Hastur has been defeated, but it's not over yet. The resurrection of the evil God is already at hand, as outside, Earnest and the others find a ritual ground. Storm clouds gather over them, as lightning strikes down and causes a reaction. The three can only watch...

...as something begins to form from the pentagram, which Zigfried notes. Annet seems to be frozen in fear, but Earnest reminds her about the spell. Zigfried says that she must hurry, as it's getting close and she must do this now. Annet has doubts, but Earnest tells her to believe in herself -she has a power within her that none of them can fathom. Zigfried says that she's the only one who can do this.

Annet says she'll do it and steps forward. Holding the Elder Sign in front of her, she begins to chant the words of the spell, as the sign lights up. Earnest and Zigfried can only watch, as the ritual ground erupts with energy. Annet continues to chant, until...

"Begone, back to the void between the stars!"

Seven stars appear, and the Elder Sign shines even more brightly. A powerful energy surrounds the ritual grounds, and for a brief moment, turns them into the void of space, surrounded by the stars.

The trio move back, as Zigfried says the temple is collapsing. It soon does, and Zigfried is happy that they've done it -Hastur has been sealed away forever! Earnest wonders if this really is the last they'll ever see of Hastur, as Annet asks about the Necronomicon. Earnest reveals that he has it.

Annet seems to be relieved and is glad that they've done it, and that it's all over now. She asks Zigfried, but they then both realize that he's vanished without saying a word. Earnest wonders where he could have gotten to, whilst Annet can't believe he'd just go after all they've been through. She then thanks Earnest, as because of him, she's been able to fulfill her duties as a Priestess. She's on the verge of tears as she realizes she's got nothing left now.

Thankfully Earnest decides to cheer her up. He asks if she has anywhere to go. She says she hasn't, but he's already helped her so much...before she can finish, he reveals that he's currently taking applications for an assistant -priority given to experienced candidates, of course! She asks if this is ok, but he tells her as long as it's ok with her. He admits that he's useless when it comes to chores and cooking, he can't even break eggs the right way! Annet admits he comes across as being clumsy. As they laugh it off, Earnest asks if they should be going. Annet says yes, and the two walk away from the ruins.

"Oh, so about tomorrow's breakfast..."

"...I see!"

Back in America, Al Capone is outside a courthouse, accompanied by Charlotte. They're both surrounded by reporters, but Capone ignores them all and thinks about that bastard, Earnest. He then laughs and thinks that thanks to him, he's found a girl who he thinks can be of great use to them.

At the White House, President Coolidge now has possession of the Necronomicon. However, he is watching the book burn in the fireplace of his office. He thinks that the book has enormous power, but America has no need for such a thing. Not now, or for the wars that may be yet to come...

Out at sea, Earnest and Annet are on a boat. Earnest takes the Elder Sign out of a bag and tells Annet that on the day you start a new journey, you've got to say goodbye to the memories of the past. That's what it means to be an adventurer. Can she do that? Annet giggles and then throws the Elder Sign into the ocean, where it sinks into the depths.


This ending sequence is only present in the CD version of the game, the cartridge version has no ending at all and instead goes straight to the credits after the final boss has been beaten.

It isn't 100% clear who Al Capone is talking about. You'd think he means Annet, but given that the Hastur Cult already tried and failed to use her as a sacrifice in this game (see here) it probably isn't her. Perhaps instead he's hinting at Restiana, which is setting up things for El Viento.

Speaking of the Hastur Cult, it isn't clear how they were able to revive Hastur in El Viento if Annet was able to seal him away in Earnest Evans. Maybe one of their members was able to find the Elder Sign somehow.

Earnest has somehow managed to yet again obtain the Necronomicon. Maybe Zigfried gave it to him, or maybe Ullrich dropped it after he was defeated.

Whilst Al Capone appears in El Viento, Charlotte doesn't, and is never seen or mentioned again in the series.