddenly says he can feel a strong power. He starts looking around at the crowd.

With Dhalsim distracted, Honda moves in and throws him. He goes to finish him off, but Dhalsim asks him to wait. He says he doesn't care if Honda wins, the fight is over. Honda starts shaking him and asks what this attitude is all about. Dhalsim says he could feel another power behind him. Honda wonders if he's trying to ruin the fight by talking rubbish.

He lets him go, and says he'll be taking the winnings. Dhalsim says he's never felt such a strong fighting power before. As this is going on, the monitor cyborg starts walking around the crowd, desperately trying to find the power Dhalsim sensed.

Nearby, a Shadowlaw assassin gets out of the parked car. As he does, the girl from earlier earlier comes running back to Ryu. Ryu starts walking towards her.

The assassin then kills Vahaan, and flees the scene. As he does, he charges past the girl, knocking her down.

Some guards open fire on the assassin, and shoot him in the leg. The assassin is nearly as his getaway car, but one of the windows rolls down, revealing a guy with a gun.

He shoots and kills the assassin, then starts shooting at the guards. As the car moves off, Ryu jumps up and shatters the window with a kick.

He beats up two of the guys, whilst the driver manages to speed off. Ryu picks the girl up, just as some ambulances arrive. He asks a guard who were those guys, and gets told they were Shadowlaw terrorists.

The girl says she has change to give back to him, but he tells her it's alright. As she gets taken away in an ambulance, Honda approaches Ryu and says half of his winnings are for him. He thinks he may have lost that fight, had Ryu not been there. He gives him half the cash, and says they're both Japanese fighters -they should stick together!

Vega learns of Vahaan's demise, and Senoh also informs him that a monitor cyborg saw an unidentified fighter, which is currently being investigated. Another monitor cyborg in Seattle has sent them some interesting data, which he wants to show him. Vega says he's on his way, as his jet returns to base.

Once he arrives, Vega says as he's asked him to come here, he must have something good. Senoh shows him a video clip, showing Ken defeating T. Hawk. Senoh says Ken seems to be a very good fighter, and has found out that both he and Ryu were trained together in Japan, under the same master.

Their fighting ability is considered equal. Vega says that doesn't mean that fighting potentials are the same, but Senoh says they don't have Ryu's current data yet. Either the previous data was wrong, or Ryu is withholding his full potential. Vega thinks it might be interesting to use Ken as a secret project weapon.

Senoh then mentions Ed Pressman, the American president. His support of the military control proposal means that security has become tighter in America, meaning that their plan to assassinate him will become more difficult. Vega thinks he can use Ken, and charge him with psycho power -it will be fine. Senoh says not to forget what happened with Cammy.

Vega says Cammy achieved her purpose, and still isn't bothered when he gets told she is being interrogated. As far as he's concerned, if her job is finished, she's finished. Senoh says they've got footage of her being interrogated, so Vega decides to watch it. It shows Cammy being questioned by Chun-Li, but she says she cannot remember anything. Vega says his psycho power won't be discovered by Interpol. He says they can eliminate her later, but for now, they are to continue searching for Ryu.

Senoh asks if he should send some North American agents to capture Ken, but Vega says not to bother -he'll handle it himself. Meanwhile, Guile enters a military base.

As he drives up, he comes across Chun-Li in the middle of the road. He asks her what she's doing here, and she tells him that if he investigates this by himself, it'll breach the rules. Guile tells her if she's going to stand in his way, he'll just run her over.

Chun-Li stands in place, and doesn't flinch when Guile drives his car right up to her. He stops centimeters from hitting her, but she tells him she knows how he feels -she knows his best friend was killed by Vega. Guile says that it must be Interpol's job to invade other people's privacy.

Chun-Li admits that she has been through his file, and says she's sorry about his friend, but he has to move on beyond his vengeance. Guile thinks she won't be able to defeat Vega just by talking, so she asks him if he'd like to see how good a fighter she is. He tries to grab her, but she easily avoids him, and pushes him into a fence.

She says she also wants to get revenge on Vega, as he murdered her father. But she's an agent of Interpol, so her duty as an agent comes before her own personal feelings. She asks Guile, as an Air Force officer, to work with them. Guile gets back into his car, but then opens up the passenger door -he's not good with fussy women, so is she coming or what?

