The city of South Town. Kyokugen karate master Ryo Sakazaki is up on a building, following a cat. His buddy Robert Garcia then shows up below.

Robert asks him if he's taking the cat out for a little walk. Ryo tells him to shut up, and explains he's getting paid a lot of money to take care of this little feline princess. He has to keep her away from people like him. Robert thinks Ryo will do just about anything for money, and asks him if he's not too busy with the karate dojo.

Ryo attempts to grab the cat, but gets beaten up for trying. Robert tells him to leave her alone, she's a big girl now -she doesn't need any help from her big brother. Ryo realizes he's talking about his sister, Yuri, and tells him that better not be the case. Robert says of course not, but then says there's really nothing wrong with him being his sister's boyfriend. And if he and Yuri make it to the altar, and the entire Garcia Foundation becomes theirs, maybe they can buy Ryo a pair of shoes. Ryo tells him that not wearing shoes is part of their training. And besides, he doesn't think it would be too easy managing the Garcia Foundation. Robert says he was speaking hypothetically, but says he really does like Yuri. Ryo reminds him she's a 19 year old college student.

Ryo then attempts to grab the cat, but as he steps forward, part of the ledge he's on breaks away, causing him to fall. As he drops, Robert leaps out of his car...

...and does a jump kick. As Ryo falls, he uses Robert's foot as a stepping stone, and lands safely on the ground.

Later on, Ryo and Robert return to the ledge, where the cat is waiting on top of a generator. Robert tells Ryo to hurry up, as it's almost time for Yuri to get out of school. Ryo tells him that, as the heir to the Garcia Foundation, he may think about working once in a while. Robert ignores him and asks how much he's being paid to get this cat. Ryo says $500. The two attempt to grab the cat, but she leaps through an open window.

Ryo thinks it would be considered breaking and entering if they went inside, but Robert says they have a good reason to go in. The two enter and start looking around. As Ryo searches for the cast, Robert reads a magazine.

Robert notices that the electricity has been cut off, but then notices a load of scotch on a table. He decides to get himself a drink, and gets some ice from a fridge. Ryo tells him to calm down, as he knows he can't handle his liquor.

Just then Robert steps on the cat's tail by accident, causing him to jump and end up tossing his glass out of the window. As he goes to check it, he sees a woman is stood next to his Ferrari. He asks her how she is, and if she's like to take a drive down to the beach. The woman doesn't respond.

She instead gets into her own car, and drives off. He thinks she has a nice body, but as Ryo returns with the cat, he asks him whatever happened to his passion for Yuri? Just then, the front door bursts open, as a guy called Ray runs in.

Ray is surprised at Ryo and Robert being there, but seconds later a group of thugs enter the apartment. They are all after Ray, but Ray starts attacking them.

One of the men shoots Ray, killing him. The leader of the thugs, Jack, asks Ryo and Robert if they're Ray's men.

Ryo says they're just here to get their cat. Jack tells them to give them back the gem now, but they don't know what he means. Instead, the two start fighting back.

The quickly take down everyone but Jack, and Jack tells them they aren't bad. Ryo picks up the cat, and he and Robert decide to run for it. They jump through the window...

...and fall down into Robert's Ferrari. Jack's guys start firing at them, but he gets them to stop. Robert and Ryo drive off.

Robert says those guys weren't messing around back there, since they had guns... South Town is pretty rough. Ryo guesses they weren't afraid to take a few lives to find whatever it was that they were looking for. Robert wants to go and get Yuri, but Ryo says they need to return the cat first, otherwise his electricity is going to get cutoff. As they continue driving, they pass a certain casino.

Inside, Jack reports to his boss, Mr. Big, that he doesn't have the gem yet. He says they tore Ray's place apart, but he then notices another guy, John, sniggering at him. Big says that the two kids that were there must have taken the gem. Nearby, a woman called King uses a computer to bring up some details. She says that one of the guys was Robert Garcia, the heir to the Garcia Foundation.

She finds out that the other guy was Ryo Sakazaki, the owner of the Kyokugen karate dojo. She gets the address for the place, and Jack immediately heads out. As King continues to look at Ryo's profile, she finds out that he has a sister: Yuri Sakazaki.

Ryo and Robert return the cat to her owner, but Ryo is dismayed to find out that it's not the right cat. The owner explains that her cat, Susan, has a pure white tail. She tells Ryo he'll have to find her Susan before she can pay him. Elsewhere, Yuri leaves college, and after saying goodbye to one of her friends, walks off -unaware that King is following her.

Meanwhile, Ryo and Robert arrive at the karate dojo. They head in, and Ryo is relieved to find that the electricity is still on. As he feeds the cat, Robert watches some TV. He sees a news report about a missing diamond, which was stolen from a jewelry shop in China Town. Despite all of the efforts by the police department, The Eye of Sirius has not been located. The diamond has a value said to be in excess of eight million dollars.

The report then cuts to a statement from Lieutenant Todo, who says at this point in their investigation, they don't have any leads. But he says he promises to find it within three days. Robert thinks Todo is a nutcase, but then the power cuts out. Ryo says it looks like they've finally disconnected his electricity. Robert tells him that if it's for Yuri, then he'll be happy to take care of the electric bill. They then hear people running towards the front door.

