Ken's group have begun to head back to Mamiya's village. But as Toki has been sitting in a cell for the past three months he isn't that fit at the moment, and so needs frequent breaks. Mamiya is staying with him and says that Ken and Rei have headed off to try and find some supplies and a vehicle.

As Ken and Rei arrive in a deserted village, talk soon turns to Raoh. Rei says that Raoh doesn't even fear the Gods and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. This makes Kenshiro think back to a time when Ryuken asked him and Raoh about what the meaning of an assassination style was.

A huge tiger is released into the room. Ryuken says it can sense their fighting spirits as assassins, and they should fight it now. The tiger turns to Kenshiro first, but it does not attack him -it just stares at Ken and he stares back, and after a few seconds of this, the tiger backs down and allows Ken to pet it.

Raoh has a slightly different way of doing things.

Raoh says that the tiger didn't see Kenshiro as an enemy -and according to him, this means that Kenshiro cannot be the successor to Hokuto Shinken. But Ryuken knows that Kenshiro is the greater of the two -as the tiger obviously didn't sense death when it was standing in front of Ken. But when it stood before Raoh, it became paralysed with fear of death -Raoh's style cannot be that of an assassin. As Raoh walks off, Ryuken begins to worry about what Raoh might be up to.

After that flashback, Ken and Rei reach another small village and hope to at least get some food, but instead they find that most of the villagers have been killed. They find one guy still alive who tells them that Ken-Oh's forces raided the village, and then went west. That is in the direction of Mamiya's village, so Rei says he will head back there now by himself. Ken agrees to this and after taking care of the injured villager, he starts to head back to where Toki and Mamiya are.

Meanwhile, Toki is looking up at the stars and sees the big dipper. But there is a bright star next to it and he knows what it is -it is "Hosei", also known as the star of death. Anyone who can see it is said to be fated to die within a year, and he can now see it. But he knows he will die eventually due to the radiation poisoning he is suffering from. Mamiya then arrives back with some sticks for the fire, when Toki rather randomly blurts out that she resembles Yuria.

Toki reveals that Yuria was the only woman he ever loved -but as she was with Kenshiro, he did not try to take her away. However, Raoh also had his eye on her and Toki talks about the time when he tried to take her for himself. Yuria was in a city and showing some children her origami skills when Raoh walked up to where she was. When he saw her, he thought that she was far too good for Kenshiro.

Raoh grabbed Yuria and told her to forget about Kenshiro -she is to live only him now. She refused, so Raoh began to crush her until Toki stepped in and said that he will fight him if he didn't stop. Raoh decided to call it quits and walked off, but he reminded his brother that he will one day hold the entire world in his hands.

Mamiya sees that Ken, Shin, Toki and even Raoh have all fallen for there any hope for her to find love in this world? She compares herself to that small star she can see by the big dipper. Toki looks in the direction she is looking and is shocked when he realises that the star she is looking at is none other than the star of death! She goes back to check if Ken and Rei have returned yet, as Toki now knows that Mamiya is fated to die -but he doesn't tell her anything yet.

As Mamiya walks on alone, she senses something and asks whoever is there to come out, but there is no response. Believing that she must be on her own, she walks on. But she isn't alone and the large man with night vision goggles appears, wanting to take her head as a present for Ken-Oh. He then decides to keep her alive as she can take him to Kenshiro, but she manages to get past him. She decides to run, as she wants to lead him away from Toki.

However, she has to stop when she sees several other guys waiting for her. With no chance of getting away now, Mamiya can only try and fight them off, something she manages to do -either splitting their faces open with her yoyos or kicking them. After defeating them, their leader returns and she tries to fight him. But he is armed with metal rods, which he uses to deflect her attacks.

He then hits her a couple of times and gets her trapped at the side of a cliff. He drops the rods and then decides that she will not go to waste, as he wants to have some fun with her first. Before he can do anything, someone leaps down onto his head, causing his mouth to shut and bite off his own tongue. Kenshiro has arrived.

He gets up and tries to attack Ken, only for Ken to grab his weapons and then use them against him.

With him out of the way, Kenshiro checks that Mamiya is OK and tells her that Rei has gone back to her village, as Ken-Oh's forces are meant to be heading there. His shoulder pad suddenly cracks -Mamiya thinks it might be some kind of bad omen.

In the village, there is some good news: Airi has received a letter from her brother stating that Toki has been rescued and they are all on the way back. Bat, Lin and Pel couldn't be happier and rush off to tell everyone else in the village. Lin checks on the flowers she is growing and sees that they are starting to bloom.

As Bat reaches the guards of the village entrance, he tells them the good news, and they are happy to hear that Mamiya is also on the way back. But then the guards are suddenly all killed and Bat sees the gate begin to crack! He starts to run to warn everyone that they're in trouble, but he is shot in the back with an arrow.

The alarm goes out: Ken-Oh's forces are here! The villagers start to fight back against them, but many are killed and many more captured. Lin goes back to where Airi is and tells her that they must hide somewhere, but Airi says there is no point, they cannot escape now. She doesn't even seem to want to move, but Lin manages to make her run.

The village is quickly over-powered by Ken-Oh's forces, but Lin and Airi avoid being caught and hide in a small storage room.

Rei is nearly at Mamiya's village -and several of Ken-Oh soldiers are waiting for him, but they are soon sliced up. As he gets ever closer to his destination, he sees the big dipper in the sky -it can be seen quite clearly.

"I can even see a small star gleaming next to it."


Ken-Oh's forces have take over Mamiya's village, but Lin refuses to bow down to them as Rei rushes to get back to the village before it is too late. Tune in next time for "Those Who Fear Death! Listen to the Cry of Lin’s Fiery Heart!!"

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