Chun-Li asks how could she refuse such an invitation? The two get on a jet and fly to Los Angeles, and then drive into the city. Chun-Li asks why they're heading to a club, and Guile says there is a pretty good fighter called DJ there. At the club, DJ sends a guy out of the club, by throwing him through a window.

DJ tells the guy idiots like him wouldn't understand his music, so he should go home. The guy pulls out a knife, but DJ starts kicking him. As this is happening, a monitor cyborg records DJ's data. DJ kicks the guy across the street, and he lands right in front of the monitor cyborg.

Just then, Guile and Chun-Li run over. DJ tries to kick Guile, but Guile blocks his attack, and introduces himself. DJ asks him if he's a fan or something, but Guile warns him that he's being watched by Shadowlaw. DJ is happy with this news -he knows Shadowlaw is a notorious crime organization, so he feels honored.

Guile says he's serious, if they get him, he won't be able to go back to playing music anymore. DJ says he was just joking, but asks what Shadowlaw would want with a guy like him. Guile says Shadowlaw is gathering information about famous fighters, but DJ doesn't think that's any of his business. Chun-Li says he doesn't understand -his data has already been sent to Shadowlaw by this guy. She kicks the head off the monitor cyborg, and DJ asks what kind of monster is this -some kind of tasteless doll? Guile says these monitor cyborgs are a type of surveillance device used by Shadowlaw.

Guile tells DJ to warn any of his other friends about the monitor cyborgs. As he does, nobody is aware that another monitor cyborg is up on the roof of the club, and is sending data to Vega.

Vega sees that Guile is planning to go against him, and is cooperating with Interpol. He then asks Balrog to take care of Chun-Li. Balrog says nothing, as Vega looks at the image of Chun-Li on the monitor.

He recalls what he did to her father -he killed him by throwing him off a building. He sees that Chin-Li is hungry for revenge, and thinks she's impressive. He asks Balrog if he agrees, but Balrog responds by holding up his claw.

At Las Vegas, a Shadowlaw party is taking place. Vega contacts Bison, who reports that everyone has arrived. As he ends the call, someone goes up to Bison and says that the investigation has been getting intense lately -will this trade be OK? Bison says he made the preparations himself, and asks if the 5,000 got to London. The man asks for Vega to contact him later on.

The guests are then invited to the hall, where a fight is about to take place. The announcer says he'll introduce the two fighters. First, the king of the Russian wrestling world, Zangief! And his opponent will be Blanka, a man who fought against other beasts in a deep jungle. Blanka is lowered into the ring in a cage, which opens up.

The fight starts, and Blanka's fast speed lets him land some early hits on Zangief. However, Zangief hits him with one big punch, and then performs his screw piledriver on him.

It looks like Blanka has been defeated, but as Zangief starts to celebrate, Blanka gets up and uses his cannonball attack. He then grabs onto his opponent and starts to bite him. Zangief starts pulling Blanka's hair, so Blanka uses his electricity to shock him.

Chun-Li has returned to her New York apartment, and takes a shower. Guile is out on the road, and tries to call her, but she doesn't pick up. He finds it strange, as she'd told him she was heading home. He hangs up, and a short time later, Chun-Li exits the shower. She puts on some music and goes to her bedroom.

Guile comes to a stop, due to an accident up ahead. He can't believe how unlucky he is. Meanwhile, Chun-Li is doing her hair...

...when she senses something above her. She looks up, just in time to see Balrog dropping down. She narrowly manages to roll out of the way, avoiding getting stabbed.

She snatches off the bed sheet, causing Balrog to fall off the bed. He gets back up, and lunges at her.


-Early on in the Calcutta scene, Gouki (Akuma in the non-Japanese versions) makes a cameo -he's seen sitting by a wall, selling what appears to be fruit.

-It is never explained what Vahaan was doing that made Vega send someone to kill him, but I'd assume he was making anti-Shadowlaw speeches.

-In the games, DJ is spelt "Dee Jay". But in this movie, the subtitles and credits consistently spell it as "DJ". When DJ walks out of the club, there is a sign behind him that also has it spelt as "DJ".

-When the monitor cyborg analyses Chun-Li, it states that her master is "B.Lee". Who could that be referring to, I wonder?

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