The MK team are fighting lots of cyborgs, but the whole thing is actually not real. It is a simulation of what will happen in 3 hours, and it is being shown is something called the pool of prophecy. A man watches what is happening and says that in 3 hours, Raiden's minions will enter into battle. This gives him more than enough time to go on his journey. This man is Quan Chi He says that soon enough, a crippling evil will enter those mortals and devour them from within. Then, the dimension of Earth shall be his.

Meanwhile, Sonya and Jax are sparring when Jax says she needs to kick higher, and keep the opponent off guard. Sonya responds with a slide kick which takes Jax by surprise and knocks him over. Sonya says if that was any better, blubber butt. Jax gets all offended and tells her to never call him that, before storming off. Sonya doesn't get what is wrong and says sorry, but wants to know what's up with him. Jax makes her promise to not tell anyone else what he is about to tell her.

He says that when he was 8 or 9 years old, he was fat -like the fattest kid in school fat. All the other kids bullied him and one of their favorite nicknames was what she just called him. He knows he shouldn't let it get to him but...the alarm then goes off and the two report to Nightwolf, where the rest of the team is. Nightwolf says a rip has opened in Iceland.

The team move out. As they launch their jets, Jax reminds Sonya about keeping his secret a secret. Sonya says she will, and will one day tell him stuff about her, but he says he already knows enough to bury her should he need to. The team soon arrive and land, but when they get out of their vehicles they can't seem to see anything out of the ordinary.

However they do eventually see a portal, which has lots of robot ninja run through it. The team engage them in battle, unaware that Quan Chi is also making his move. He tells the snake he has with him that everything is going as he had seen, and as the mortals battle Shao Kahn's mindless robots, they can run their little errand.

His snake then transforms into a staff, and he stands up on a small cliff. Rising his staff into the air, he creates some kind of energy with it, and uses that to create a path that he floats across, heading towards a structure not far away. As he does this, Nightwolf picks up his activity and reports it to the team. However, they are simply too busy fighting the enemies here to go and check it out yet.

This lets Quan Chi do what he wants to do without any interruption, and he has already entered the structure. He uses his staff to open up another portal inside, and says that the hidden realm of Setera lies beyond this portal. Their lies the objective of the quest, and he transports himself through a small crack in a wall, which is actually a portal. He soon arrives in another realm.

The realm of Setera seems to be empty, but Quan Chi raises his staff and some kind of green sphere appears in the sky near him. This is the location he needs to go, and Quan Chi is soon inside a cave, where he comes across what he was after: the gem of Tetsurri. He goes closer towards it, but as he does, a flaming skull appears on starts breathing fire at him.

The skull is easily destroyed when Quan Chi gets several snakes to attack it, leaving him free to take the gem. A little later on, the MK team arrive.

Stryker points out the portal, but as they get closer, they see someone coming out of it. The someone turns out to just be a boy, who says that he escaped from the Outworld and is at their mercy. Liu Kang asks what he is talking about, and the boy just asks if they can offer him sanctuary.

He offers them a gift and pulls out a gem, which everyone looks at...and it makes each team member's eyes glow red briefly. Sonya goes to take it but Kitana stops her, saying there is something wrong here and they cannot accept the gem. The boy says that is unfortunate, but the offer has already been passed. He then runs back through the portal, which vanishes seconds later.

Sonya wonders what that was all about whilst Kitana says there was something very familiar about that boy. The team head back to base, and head back past through the control room, stopping Nightwolf from doing his important work. As they go past, Stryker and Sub-Zero have an argument.

Nightwolf asks Kitana what's up, but she just snaps at him and says she isn't their keeper. Sonya then starts criticizing her, only for Liu Kang to tell her to back off. Sonya starts an argument with him instead, leaving Nightwolf very confused about what is going on. Just then Raiden teleports in and tells the children to play nicely together or he'll have to separate them.

Jax suggests he separates Sonya from her mouth, but she responds by calling him blubber butt, and then tells the rest of the team his dark little secret -that he was the fattest kid in school. This leads to the two almost getting into a fight between each other, but Kitana tells them to stop. She says that ever since that gem appeared, things have been strange between them all. Raiden asks about the gem and when Liu Kang tells him, he knows what it is.

