The MK team are trying to find the base of the Black Dragon, and Sub-Zero and Sonya have been sent to an abandoned theatre. They look around but nobody seems to there, but Sonya says her partner was so close to finding the base before he got blown away. Nightwolf had found some strange energy readings in this area which the team have been sent to. Suddenly shots are fired and Sonya and Sub-Zero take cover. Sonya jumps out and fires off an energy ring, but it is so dark she can't see who is attacking them.

Their attacker keeps throwing out fireballs, but Sonya manages to move a little closer. But she still cannot see where she is been attacked from and ends up taking a hit which rips her clothes and sends her crashing into some chairs. Another projectile is heading her way when suddenly a man appears and picks her up. He takes her away.

Sub-Zero tries to follow them but gets blasted. Whoever attacked him vanishes when some Dragon Jets (somehow) smash through the floor, as Sub-Zero tells his friends that Sonya is gone. Elsewhere, Sonya wakes up and finds herself in a subway.

The man who saved her is also there, who says that he is not her enemy. Sonya wants to know who he is and move closer, even though he tells her not to. The reason for this is clear: as Sonya gets to him, she sees his horrendously scarred and battered face. He puts his mask back on whilst saying this is why he prefers to remain in the dark.

The man says his name is Kabal and that he has met Sonya before. However someone starts shooting at them so he kicks open a vent and helps Sonya up to it. They escape, whilst the people who were doing the shooting come forward. They've lost Kabal, and their leader, Kano, is not pleased. He is going to have a surprise for Kabal when he finds him.

Meanwhile Kabal and Sonya rest someplace safe. Kabal is about to explain his past, as he used to be a Black Dragon member, but then he hears some people talking in the distance. He thinks they are more Black Dragons, but Sonya tells him to wait as they might be her friends. When she turns back to Kabal, he is gone. The rest of the team find Sonya, saying that Nightwolf managed to barely trace her signal through her broken wrist comm. The team go back to their base.

Sonya explains to everyone about Kabal, but Jax wonders if he just put on a show to make them her trust him. He could still be working for the Black Dragon. Sonya mentions how he hides because he feels like a freak, to which Stryker replies that it may be because he is a freak. Sonya tells him to back off but Jax tells her to chill out. Liu Kang asks how Kabal turned out like that, but Raiden is the one who answers. It is because his "friends" turned on him. Many years a go, Kabal was a Black Dragon member.

He was one of the most ruthless assassins of the clan, able to take down several enemies at once. However, Shao Kahn had seen into the future, and learnt that Kabal would reform at some point, fighting against him. So he sent out one of his armies to attack him without mercy. They found Kabal and fought him, but he was so strong he survived and managed to get away from them. However, he face was badly scarred and he needed to use a respirator. To hide his face, he now has that mask.

Back in the present, Nightwolf has more strange energy readings, from the same subway tunnels the team went to a short time a go. He thinks someone is using some kind of machine down there, one that needs a lot of electrical power. The team head back there in the jets and land in the subway itself. They take a look around, and whilst they can't find anyone, Jax finds a baton with the Black Dragon logo on it, so something is definitely going on.

Nightwolf then contacts them and says he has been monitoring the energy readings, and says the source is right under them. Suddenly there is a large explosion right under one of their parked jets, and a large beam of red light crashes through the ceiling, straight up into the night sky.

A portal has appeared in the subway, and as the team inspect it, someone comes out. Sub-Zero knows who he is -he is Hidiyoshi, the most powerful of all of Shao Kahn's assassins. Hidiyoshi makes short work of Stryker by throwing him into a wall.

He then attacks Sonya and smashes the ground where she is. She ends up falling, but Liu Kang goes to save her. Jax fights against Hidiyoshi but his strength is immense and even Sub-Zero's ice fails to work on him.

