A volcano erupts, but after the smoke clears (and the lava somehow vanishes) a portal is seen and out steps Sheeva. She and her warriors are on the scene to cause havoc, but they see that the MK team have already arrived.

Sheeva has her forces smash part of the volcano, making lots of rocks drop. One traps Sub-Zero, and as he tries to get his leg free, Sonya and Stryker take down a couple of Shokans and then go back to help Sub-Zero. Sonya decides that Stryker can deal with it though, as she wants to go and fight Sheeva.

Stryker tells her not to go and to wait for the others, but she says she doesn't need them. Stryker tries to make her stop but all she has to say is KOMBAT TIME and then charges off. Stryker uses his baton to move the rock off Sub-Zero before he goes after her. He sees that she has stopped in front of some smoke...

...but the smoke suddenly clears, revealing Sheeva, who unleashes a massive fireball. Stryker pushes Sonya out of the way and takes a hit, as the rest of the team have seen what has happened. Liu Kang tells Jax to get Stryker out of here whilst he and the others deal with the Shokans.

The fighting continues, as Sonya tells Stryker she is sorry and she just didn't think. Stryker tells her she never does, and she isn't a team player. Jax wants to get him back to base, but he refuses, saying they still have to defeat the Shokans and seal the rip. Sub-Zero creates a huge ice shield as the team decides on what to do.

Stryker wants Sonya to be the one who takes him back, as he thinks she should be suspended from active duty for what she did to him anyway. Liu Kang agrees, saying that she needs time to cool off and think about her actions. Just then the Shokans manage to shatter the shield by throwing a large rock at it.

Jax escorts Sonya and Stryker to one of their jets. They take off whilst he goes back to help the others. Sonya blasts off without following the start-up procedures, which further irritates Stryker, but she says there is no time. They arrive back at the base and Sonya has Stryker taken to the med lab, where Nightwolf takes a look at him. He says he'll be alright, but will be out of action for a while.

Raiden then contacts them and tells Nightwolf that if he's finished patching Stryker up he needs him to come where he is now. Sonya says she'll put Stryker to bed, whilst Nightwolf goes to Raiden. Raiden has found out that the rest of the team are struggling against Sheeva and her forces, so they'll have to go and help out.

Sonya comes in and says she can help, but Raiden refuses and tells her to stay here to play nurse, plus they need someone to guard the base. Nightwolf leaves Kiva with her since he's the best alarm system around, and as they go, Sonya is glad that at least the dog isn't mad at her. Stryker then comes in, saying he can't sit around, and finds out where Raiden and Nightwolf have gone. He takes a seat and starts to badmouth Sonya...

...but then Kiva starts growling at him. He doesn't like the dog either and thinks that things have gotten even worse for him now Nightwolf has left his pet here. Sonya says he'd be surprised at what a little kindness can get him, but he reminds her of what she did that got him like this. She asks if he wants anything like a pillow but he tells her to spare him the goody-goody routine. He instead tries to find out what is going on at the battle, but some kind of interference from the volcano is preventing Nightwolf's computer from being able to view anything. At the battle, things aren't going that well, as the portal is still wide open and more Shokans arrive through it.

Sheeva tells her forces to finish the enemy off, but then several of her troops get blown back by a series of electrical explosions: Raiden have arrived. As Nightwolf also helps out, Raiden deals with anyone dumb enough to get in his way and then goes to seal up the portal.

Stryker manages to get the view screen working and Sonya wishes she was back there fighting...if only she wasn't suspended. Stryker tells her to take his suspension like an adult, and he just doesn't understand why she isn't a team player. She says that she really is a team player, it is just that her time spent at special forces changed her. Stryker asks what happened, so Sonya tells him that it was when Kano killed her partner. It changed her, made her tired of all the fighting. Stryker says he is as sick of it as anyone but they must defend their realm, and to do that they need a united front. Just then Kiva starts growling.

An alarm goes off as the two realise that someone is in the base. Stryker finds out that several Shokan warriors have entered -they must have put a homing device on their jet earlier. They try to get through to Nightwolf, but interference from the volcano kicks in again and they can't contact him. Stryker tells Sonya she'll have to go and deal with them, he can guide her through to where they are via the CCTV cameras they have, plus she'll have the element of surprise.

Sonya heads to the armory to get a few grenades, then finds out from Stryker that the Shokan are on the level below her. She sees a tunnel and goes into it, setting up an explosive with a short timer. Just as the Shokan walk under the tunnel...

...the explosive is set off, crumbling part of the wall and preventing the Shokans from going the way they came. Sonya lets them see her and then jumps back up another tunnel. As they go to get her, Sonya tells Stryker to do it now, and he opens up another tunnel which drops out lots of water. The Shokans get washed away into a cave.

Stryker keeps trying to contact Nightwolf, and part of his message gets through to him. Nightwolf tells Raiden that something is up at their base, so Raiden decides to end this all now. He shoots a large bolt of electricity at the volcano, causing an eruption so powerful that not only does lava go everywhere, but the ground itself also begins to tear apart. Raiden tells the team to get back to their jets.

Sheeva realises that if she and her forces stay here, they will all die. She has everyone go back through the portal, and tells the God of Thunder that she will be back. As she disappears, Raiden finally seals the portal completely as the team head back home. Meanwhile, the other Shokan have regrouped and destroy the door to the control room of the MK base.

The Shokans enter but are attacked by Kiva. The leader of the Shokans, Zinkaro, easily defeats Stryker, but then Sonya enters. She tells Kiva to guard Stryker, whilst she fights Zinkaro. She tries to kick him but he counters it with a throw and tells her she's finished.

Sonya gets back up and uses her inverted bicycle kick to knock him back, and then finishes him off with a flame kiss. A portal then opens up behind her and she's ready for more fighting, but Raiden steps out and reminds her that he is on her side -thankfully for him, it seems.

The rest of the team come in and thought they needed help, but it seems the only thing left to do is for this mess to be cleaned up. Raiden says he can do that, and has the Shokans sent through a portal to a realm they can never escape from. Later on, the team gathers together in the medical lab.

Stryker seems to be doing better, and astonishes everyone by petting Kiva without him growling. Raiden appears and asks what they are going to do with Sonya, and Kitana says it is up to Stryker if she is no longer suspended. Stryker decides to let her back on the team, but she doesn't seem to show a positive reaction. Whilst she says she is glad on one level, on the other, she thought her suspension could serve as an excuse for her to run away from all the fighting. Nobody comes up with a response to that.

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