Robert tells them not to move, as if he pulls the pin out of this, they're history! John thinks he's bluffing, and doesn't think he'd ever waste the girl. He tells them not to move again, then tells them to hand over Yuri.

They all start laughing at him. John tells him to go ahead and let it explode if he wants -and then reveals that there is a sheet of bullet proof glass in front of them. The only people who'll get blown away are him and King. King tells Robert to put the pin back in, which he does. He then gives King the grenade.

The sheet of glass retracts, as Big says the show is over. But just then, Ryo appears, and kicks his way into the room. The first thing he does is take down John, via a punch to the face.

He then starts fighting with King. After pushing her back, Robert unties Yuri. But the three are now surrounded by Big, King and John. Just then, the entire building shakes.

Outside, the police have arrived, but Todo is making his way in by using a wrecking ball to smash through a wall. After striking the wall a few more times, it breaks apart, and Todo leaps in. He tells everyone inside the casino to freeze, as they're under arrest.

The rest of the police start to move in. During the shaking, Big has managed to recapture Yuri, and he tells Ryo and Robert that if they want her back, they must bring the diamond -and no more funny business. King activates a lift, as several grabs come down from the ceiling. These attach to part of the floor, and bring it up. As the bad guys get away, King tells Ryo and Robert that it looks like this is goodbye.

She drops the grenade, and Robert pushes Ryo down. It goes off seconds later, causing a large explosion. As Ryo and Robert get up, they see a helicopter hovering outside.

Inside are Big and the others. Big yells for them to be at his house by 8pm tomorrow, otherwise Yuri is dead. As the helicopter flies away, Ryo and Robert have a new problem: Todo. Todo asks them what they're doing here, but they decide to escape via the rope Ryo used to get in.

They return to the karate dojo, and try and think of where the diamond could be. But Robert think the only guy who'd know is that dead guy. He decides to get himself a drink, but finds that everything in the fridge has melted. The ice cubes in the freezer have also melted. Robert suddenly has a brainwave, and says he's got it -the power in that apartment was off, but the refrigerator was still working. The diamond must have been in the ice tray.

They head over to Ray's apartment and enter it. They spill out all the ice cubes from the refrigerator and let them melt, as Ryo says that the generator outside was for the refrigerator. However once the cubes do melt, they find that the diamond wasn't in any of them. Robert then remembers something -when he threw his drink out the window earlier, there were a few ice cubes in it.

They head outside and start looking, and Ryo finds the diamond -it had fallen into a crack in the pavement. The two head off to Big's mansion.

They arrive, and the front gates open up for them. Not far behind is Todo, along with the majority of the police force. But just then a helicopter clips the top of Todo's car, taking the lights out.

John is piloting the helicopter, and fires a missile at a cliff. This causes a lot or rocks to fall, blocking off the road, and causing the police cars to crash.

Todo tells everyone to move these rocks. Meanwhile, John reports to Big that he doesn't think the cops will be bothering them for quite some time. Big asks Ryo and Robert how they feel now, and Ryo says there's no way out. Robert says he feels like a drink.

Big threatens Yuri, and tells Ryo and Robert to hand over the Eye of Sirius. They do so, and Big checks it out. He says no price can be placed on this amount of beauty. King tells Big that they got what they want, so they should get out of here as soon as possible -before the cops show up. Big ignores her, and asks where John is. King tells him he'll be here soon. Big says it's time they said goodbye to the two pretty boys.

They head outside, as John comes in to land. Big says Yuri is worth far too much to him -as much as the Garcia Foundation. Yuri gets shoved into the helicopter, and King and Big also enter it. Ryo and Robert can't do anything, as some thugs have got guns aimed at them.

As the helicopter starts to takeoff, Ryo notices the pool nearby. He outsmarts the guy behind him by yelling to look up...

...and kicks the gun out of his hand a second later. Robert does a spin kick on the guy behind him, whilst Ryo makes use of the pool's diving board to launch himself upwards...

...and grab onto the helicopter. He smashes through a window and tries to open a door, whilst John tries to stop him. John tries kicking him, shattering the glass completely.

Ryo manages to grab his leg, and tosses him out of the helicopter. He lands in the pool below. Ryo then tells Yuri to open the other door.

Yuri gets it open, but Big then lunges at her. He misses, but to make things worse for him, the Eye of Sirius falls out of his pocket. It ends up falling into the pool below.

Ryo and Yuri then jump off, and also land in the pool. Robert can only watch as the helicopter then crashes into the pool, where it catches fire. He says there's a missile onboard, and dives into the water to help Ryo and Yuri.

The three get out ok, whilst the helicopter continues to burn. But then, King reveals she's survived, and leaps out of the pool. Ryo is about to take her on, but Robert then steps in. He tells King that if he wins, he gets her telephone number.

The two start fighting, with King mainly using kicks. Just then, Big also jumps out of the pool. Ryo tells Yuri to stand back, as he prepares to fight Big. Big reveals that the two sticks he has can combine, forming a staff.

As Robert continues to fight with King, Ryo does his best to avoid Big's staff. Robert eventually gets kicked in the gut, knocking him down. King leaps towards him.

Big keeps swiping away with his staff, but Ryo then punches it so hard that it breaks in two.

As King comes down, Robert strikes her with a powerful kick, which knocks her out. Meanwhile Ryo hits Big with a jump kick...

...which breaks his sunglasses, and knocks him into the pool. It's revealed that one of his eyes actually had a gem inside it, which falls out into the pool. Just then, the missile on the helicopter detonates, causing a massive explosion. As this is happening, Todo and his police force arrive at the mansion.

Ryo and Robert then hear Yuri scream. They see that John has survived, and has taken Yuri hostage. But before he can do anything, Todo suddenly runs around, and strikes John with his wooden sword.

He hits John on the head, knocking him out instantly. Yuri is reunited with her brother, and Robert is glad she's alright.

Later on, Big and his underlings are led out of the mansion by the police. Robert tells King he never got her phone number, but other than smiling at him, she doesn't respond. As Big walks past, he tells them there isn't a jail in the world that can hold him.

Todo says he'll bust Big every time. But once Big is out of earshot, he tells Ryo and the others that Big probably will be out in a heartbeat, as he has connections on every level of the judicial system. He then asks where the Eye of Sirius is, and Ryo, Robert and Yuri point to the pool. Todo orders everyone into the pool.

The police all leap into the pool, as they start searching for the gem. Ryo, Robert and Yuri all start laughing.

Sometime later, Robert and Yuri watch Ryo, who is chasing after another cat. Ryo really wants that 500 bucks, whilst Robert tells Yuri it's such a nice day. He asks here if she wants to go for a drive, but she says she can't. After Ryo gets down from there, she has to bathe Sirius -the cat Ryo picked up earlier. Robert is surprised to find out that's this cat's name, as Yuri explains that in ancient Egypt, people worshipped and respected their cats. People also admired the Sirius star, which is why this little cat is their Sirius.

Robert says to watch out -Mr. Big might just come after her. As Yuri laughs, Ryo tries to grab the cat, but misses, and gets his face scratched up. He starts crawling after her again.


-The outfit Robert wears in the last scene is something he also wears in one of the Japanese live action commercials for Art of Fighting 2.

-The credits sequence features the song "Yasei no Kaze". During the credits there are some extra animated sequences (which have no dialogue), showing Ryo training some kids, Todo at the pool and Robert driving his car.