The original Darkstalkers was released in 1994. It featured eight different characters, each one being some kind of creature or monster, such as Anakaris the mummy or Talbain the werewolf. The graphics were extremely detailed and this, along with X-Men Children of the Atom, showed off what Capcom's CPS-II hardware could do. The game featured a chain combo system, which meant you string together attacks much more easily than in other fighting games available at the time. Combos such as pressing the light, medium and heavy punch buttons one after another could be done, for example. Darkstalkers was later ported to the Playstation.

Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge was released in 1995. It featured every character from the previous game, but now the bosses, Pyron and Huitzil, could also be played as. Also, two completely new characters were added: Donovan and Hsien-Ko. The cartoon series featured every character from this game at some point. Night Warriors was ported to the SEGA Saturn.