The front door gets shot down, as Jack and a group of men storm into the dojo. Jack yells out that it's no use hiding, and tells them to give them back the gem, or they'll kill both of them. But there doesn't appear to be anybody around... until they hear something above. Ryo and Robert were hiding on a ceiling fan, but it falls down due to their weight.

Robert says hi to everyone, and then starts disarming the gang members. Meanwhile, Ryo takes on Jack, and blocks or avoids every punch he throws at him.

Jack tells him he's not bad, but against him, "Bear Killer" Jack... he'll die now! He resumes punching, but Ryo casually avoids every punch. He asks Robert how he's doing. Robert uses a broom to take down a guy, and says he was waiting for Ryo.

Jack finally manages to land a kick, which Ryo blocks, but it has enough force to knock him back. As Ryo gets up, he's not too happy at having his apartment messed up -now he's pissed! Robert makes things worse by knocking a guy through a window, which breaks it. Ryo says now he's really pissed!

He and Jack jump kick at each other, but both miss. Ryo swings back with a punch, which Jack blocks. Ryo starts punching Jack repeatedly, but they have no effect on Jack -Jack tells him his little punches are too weak.

Robert then smashes the broom over Jack's head, breaking it. Part of it lands on Jack's head, which Ryo and Robert get a laugh out of. Ryo then says he'll take it from here.

He starts punching Jack in the face several times, eventually knocking him out of the room. He then hits him with a jump kick, and Jack crashes down onto some stairs. Ryo says that was a piece of cake.

Robert look outside, and sees that the police have turned up. He and Ryo are taken to the police station, where Todo interviews them. Todo wants to know why Jack Turner was after them, as he's one of Mr. Big's men. Ryo and Robert don't know who Mr. Big is, so Todo explains he's one of the players in South Town's underworld. Ryo says they've got them confused with someone else, as he and Robert didn't do anything. Todo says he believes Big is the one who stole the Sirius stone, and then asks them about Ray.

Robert says they really don't know anything about what's going on, so Todo tells him he better be telling the truth. Someone then knocks on the door and talks to Todo. After he leaves, Todo tells Ryo and Robert he's got their ID, and he's sure he'll be seeing them again real soon -but for now he can't hold them here any longer. Ryo and Robert leave, as Todo asks who makes up all these stupid laws. He tells them he will get the Eye of Sirius back -or else!

Ryo and Robert arrive back at the dojo. Robert is about to head off to get Yuri, but they then hear something behind them: a large truck is heading their way. They quickly get away from the car, which the truck smashes through.

The truck crashes into a building, and Ryo runs towards it. Robert isn't too pleased about what's happened to his Ferrari. Meanwhile Ryo finds that nobody was driving the truck, but does find Yuri's bag on the driver's seat -along with a note addressed to him and Robert.

The note says that Mr. Big has Yuri, and if Ryo and Robert want her back, they must bring the Eye of Sirius to the casino. Robert says this is a mess -they don't know anything about the Sirius! Meanwhile, at the casino, behind closed doors, Yuri has been tied up to a chair, and John and King watch over her. Yuri tells them to just wait and see -her brother will get them. He and Robert will make them pay for this! King thinks she's a feisty little lady. Mr. Big then enters the room.

John tells Yuri he likes her, as he likes a strong woman. King tells him to be careful, they won't want her peeing her pants now. John tells King to leave him alone, as he enjoys watching Yuri tremble. King thinks John should really think about getting a girlfriend. Big tells them to be quiet. Just then, they notice Robert outside, who seems to be aware of the one-way mirror in front of him.

King thinks Robert isn't bad. Outside, Ryo uses a rope attached to the roof to move down. At the police station, Todo receives a report about the casino, and says it's show time.

Back in the casino, King introduces herself to Robert, and says she works nights here at the casino. Robert says she looks more like a Queen to him. King asks him where Ryo is, but Robert claims he's been arrested, and can't get out without bail money. King assumes Robert must have the gem, and Robert says he has. As Ryo watches them from outside, King tells Robert that Mr. Big is waiting for him.

Robert follows King into a room, where Yuri is being held. Big tells him to produce the rock, then they can talk. John tells Robert not to try and funny business, and keeps a knife next to Yuri's throat. Robert produces something out of his pocket, but it's not the gem -it's a grenade!


-In this anime, Ryo has brown hair, whilst in the first game, it was orange. It's not known why this change was made, although it's not the first time something like this has happened in an SNK anime adaption. Curiously, in the live action Japanese commercials for both the first and second Art of Fighting games, the actors playing Ryo have brown/black hair.

-Ryo also wears a jacket in the anime, something he doesn't have in the games. Concept art of him for Art of Fighting 2 does show him wearing a jacket, but this design was not used in the game.

-When King brings up Ryo, Robert and Yuri's profiles, there is some strange text at the bottom of each one. It seems to be talking about something Microsoft related. Ryo's bio also misspells karate as "carate".