The cloaked figure sees the biker stomping on Lin and moves towards him. The biker quickly draws out his crossbow and fires an arrow, which goes straight into the man's chest. But he does not seemed to be harmed by it at all, and just removes it. He then grabs the man by his head. As the biker squirms he is killed when his head is crushed.

The man picks Lin up and whilst his back is turned the other three bikers attack, but the man hits each of them once to win. His hits send each biker flying, but before they can resume attacking they are killed is horrific ways! The man has answered Lin's cry.

Bat and Lin take the stranger back to their home village and Bat wants to know why the stranger saved them. The man says that Lin called out to him, but Bat says that is impossible as Lin is mute. Her family was killed before the war and Lin hasn't talked ever since. Near the village, the Zeed gang have arrived to find out what happened to the four bikers, who haven't returned. They come across the village. Zeed, the gang leader, orders them to raid the place.

As the stranger rests he suddenly hears the same signal again -Lin is in trouble! As he gets up, the villagers try to fend off Zeed's men but with little success. Zeed has Lin and demands that the villagers bring all of their food and water as tribute to him or he'll kill the girl.

As he's talking someone kicks some rubble into his mouth and he demands to know who did that. The stranger starts to walk forward and as Zeed's men realise it was him, they run up and remove his cloak, revealing that the stranger is Kenshiro. Despite everything he went through, he has survived.

The Zeed gang attack but Kenshiro defeats each punk with a single strike, resulting in all of them meeting gruesome fates as their heads explode. The last punk is hit so hard he flies straight into Zeed's chest, and all the gang leader can do is watch as he explodes.

Kenshiro gives Zeed one chance to let Lin go, but he just says that he will break her neck. But before he can do that Ken suddenly rips his shirt to pieces and hits Zeed with hundreds of punches in just a few seconds. As Zeed falls down, so does Lin, but Ken catches her before she hits the ground. "Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken" (North Star 100 Crack Fist) is the attack Kenshiro used, but Zeed gets back up, claiming that Ken's punches are as strong as bites from a mosquito. Ken has a single sentence for him though...


(You are already dead.)

Zeed's head begins to rupture and soon it explodes along with his torso. The villagers stand in awe and later on, Kenshiro is allowed to use the village's water supply to wash, and he also gets rid of his beard. The narrator explains about Hokuto Shinken -an ancient martial art which allows the user to hit an opponent's key "pressure points". By hitting these with the right amount of force, it can just take one strike to completely destroy an enemy. Ken sees that the village elder has brought Bat and Lin to him.

Kenshiro asks if Lin was the one who called him, but she shakes her head. Ken then hits pressure points on the back of her head, but says that she will be O.K. in a few moments -she will be able to speak again. Bat doesn't believe such claims, but Ken hands her the bag of seeds that Yuria dropped, saying that perhaps she will even be able to grow flowers even in this age, as Yuria had wished for.

Ken then turns around and walks away from him, and Lin asks why Ken is going. Bat wonders who he is but then is suddenly shocked when he realises that Lin just talked! Lin cries out to Kenshiro again, but he continues to walk out of the village.

Meanwhile, in a different place, we see several bodies of men who have been sliced into pieces -and there are two people nearby. One is a large man wielding nunchaku, the other is a woman with a pink cloak. The man uses his weapons to tear apart the cloak...

...revealing that the woman is actually a man. It is Rei, a master of the Nanto Suicho Ken style (South Star Waterfowl fist). The punk is enraged that is isn't a woman and charges, but Rei also dashes forward.

The punk turns around and is then hit with his own arms -Rei has sliced them off! As the punks screams Rei has just one question: where can he find the man with seven scars?

At another village, people are being killed for not being able to name a statue. Fox, the leader of the punks there, keeps asking the villagers who the statue is meant to be, and the next villager to be dragged forward is told. The statue is based on Lord Kenshiro, also known as the man with seven scars. The villager says that it is Kenshiro and Fox congratulates him on getting it right. There is a prize involved: another villager has been buried in the ground, and he can saw his head off.

The villager refuses to do it so he is killed when a punk uses a sledgehammer on him. An older villager comments that the man with seven scars is not the savior he heard about, despite him killing Zeed, he instead believes that he is just a murderer. One of the punks hears his comments and decides to sort him out, but before he can kill him the punk is suddenly thrown forward, landing head first into the dirt.

The punk gets up and sees Rei was the one who hit him. Rather than kill him, the punk offers Rei the chance to kill the villager in the ground and hands him the saw, saying that killing people can be refreshing. Rei takes hold of the saw but slices it into the punk's head, asking him if he feels refreshed now. Most of the other punks start to attack, but Rei simply walks towards them and using his Nanto Suicho Ken...

...slices them all into pieces. He demands to be taken to this man with seven scars, but Fox just tells him to shut up and get ready to die. Before he can fight him however Kenshiro appears and punches him in the face, causing his head to explode. Ken then destroys the statue and says that it was based on Jagi, someone who he used to train with in Hokuto Shinken.

Jagi now resides in the ruins of an airport and we see him with one of his most prized possessions -Airi, one of his slaves, is a girl who he doesn't treat very well. He's also got seven scars on his chest so he can masquerade as Kenshiro. Meanwhile Ken and Rei have left the village. Ken wants to know why Rei is after the man with seven scars, as he explains that he also wants to kill him.

Rei explains that one day he returned to his home village only to find that the place had been destroyed, with the inhabitants massacred. This included his parents but he found out that his sister, Airi, was captured. She was meant to be getting married, but all he found was the cape she was meant to wear on her big day. The only other fact was that the leader of the attackers who raided the village was a man with seven scars on his chest. Elsewhere Jagi is on his own and removes his helmet, before getting onto a bed. He starts to think about why he hates Kenshiro so much...