Kabal then appears, running at a great speed so he can use his raging flash technique on Hidiyoshi. It sends his opponent spinning uncontrollably, and when he stops, he is dizzy. This lets Kabal jump kick him and he stumbles back through the portal, which vanishes soon afterwards.

Kabal says the team need a place where they can rest and takes them to a cave which he says the Black Dragon do not know of. Sonya asks why he is always so hidden away, and he tells her that this place is where he can watch the movements of the Black Dragon, and do what he has to do to stop them. He is fighting his own war, as on the day Shao Kahn's assassins brutally attacked him, was the day he knew his life stood for nothing. He wanted to destroy the evil that spawned him.

Sonya asks why he does not fight above ground, but he says that the world is disgusted by what it does not understand and people would not like what they see if they saw him. Even she was surprised at his appearance when she saw him, although not any more it seems. Sonya tells him about Maggie, her best friend from a long time a go, who had an accident and ended up in a wheelchair. Suddenly everyone started treating her differently and it drove Sonya crazy, as nobody but her could see past her wheelchair. Kabal says there are too few people like her.

Nightwolf finds out from Liu Kang what has happened, and how the Black Dragon must have some kind of machine to rip open the Earth's dimensional fabric, using the subway's electricity to run it. Nightwolf says his readings show more readings like he saw earlier, only these are even more powerful -they must be planning on opening another portal soon. They want to stop them from doing that, but they need to know where to look. Kabal says he knows where their base is and that he is the best person to go -the base is well guarded and he knows his way around. Soon he is on his way.

It doesn't take him long to make it into the base, taking down any guards he sees with ease. He finds what must be the portal generating machine, which is huge and in the middle of a large room. He sets an explosive on it but before he can leave, Kano appears with several other Black Dragons.

He deactivates the explosive and explains with that gadget behind Kabal, he can create portals and have entire armies sent through them for Shao Kahn. He is sorry for what Shao Kahn did to him, but he betrayed the Black Dragons and for that he must pay. He opens a portal and Hidiyoshi appears, as Kano sets him and his gang on Kabal. Once they are through with him, they'll destroy Kabal's new friends also. However Kabal moves so fast he takes down the Black Dragons straight away.

However Hidiyoshi seems to have improved since his last appearance, as he can keep up with Kabal and uses a whip to knock him down. However before he can do any more, the MK team arrives and starts to help Kabal out. They take out the Black Dragons, with Kitana and Liu Kang teaming up to send one flying through the portal whilst Sub-Zero and Stryker explore their MK9 tag-team options to get rid of another.

Hidiyoshi may have gotten better at fighting but he's still trash compared to Jax, who punches him a few times and knocks him back through the portal. Only Kano is left, and Sonya wants to fight him. The two battle but as Kano tries to kick her, Sonya blocks it and elbows him in the stomach.

Before she can kick him, a surviving Black Dragon appears and tackles her, giving Kano the chance to escape. Kabal punches the Black Dragon back through the portal, which Stryker then seals up. Liu Kang says they are sorry for interfering Kabal's fight, but Sonya kept nagging them to find him. Kabal says she has a strong will, but now, they will finish what they began. He sets up the explosive to go off.

The team get into their 2 surviving jets and blast off. Kano somehow contacts them and says they've won again, for now. But he has another surprise for them and as Kabal's bomb goes off, so does Kano's. The team just about manage to fly fast enough to escape the exploding subway.

Back at the MK base, Liu Kang thanks Kabal for his help and asks if he would like to join up with them full time. Kabal says he would be honored, but the time is not right. Sonya asks why as his home has been reduced to dust. The rest of the team leave to let them talk, as he removes his mask and tells her that he is touched by her kindness, as he now has hope that others will see past his appearance. But he wants to find a new home, and continue to battle the Black Dragon and Shao Kahn's legions. And he unfortunately tells Sonya that he wishes to do this alone.


The animation style in this episode is different (and worse) than any of the others, and comes off as been more cartoony. Facial expressions get really exaggerated at times.

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