A city is burning, and inside a castle an injured soldier called Ramath is held up by Kitana. Ramath asks if she has hidden the swords, and Kitana says she has, as they are now beyond "her" reach forever. Ramath is one of her friends, so much so that she considers him to be a second father to her, but he tells her to follow her own light now as she no longer needs another.

Kitana is then attacked by another woman -who tells her that she and Ramath are both finished. However, before she can continue the fight, Kitana's troops come in and grab her. Kitana tells them to take her away.

This was actually an event that happened in the past -and present day Kitana has been thinking about it. She thought she had put an end to Zara's evil reign, but she can now sense she is near. Elsewhere, Sonya seems to be cooking something and Jax wants to know what it is, only to find out Sonya is making a facial mask. Jax laughs and asks if she'd like him to run a bath for her, but this angers her and she says she is fed up with living in this cave with only a bunch of men to talk to. Plus they rag on her whenever she does anything feminine.

She says that all they do is fight, train so they can fight, then fight some more, occasionally she just wants another woman to talk to. Jax suggests Kitana, but Sonya finds it difficult to talk to her. However Jax tells her to try again so she goes to her chambers. Sonya knows she is outside and lets her enter, and Sonya apologises for disturbing her on whatever she was doing...which she thinks was sleeping. Kitana says she is actually meditating. Sonya asks if they could just talk...

...but then an alarm goes off and Kitana says maybe another time. She and the rest of the team report to Nightwolf, who tells them that there is another rip opening up, this time in Iceland. But the readings are weird, something he hasn't seen before. Sonya says there is no time to wait around and she and the others head out in the jets.

Jax told Liu Kang he wanted to ride with him because he had something to discuss, and as the two fly, Liu asks what his question is. His question is: what does Liu think about the weather? Liu wasn't expecting that, but of course the real reason Jax is flying with him is because Sonya gets to fly with Kitana. Kitana asks once again if they can talk, but Kitana says she is too preoccupied with the events unfolding and needs to concentrate. Sonya swears she'll get Jax for this, but the team soon arrive in Iceland.

Sonya drops down a rung ladder and the team descend it, entering a cave. They soon find the portal, and whilst Nightwolf mentioned strange energy readings, there seems to be nothing unusual about this portal. However there is suddenly a bright flash of light...

...and when it stops, Kitana, Sonya and Jax are gone! Stryker attempts to go through the portal after them, but he just bounces off it. Liu says they have to find a way through it. Meanwhile, Kitana, Sonya and Jax arrive on another world, and are surrounded by spear wielding women.

The woman aren't friendly either and start to attack, but they are no match for the three and are easily taken out. Jax uses his ground pound to knock some of them back, but he then takes a hit from a purple projectile.

Kitana is then attacked, and lands next to Jax, who has become trapped in a bubble. Sonya rushes to Kitana's side and asks what is going on, as Zara appears. Kitana says Zara is a deadly enemy.

Meanwhile Liu Kang contacts Nightwolf and says that there is a portal, which is still open, but they can't get through it. He asks for Raiden to be sent to help, only to find out he is not available as he is with the Elder Gods. Nightwolf says he'll try and reach him somehow. Back in the other realm Zara has captured Kitana and Sonya and starts to drain Jax of his life force. Kitana demands she release him but is told that she is in no position to demand anything and she is lucky she hasn't been killed yet already, given the trouble she has caused her in the past. Kitana charges into a couple of guards and then runs towards Zara, but is blasted back by an energy from her sword.

Kitana recognises the sword as one of the "Swords of Ilkan", which she hid a long time a go. Zara says that it cost her dearly to get it, as many of her own warriors perished trying to retrieve the swords. She still only has one of them, but wants Kitana to reveal where the other one is. Kitana says she will never tell her, but Zara thinks she will -infact, she will be the one to get it for her. Kitana explains to Sonya that the swords are the most powerful weapons ever devised, but only when used together. However Zara says just one sword is enough to even open portals, and more than enough to kill Jax if she wants. But she will trade his life for the other sword.