When Jagi found out that Kenshiro had been chosen as the successor to Hokuto Shinken, he ran to Ryuken's dojo and opened the doors to find Ken training inside. He drew out his gun and demanded that Ken gave up the title, as in Jagi's eyes he didn't deserve it as he was so weak. Ken wanted to know why Jagi was using a gun instead of solely relying on his fists, but Jagi told him to shut up, as to him winning was everything, no matter how it is achieved. He then tried to beat Ken up, but Ken grabbed his fist and then hit him back with many fast hits.

When Jagi got up, his hair started to fall out and his head bulged up, but by pressing a couple of his own pressure points he managed to save himself. However, he would still be disfigured for life. As Jagi stops thinking about what happened in the past, he thinks about what he has just found out: Kenshiro is still alive, somehow he managed to survive being throw off the cliff. He then starts to sleep and later on, Jackal, one of Jagi's many lackies, walks into the room and says that Heart has returned.

Jackal gets no response and goes up to his master. He decides to remove the blanket over his head, but when he sees his face he is so disgusted by it that he turns back round to leave the room. Jagi, however, has heard him and wakes up. He asks what he is so frightened of and if he really does hate his face that much. Is he daring to look down on him and make fun of his face?

Jackal says that he isn't, but Jagi punches him in the face. Jackal crashes into a wall and then his head blows up like a balloon before exploding. Jagi says that he will not tolerate anyone ridiculing him any more than Kenshiro already has.

Ken and Rei have found out where Jagi is and make their way towards his base, not knowing that they have been spotted. When Jagi finds out about this he tells Airi that he has something special planned for her. Meanwhile Ken sees the fortress and with a single punch, he smashes down a wall.

Behind this wall is a very large man known as Heart, who has been ordered by Jagi to kill Kenshiro. Ken tells him that he is a pig and punches him in his stomach, but his fist gets stuck in his stomach -it seems that Ken cannot get to his pressure points! Heart says he has killed many thanks to his fat being able to absorb attacks, and then he flattens Kenshiro into the ground. As Ken gets back up, Rei offers assistance, but Ken says it won't be needed -Hokuto Shinken cannot be beaten.

As Heart lunges Ken changes tactics are uses rapid kicks to soften up Heart's flab, so he can make the punch count this time. Heart wonders what it was he just did to his body, but he is then ripped apart from the inside and explodes.

The two then venture inside and soon find Jagi waiting for them. Ken tells Rei that they have found the man who killed his parents and took his sister away. Jagi pulls out a shotgun and points it at Airi's head. Rei is glad to see his sister, but then is horrified to see what has happened to her: she can't open her eyes and she believes that she is being given way to a new master. Jagi says that the reason she can't see is that she once saw his face and she was terrified of it. But if the Nanto man wants to save his sister, then he should kill Kenshiro. Desperate, Rei turns around and leaps at Kenshiro...

...and tries to fight him. Ken manages to block his attacks and tells him to stop as Jagi isn't the type to keep his word. Ken then enrages Jagi by saying that nobody had any respect for him in the dojo as he still used a gun to fight with, and that he must be really weak to be holding a woman hostage and having Rei do his fighting for him. Jagi is angry but sees his point and knocks Airi back, telling his men to kill Rei whilst he fights with Kenshiro.

Jagi takes Ken to the top of a tower where the ruins of a helipad is. He removes his helmet to reveal his hideous face, he has had to put on a iron plate just to stop his constantly bulging head from exploding. He says that the reason he threw Ken off the cliff instead of killing him there and then was because Raoh told him to. Raoh had said that it would be more interesting for Kenshiro to die in the depths of darkness, but Kenshiro is more surprised to hear Raoh's name -he didn't know he was still alive! Jagi charges forward using an attack called "Hokuto Rakan Geki" (North Star Arhat attack).

Kenshiro parries Jagi's swipes and then punches him in the face. As Jagi gets up he finds it impossible that Ken managed to stop his attack, but then abandons his Hokuto Shinken and pulls out his shotgun. But when he tries to fire he finds he can't, and instead he points the weapon at his own head! Ken hit a pressure point to make him lose control of his arm, as he knew Jagi would go for his gun. Jagi has to hit pressure point in his arm just to stop himself from blowing his head off.

He notes that Ken has changed, but he still has another trick to play and hits a pipe which leaks gasoline everywhere. He then throws a lighter onto the liquid causing it to catch fire. The fire moves in Ken's direction, but Jagi also has a going-away present for him and reveals that he was the one who convinced Shin to go and take Yuria! In a flashback, we see Jagi telling Shin that he should take Yuria, as only the strong survive in this world and Kenshiro is weak -he will not be able to protect Yuria and she may die. But Shin is strong, so he should go and take Yuria now before it is too late. Shin realises that what Jagi is telling him is what he must do to protect the woman he secretly loves.

Kenshiro is so angry over the fact that Jagi was the one that turned his best friend into his worst enemy, he charges up with power, rips off his shirt and then punches the ground with such force most of it breaks up into pieces and both fighters fall down a level. Both are alive and when Jagi sees Kenshiro walking towards him, he starts to get desperate and grabs a pillar. He smashes it over Kenshiro a couple of times, but with no effect.

Ken reminds him that he is a dead man and then does his usual series of rapid punches to knock him back. As Jagi gets up, his helmet has been destroyed and the plate he had on his skull to keep the bulge down also breaks off, as blood starts to leak everywhere. Kenshiro demands to know where Yuria is and he is told that Shin took her to his city of Southern Cross, but it will be too late for her to save him now. A hysterical Jagi then demands to be known as the successor to Hokuto Shinken but his head then explodes, followed by the rest of his body.

With this information, Ken now knows where Yuria is. But there is also the matter of dealing with Raoh...

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