1993 was a big year for the Final Fight franchise. There was a new version of the original (Final Fight CD), a new sequel (Final Fight 2) and this, a Final Fight game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Mighty Final Fight was a kind of remake of the original arcade game, but with some very big changes. The story is near enough the same as the first title -Jessica has been kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang, but this time Belger plans to marry her! Haggar, Cody and Guy set out to rescue her.

The game features 5 levels and 3 playable characters. Unlike on the Super Nintendo, Haggar, Cody and Guy are all here with most of their attacks. As well as the standard scrolling beat 'em up game play, this also incorporates RPG elements. The more enemies you defeat, the more experience points you get. As you level up, your character will eventually be able to do an additional attack. You can have a conversation with some of the bosses, sometimes letting you badmouth them and lower their health before the fight even begins.

I'm not that familiar with NES games but from what I've read this is meant to be one of the best scrolling beat 'em ups available for it. As well as being on the NES this game is also available as one of the three games on Capcom Classics Collection Mini Mix for the GameBoy Advance. It was only released in America, but as all GBA games are region free this isn't a problem.