Kitana has to accept her conditions, but Sonya says she will go with her. Kitana warns that it is too dangerous, but Zara lets Sonya go as two warriors have a better chance of claiming the sword than just one. Kitana has Zara open a portal up to another realm, and she and Sonya go through it. They arrive on another world, and Kitana tells Sonya it is a place that has been abandoned for centuries. However, what they are searching for is in the "Temple of Ilkan" located not far away from them.

As they walk, Sonya wants some answers and Kitana explains that Zara was a powerful military leader in an outworld realm, before Shao Kahn took it over. She was an ally of Kitana's father, but then one day she decided to use the swords to take more power for herself and to try and seize all of the realms. With the help of Ramath, she took the swords from Zara and hid them, whilst banishing her. Zara fled with her warriors, swearing revenge, and has hated Kitana ever since. As the two arrive at the temple, Sonya asks about Ramath and is told that he was a friend of Kitana's father, who also helped her discover her powers. She doesn't want his sacrifice to be in vain and says she will find a way to stop Zara.

As the two climb up the temple, Kitana remembers Sonya wanted to talk to her earlier and asks what is was. Sonya asks her if she ever just misses being a woman, as what kind of life do they have with all the fighting? Kitana says she does hate the fighting, but she believes in what they are fighting for. The two get to one of the temple's eyes and push it, revealing a room behind it. Meanwhile Nightwolf says he can't get through to Raiden, only for the Thunder God to teleport to where the team is instead.

Liu Kang points out the portal and asks if he can get it open for them, so he gives it a go. But even with his powers, he can't seem to do anything about it. Stryker asks if he can at least open another portal so they can follow them, and Raiden says he'd love to -if only he had any idea where they went!

Kitana and Sonya enter the temple and walk into a large chamber. They can see the second sword on the opposite side of the room, and Sonya says she'll go and get it. Kitana warns her not to as there may be hidden dangers, but Sonya does her usual thing of ignoring others and diving straight into action.

Giant spheres swing around which Sonya has to avoid, and are only stopped when Kitana uses her fans to cut the chains. They seem to be the only hazard, and the two move closer to the second sword. Sonya tries to grab it, but it suddenly explodes with energy and forces them to move back. A cloud appears above them, and it is what actually caused the energy explosion.

The cloud transforms into a being, and attacks the two. As they avoid the fireballs it spits at them, Sonya fires back an energy ring at it, but it does no damage. She has no idea how they are meant to fight this thing, as it seems to be made out of pure energy. It grabs Kitana, but she manages to tell Sonya to go and get the sword quickly.

Sonya gets the second sword and points it at the monster, which gets struck by an energy blast. This destroys it, and Sonya passes Kitana the sword. They may have the sword, but they also have a problem -if they give this sword to Zara, she could use it and the other one to easily defeat entire armies and conquer realm after realm. But if they don't give it to her, Jax will die.

Kitana says there is a chance, but she will have to entrust Sonya with her life. Sonya says she can handle that, so Kitana uses the sword to open up a portal and get back to where Zara is. Zara sees them and wants the sword, but Kitana says that as they have a sword each, they are at a stalemate. Zara's warriors cannot get close to Kitana, as she blasts a couple back with her sword's power. She instead challenges Zara to a fair one on one battle. Zara asks about Sonya, but Kitana says she is a warrior of honor and will not interfere with their battle.

Zara says she does not need a sword to defeat Kitana, and throws her weapon into the ground, as Kitana does the same. The two start to fight, but Kitana seems to be the stronger of the two and sweeps Zara.

Zara flips back to where her sword is and grabs it, but as she jumps up, so does Kitana, who knocks it out of her hands. Kitana gets the sword and uses it to open up another portal, telling her enemy that she will be banished to the void. Zara tries to attack, but gets kicked and sent flying through the portal.

With their leader gone, Zara's warriors run away, whilst Kitana frees Jax. The portal begins to close, but Kitana uses both swords to keep it open. Sonya sends Jax through it and tells Kitana they need to go as it is still closing, but Kitana has to make sure the swords will never fall into evil hands again. She does this by using them to create another portal, which she then throws them through.

Sonya says Kitana's done it, but Kitana says they did it. The two of them then both head through the portal.


The guest characters in this episode -Zara and Ramath -were never in any of the Mortal Kombat games.

ANIMATION ERROR OF THE EPISODE -When Kitana challenges Zara, Sonya is in pink rather than green.

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