ADV Out of the Shadows DVD

Released in 2003, this 3 disc set contains every episode and is undoubtedly the best (and only) option if you want the entire season. Sadly there are no extra features other than some trailers from other AMV anime and cartoons and they even managed to screw some of those up on disc 1. If you ever wanted to hear Street Fighter with Mega Man's theme or vice-versa, look no further. This set was only released in America and the discs are region locked.

ADV Battle Storm DVD

For those who can only stomach the first five episodes, then ADV also released this single volume. It was can only be described as sheer laziness, the DVD box has a new cover but the actual disc is just the first disc from the Out of the Shadows set, right down to having the same selection menus and everything. Lazy lazy lazy.