Hokuto no Ken Episode 81
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Shuu of the Nanto Hakurou Ken! The Heavens Only Bestows Cruel Destinies!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Kenshiro remembers Shuu, the master of Nanto Hakurou Ken.
Original broadcast date: July 24th 1986

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2) In the manga...


Kenshiro thinks about Shuu, another member of the Nanto Roku Seiken, who was the master of Nanto Hakurou Ken (South Star White Heron Fist). He remembers how Shuu fought against Souther, the Holy Emperor, and died placing the last piece of his Holy Cross Mausoleum in place. Kenshiro thinks about how Shuu was destined to be the star of benevolence, and how he would avenge him.

In the manga...

-This episode is filler and does not happen in the manga.

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