Hokuto no Ken The Movie is coming! And apparently they really must have wanted to advertise this early because no footage from the actual movie is used in this trailer! The quality of animation for this trailer is nowhere near as good as in the final film. Also, the music used is also just taken straight from the anime series. Characters still have their anime series designs (this is especially notable with Lin). I've got some rough translations of what the narrator is saying below each part.

The start of the trailer is the only part of it to feature stuff that would actually make it in the movie -although it still looks different. The parts I'm talking about are the ship through the building and the shooting stars, see here. Also, Lin can be seen walking across a lot of dead bodies as their spirits rise out of them. In the movie, there is a part where this does happen, but Lin isn't there. You see her walking from what appears to be her own aura instead.

"At the end of the century, a terrible disaster destroys almost all of civilization."

And then this thing appears! I'll guess that this purple creature is meant to show how many people have been mutated after the nuclear war, but I've really no proper clue.

"Amidst all of the violence, a man with cool eyes has appeared."

A cloaked Kenshiro is shown before we see him about to fight Rei or team up with him. You then see Rei apparently going to take on Fang, which never happens in the movie.

"He is a master of the assassination style, Hokuto Shinken! And for the first time he is appearing on the big screen!"

Shin then makes his only appearance in the trailer, as he is shown leaping towards wacky-colors Raoh! The Raoh seen here is based on his appearance in the manga, not the anime series which is what the movie would eventually use instead. Also, the animation of Kenshiro ripping his shirt off was taken from this episode of the anime series.

"Life is hell, death is hell."

Raoh is then shown firing off a couple of circular energy blasts which rip into Kenshiro, destroying his shirt and causing him to bleed, in the next shot we see that Raoh reduces a city behind Ken to rubble.

"With his fists, he destroys evil!"

"HOKUTO NO KEN! An original story exclusive to theaters. Now in production! Released in March '86."


A second trailer/promo was released which again didn't show any actual clips from the movie, but Kodomo Band had at least recorded "Heart of Madness". The trailer mostly shows footage from the previous one but then shows a lot of interesting stills.

This trailer starts off with the movie poster in the background, which features finalized designs for the characters, but then in the bottom left corner footage from the first trailer begins to play. The poster then gets sliced up and lots of stills appear, but almost all of them show stuff that isn't in the movie at all!

Kenshiro holding Yuria, who might be injured.

Kenshiro doing some rapid kicks.

This does happen in the movie but it looks different, especially the background.

Rei fighting Kenshiro. Looks like Rei managed to hit Ken here, whilst he doesn't in the actual movie.

Kenshiro and Rei fighting punks together at an unknown location. Nothing resembling this appears in the movie.

Uighur at a place which isn't Cassandra (it looks more like the village Fox was at in the movie). Bat and Lin can be seen at the bottom left along with another punk behind them. Was Uighur hunting them down at one point? Lin also still has her TV series design here.

Bat, Lin and Airi running through a subway. These three never visit the subway in the movie, only Yuria does. Also, Lin again has her TV series design here, even though Airi has her new movie look.

This shot of Kenshiro appeared on some promotional material, but never in the movie itself.

Unused shot of a ruined city.

Here's an odd one. It shows Raoh/Ken-Oh with Yuria on Kokuoh-Go. Shin is standing near to them. It seems Raoh is taking Yuria and Shin can't stop him? In the movie Shin doesn't even get to see Raoh take Yuria.

This very violent still has a different background from what was used in the movie.


Kenshiro fighting Zeed, it looks nothing like this in the movie and Ken doesn't have a beard. This and the image below were found in a Japanese magazine, scanned by the folks over at Hokuto Destiny.

Kenshiro Vs. Jagi as the sun sets. Again, this is completely different to the final movie as they don't appear to be fighting on that tall building.

This was found on the back of the Japanese video release. Shin is wearing his white outfit, whilst he wears his purple one in the final film for his first fight against Kenshiro.

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