Kaioh says people call him a demon, and hatred only makes him stronger. Kenshiro is enraged and says he won't forgive him before going to punch him in the face, but his strike gets blocked.

Kaioh welcomes the new challenge and tells Kenshirop to show him how much stronger he has become now the seal has been lifted. He then flips him over, slams him to the ground and then starts to choke him.

Ken manages to remove Kaioh's hands and kicks him out of the way. The two fighters continue to battle and Kenshiro's shoulder pad is destroyed.

Meanwhile Hyo still isn't at full strength and as Tao sees to his wounds, Kuroyasha appears. He tells them that Kenshiro has begun to fight against Kaioh. Hyo wonders if all of this could be his fault, he might be the reason that Kaioh become a Majin. It was when they were children...

During a sparring session, Kaioh is attacked by multiple opponents whilst blindfolded. He defeats them all without taking a hit. Jukei is watching this and sees just how strong Kaioh has become after he lost his mother. He isn't happy with the fact that all of the other kids watching seem to really look up to him, admiring his strength and ability. He sees that the other kids have put their arm bands on their right arms, just as Kaioh has. Kaioh isn't interested in his fans though, and walks off.

Later that night, Jukei tells Kaioh that he is too strong, stronger than Hokuto Soukei's Hyo. That cannot be permitted as it is their duty to train Hyo. Kaioh hates such logic as he believes that power is everything. If he is stronger than Hyo, then it just means he is superior to him, even if he is from Hokuto Soukei. Jukei then tells him that he will fight and lose to Hyo tomorrow. And if he even hurts Hyo, bad things will happen to Raoh and Toki. Jukei then leaves the room whilst Kaioh thinks about the terrible situation Jukei has put him in. In the morning, the battle takes place at a bridge.

As Hyo nervously makes his way forward, Kaioh hates the fact that he could easily destroy him now, but he can't do it. He can see Raoh and Toki with Jukei, but he knows Jukei will kill them if he beats Hyo. He's already lost one family member to Hokuto Soukei and he doesn't want to lose two more. He dashes forward...

...but deliberately smashes his foot through part of the bridge, doing a convincing job of looking like he fell off due to his lack of skill. Kaioh then declares that he has lost the fight and asks for help. The other kids watching regard him as a poor fighter now and as Jukei watches, he hopes Kaioh will forgive him. He sees that Hyo couldn't handle this fight and be begins to wonder of Kenshiro could be the true savior instead.

Back in the present, Hyo wishes that he was stronger in his youth, as then he would have been able to beat Kaioh before he turned to complete evil. An axe is then thrown at the group and they all narrowly avoid being hit by it. Hyo gets wrapped up with a chain...

...as the deranged Shura known as Zebra appears. He laughs and says it is too bad Hyo isn't a Majin anymore, as it means now his strength is nothing. Zebra plans to eat them all. Meanwhile, in another village, some Shura are trying to find some women for their master.

But they aren't having much luck as they keep finding men. They call out to the women of the village, telling them to come out and don't be afraid, as Lord Samato is a good looking man who is kind to ladies. Still nobody appears and Lord Samato himself arrives in the village, annoyed that nobody will be his bride. However his Shura then see Kaioh's horse and, more importantly, they see Lin and realise she is just perfect for their master.

Hyo gets slammed into the ground but he tells Kuroyasha not to interfere, as even when he is injured he is still a warrior of Hokuto Soukei. Zebra has even worse news for him though as he explains Kaioh sent him, and he also knows that a girl called Lin, who is one of Kenshiro's friends, has had her "Shinkanhaku" pressure point hit. Back in the village, Samato and his crew are trying to get Lin to wake up so she can meet her new Price Charming.

They start gently prodding her and her closed eyes twitch. It seems she is finally waking up. Meanwhile, Zebra attacks again, but Hyo destroys his chain and then avoids his swipe.

He gets behind Zebra and shoves him into the ground, eventually burying him and then he implodes. No time for Hyo to rest now though -he has to go and find Lin whilst he still has time.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro gets hit by Kaioh, but the fight is nowhere near finished. Ken says he will cut Kaioh's heart open but Kaioh announces he has no heart. They punch each other, scraping one another's necks and the force of their attacks send each of them back. As they land they cause the ground around them to crack.

As they get up, Kaioh says there is no saving his lost heart now. But Kenshiro tells him that he must...as when he became the successor to Hokuto Shinken, he made a promise with Raoh...

When Kenshiro became the successor, Raoh told him that he had a brother who he was separated from when they were young. Raoh is sure that he will have to fight Kenshiro some day, but should he lose, he wanted Kenshiro to find and tell his brother something. He wanted him to tell him that he understood the pain he was put through and that he has always respected him more than anyone. He then tells Kenshiro that should his brother turn to evil, he must be defeated by him. He has seen the great potential within Kenshiro's fists.

In the present, Kaioh just laughs and calls his dead brother pathetic. He clearly has no respect for him and says the died early due to his emotions, which led to him being defeated by Kenshiro. He then tells Ken that he'll show him how a Majin fights, and begins to use a technique.


(Dark Dragon Rending Wave)

Ken gets hit, but gets back up and says that he will now fulfill the promise he made with Raoh. Kaioh says he will not allow himself to die and their fight continues.


Another secret of Kaioh is explained and Hokuto Soukei's history is also revealed. Next time on Hokuto no Ken 2: "3 More Episodes Remain! 2000 Years of Hokuto Soukei's Harsh History!!"

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