He says it is the gem of Tetsurri, which he thought was a myth. The gem isn't really a gem at all. It is actually a heart, and belonged to an evil warlord who ruled the realm of Setera. The heart is a demon stone of enormous power, power to darken the soul. He says it would take a great sorcerer to unleash the power of it, and then Kitana says she now knows why the boy looked so familiar to her -he was the sorcerer known as Quan Chi. Raiden knows of Quan Chi's power. He also says that the gem's effects will keep getting worse and worse. By tomorrow, they will be trying to kill each other.

Nightwolf asks if there is anything they can do, and Raiden says they have one shot -Quan Chi must get rid of the gem by tomorrow, as it will effect even him. He apparently can't just throw it away anywhere, but has to take it back to where he got it. They must go after him and destroy the gem. The team go to their jets, but Stryker and Sub-Zero start to argue over who is going to be the pilot. Raiden tells everyone to listen up -they must look into their souls and find the honor they have or they will all be finished.

He tells Nightwolf to go with them as he wasn't exposed to the gem and there needs to be someone there with a clear head. The team take off, and Raiden creates a portal for them to travel to the realm of Setera. The team arrive in the realm and Stryker says they will split up, but Liu Kang tells him to stop giving orders as he isn't going to follow him.

Instead Nightwolf tells everyone to calm down and has them all land together. He and Kiva go forward, whilst the rest of the team follow and start trash talking between themselves. Kiva picks up a scent and Nightwolf says he will go on with Kiva to check it out, whilst the rest of them can stay put -and they need to try and stop fighting. As they go off, Liu Kang and Jax start having an argument straight away, but then the entire team sees some strange crystals crash out of the ground.

The crystals break apart, reveal some kind of beings underneath. The crystal warriors charge forward, but seem to shatter pretty easily. However, as the fight goes on, the MK team take the odd hit and knock into each other, and more in-fighting ensures.

However Nightwolf calls out to the team and they head up to where he is. He and Kiva have found something Raiden called the "Sphere of Tetsurri", which is where they should find the gem. The team head towards it and enter a cave, and they see the gem in front of them. Stryker goes to smash it, but before he can he gets blasted by some energy.

Quan Chi's image appears throughout the cave, and he tells them that destroying the gem is not quite a simple matter as they thought. He says that only the greatest warrior among them can destroy the gem, and they should decide who that is. Sonya says it is once again up to her to save them all, and she tarts to walk towards the gem. However Jax stops her, and the two start to fight.

Sub-Zero goes towards the gem but is confronted by Stryker, who asks if he plans to betray them as be betrayed his own clan. The two of them start to fight as Nightwolf sees that Liu Kang is now fighting Jax. Kitana is nearly at the gem, but with Sonya no longer fighting Jax, she decides to take Kitana down instead and blasts her with an energy ring.

Nightwolf tells everyone to stop it and remember what Raiden told them, but nobody seems to listen. Quan Chi has listened though and has realised that Nightwolf hasn't been effected by the gem. He appears at the battleground and after blasting Kiva, he attacks Nightwolf.

He changes his staff back to a snake, which is about to bite Nightwolf. Nightwolf has one last chance to tell everyone to fight against the darkness, only Kitana actually responds to his words and reacts in time to kick the snake into a wall, breaking it into pieces.

The entire team surrounds Quan Chi, but he starts to charge up with energy. Nightwolf runs towards the gem and pulls out his axe, but Quan Chi shows off his powers by transforming himself into a giant snake.

He nearly eats Nightwolf but is stopped at the last moment when Sonya and Kitana kick him. The rest of the team work together to attack the beast, using various projectiles and forcing him to change back to his original form. As this happens, Nightwolf runs back to the gem and shatters it.

This causes Quan Chi to have the most comical reaction ever, complete with scream. As he disappears in a plume of smoke, the cave begins to collapse, but the team makes it out and arrives back home at their base on Earth. Raiden congratulates them all on overcoming the darkest parts of their souls.

Kitana says they have learnt there is nothing they cannot accomplish when they honor each other and act as one. Raiden says that with any luck, they'll have gotten all the apologies out of the way a month from now, since they were very brutal to each other. Sonya apologises for the blubber butt thing, and Jax says forget it. She says she will -unless she really needs to humiliate him.


This episode marked the first ever appearance of Quan Chi. The character would later appear in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (a game released almost a year after this episode's original airdate), and then be a playable character in Mortal Kombat 4.

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