CD version characters

Earnest Evans

A 29 year old archaeologist, experienced explorer and general adventurer, Earnest is the main character in the game and wields a whip. This time round his quest starts in Mexico, where he is looking for a statue. After obtaining this, his next adventure has him searching for the Necronomicon, with his client being none other than the President of the United States! It's a dangerous journey as he finds himself having to deal with Al Capone and the Hastur Cult.

Kazuki Yao voices Earnest. His other roles include Iketani in Initial D, Fei Long in Street Fighter II V and Yoki in Fullmetal Alchemist.


A Priestess who is 15 years old. It's not explained in the game how she ended up being almost used as a sacrifice by the Hastur Cult, but thankfully Earnest saves her before it's too late. She then helps Earnest, although she's mostly only seen in the cutscenes, other than making an appearance in the game's sixth level. Earnest realizes that Annet has powers beyond him, and she is the only one who can seal Hastur away.

Her surname is never mentioned in this game, although the other games in the series state that it's "Meiya".

Annet's voice actress is Yūko Minaguchi. Yūko's other voice roles include Pan in Dragon Ball GT, Yawara Inokuma in Yawara! and Linally in Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals.


Zigfried works for Al Capone, and has been sent to retrieve the Necronomicon. However he later finds out about what Capone's true plan really is, and decides to help Earnest and Annet instead. He knows a lot about Capone's gang and the Hastur Cult, and leads his new friends to where the summoning of Hastur is to take place. Despite how polite he is all the time, he's also very mysterious, and simply leaves without saying a word to anyone at the end of the game.

Zigfried is voiced by Ryō Horikawa. Ryō's most famous voice role is Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, and some of his other notable roles include Karasu in Yu Yu Hakusho and Heiji Hattori in Detective Conan.

Al Capone

The boss of the Mafia. He is working with the Hastur Cult, and has been tasked with finding the Necronomicon for them. He has an interest in their goal of bringing Hastur to this world, but he doesn't count on Earnest Evans going up against him. Thanks to Earnest's actions, he ends up getting arrested, but it's tough to keep a crime boss locked up, as he's out of jail in El Viento.

Hideyuki Tanaka voices Al Capone. His other roles include Falco in Hokuto no Ken 2, Star Saber in Transformers: Victory and Otacon in Metal Gear Solid.


Ullrich is the leader of the Hastur Cult. He wants the Necronomicon, believing that its evil power will allow him to influence the Nazis and in turn, take over Europe. He's also the one responsible for reviving Hastur, and serves as the game's penultimate boss. It's revealed that he has been changed by an evil power, as he changes into a demon during the fight. It isn't confirmed that he's the second to last boss, but he most likely is, as the Hastur Cult has a new leader in El Viento.

Masaharu Satō voices Ullrich. His other roles include Death in several Castlevania games, Black in Dragon Ball and multiple roles in Hokuto no Ken -including Taiga, Samoto, Xie and Boogal.


A 24 year old woman who works for Al Capone. She inexplicably appears out of nowhere in the game, and is first seen with Earnest and Annet on a train. She manages to knock Earnest out and take the Necronomicon, and is then not seen again until the ending, where she says nothing. She isn't even mentioned again in the series after this, so what exactly happened to her is unclear.

Charlotte is voiced by Hiromi Tsuru. Her other roles included Bulma in Dragon Ball, Eliza in Street Fighter II Movie and Naomi in Metal Gear Solid.

President Coolidge

The 30th President of the United States of America. He is interested in obtaining the Necronomicon, and hires Earnest to retrieve it. However, once he finally obtains the book, he realizes that his country has no use for such evil power.

This character's voice actor is unknown, and isn't mentioned in the credits. I would guess that Hideyuki Tanaka might have provided his few lines of dialogue, but I'm not sure.


The unnamed boatman appears briefly in the intro, where he has some doubts over whether or not Earnest will actually find what he's looking for. He soon gets put in his place when Earnest destroys his cigarette in an instant!

This character appears to be voiced by Kazuki Yao, who also voiced Earnest. The boatman isn't mentioned in the credits.

Cartridge version characters

Earnest Evans

The grandson of the Earnest Evans from El Viento...who is also called Earnest Evans. He looks exactly like his grandfather did when he was younger, but he doesn't seem that interested in being an archaeologist. In the manual, he's more interested in going after treasure, but then listens to what his grandfather tells him and goes on a quest to collect the three sacred idols. He seems a bit disrespectful to his elders though, always calling his grandfather "gramp".

Earnest Evans

This is the Earnest Evans from El Viento, who is now in his 80s. He's never seen in the game, but is mentioned in the manual. He reveals to his grandson that when Annet defeated Hastur, the God scattered three sacred idols across the world. By bringing these three idols together, it would be possible to summon Mavur, another God who is Hastur's counterpart. In 1940, he and Annet went on another adventure together, and were able to find one of the idols in Santa Clara Valley, California. Sometime later, he attempted to retrieve the second idol statue from a cave in Mexico, but broke both of his legs in the process. He tells his grandson to go and succeed where he failed, and to also get the third idol statue from Brady Tresidder in Europe.


The heroine of El Viento, who is now in her 70s. After defeating Hastur, she watched the God scatter three sacred idols across the world. She helped Earnest find one of them in 1940, but then apparently settled down to start a family after that -the manual mentions that she got married to some guy.

When she finds out her son is going after the other idols, she heads to Belgium to help him. Despite the fact that she's meant to be over 70 years old in the cartridge version, her sprite wasn't changed at all...they could have made her hair gray at least.

Brady Tressider

The successor to Vicente DeMarco (Al Capone in the Japanese version of El Viento) who leads the syndicate. He's found out about Mavur, and has taken one of the idols. He's never seen in the game, but I guess you could argue he's the guy who pilots the level 6 boss, since that level takes place in Europe.


Believe it or not, the boatman is one of the few characters other than Earnest (who technically doesn't count, since they're different characters) and Annet to physically appear in both versions of the game -he very briefly appears at the start of the intro. Way to go, boatman.