The Nanto Roku Seiken...they were 6 people who guarded the gates of the Imperial palace. But after the nuclear war, the group was separated. This was due to Yuda, the star of betrayal, who split the group after he joined with Ken-Oh's forces. But the one who told him to do it and started off the Nanto Roku Seiken's destruction was Souther.

The star of martyrdom, Shin...the star of justice, Rei...the star of beauty and betrayal, Yuda...

...the star of benevolence, Shuu...and the star of command, Souther. Souther was the strongest of the Nanto Roku Seiken. He had his forces capture children, and made them work on his Holy Cross Mausoleum.

Souther's large army was also taking over nearby villages. Souther boasted that not even the "King of Fists", Raoh, dared to challenge him. Yes.

But other people did want to take him on. One of these people was Kenshiro, and the two fought at the pyramid. As Souther made his way up to where Kenshiro was, a kid stabbed him with a knife. Souther told everyone that the child's emotions for Shuu made him act wildly. He has no need for emotion! He had no need for love! Because of those things, people are miserable and suffer. This led to Souther's past being explained.

Remember when Souther killed his beloved master, Ogai? Yes.

Shuu warned Kenshiro about Souther's power, but eventually the two of them faced each other. Kenshiro had lost against him before, but worked out his secret: his pressure points were reversed...

...meaning Kenshiro could finally use Hokuto Shinken against him. Cornered, Souther used his ultimate technique, the Tensho Juuji-Ho, but this was countered with a technique of Kenshiro's called the Tenha Kassatsu. The projectile attack hit Souther...

..and is what practically gave Kenshiro the victory. Souther still tried to fight, refusing to give up, but one last punch was all it took to finally stop him. Defeated, Souther knew his life was at an end and his dream of rule was now over. But he was confused to why Kenshiro had finished the fight by using a merciful attack -did he not want him to suffer in his death? Souther fell back and said he has one question to ask to Kenshiro: love and emotion only create sorrow. Why would Kenshiro want to bare such sadness? Ken told him that it is not just sorrow love and emotion can create -they can create pleasant feelings. Ken then said that his life will end soon so he should die where he wants, before he started to descend the pyramid. Souther started to think of the happy times he had with his master.

Souther decided to die with the corpse of his master and as Kenshiro walked down the pyramid, he saw that Souther was the most sorrowful man he has ever met. Yes.

Back in the present, Kenshiro thinks of Souther and all of the other Nanto masters he has met, but there is still one remaining -who is he?

The fire stops, and night turns to day. Kenshiro turns around and starts to walk away from Ryuga's castle. Once more, his destiny moves forward.


Next time on Hokuto no Ken: "Chapter 4 Begins: Raoh Must Die! The Legend Turns to Terror!!"

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