At Cybertron City on Earth, Fortress and the others have found out that several of their Earth bases have been attacked by the Destrons. The attacks were simultaneous, and the bases and Cybertrons in them destroyed. Fortress believes that it isn't Galvatron who is leading the attacks, and the others think that Scorponok might be behind it. They also think Scorponok could be acting on his own, since they haven't seen him for a while.

Fortress wants Twincast to find out more, so he and his cassette robots split up and head out. Metroflex wants to go out and fight, but Fortress doesn't want him to do so yet. Metroflex then reports that more of their bases are under attack, as Computicon and Guardian are sent out to go and defend them. Metroflex says he will stay here, but he wants to be the one who gets to fight Sixshot when the time comes.

On Jaar, Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge watch as Sixshot shoots down Guardian in his Wingwolf mode. Galvatron praises Sixshot for his skill, although Cyclonus and Scourge say that Galvatron's giving him way too much credit. Meanwhile Counterpunch is in a room with stacks and stacks of energon cubes, and he wonders what Galvatron is going to do with them.

As he leaves the room, Galvatron appears and asks what he was doing in there. Counterpunch says he was looking for him as he has been monitoring the Cybertron Headmaster's movements, and says that despite Sixshot's continuous attacks, they have done nothing. He thinks the Cybertrons may attack them here if they knew how undermanned they were. Galvatron thinks he is talking garbage, and tells him not to waste his time. Counterpunch apologises and asks what his plan is, but Galvatron just says that he intends to make history with the next battle, and will soon be going to Earth. As Galvatron enters the energy storage room, Counterpunch decides to contact Fortress.

Returning to Earth, Spacepunch tells Fortress and the other Headmasters that Galvatron plans to make history with his next move and is heading to Earth. The Cybertrons believe that Galvatron may be planning to obliterate the Earth and use all of the energy the Destrons have collected to power themselves up. But Fortress thinks that the Earth attacks by Sixshot are to try and keep them busy whilst Galvatron or Scorponok implement their real plan.

Steeljaw has found where MegaZarak is -at a Cybertron energy storage base in Alaska. He takes Twincast there but before either of them can do anything, Sixshot passes by and shoots at them.

Twincast tells Steeljaw to report to Fortress, but as Steeljaw goes, Twincast get knocked into the chasm when Sixshot smashes into him. Steeljaw sees this but decides to carry out Twincast's orders and goes off to inform Fortress.

On Athenia, Spike and the others there can only watch as countless Cybertron bases are attacked and destroyed by the Destrons. Spike decides that they must contact Fortress on Earth and get him to do something, but Arcee says that he shouldn't. The reason that Fortress does not appear to be counter attacking is because they are trying to work out what the Destron's real objective actually is. Spike agrees and for now decides not to contact Fortress.

Back on Earth, at the Destron base, Spacepunch appears. He changes to his Destron mode and heads inside the base, determined to find out more about Galvatron's plan. Not long after entering, a door opens and smacks him down, as Scourge leaves a room. Scourge asks what he is doing down there. Counterpunch says he has lost something, and crawls around the floor looking for a nonexistent object. He crawls around the corner and says that was a close one. He decides to try switching modes, but realises that being a Cybertron in a Destron base is not a good idea. He changes back.

Running through another corridor, Counterpunch hears Galvatron and Sixshot, and enters the room next to them. He looks through a vent to see and hear that Sixshot has reported to Galvatron where MegaZarak is, and believes that Scorponok intends to destroy the Earth. Galvatron knows Scorponok is going to betray him, and Sixshot wants to know what Galvatron's thoughts on this are. However, Galvatron says he has something to show Sixshot, and brings up an image on a monitor.


Grand Galvatron is what Galvatron intends to become -by incorporating the Earth into himself. However, before he can go through with this, he needs to take many transformation components. He reveals that the weakest point of his body is his head, and to safeguard it, he wants to take the finest parts from the strongest warriors. And he considers Sixshot to be one of his finest warriors, second only to himself. Galvatron says that many would sacrifice themselves for him, but Sixshot would be his first choice. As Galvatron laughs, Sixshot is worried. Galvatron leaves the room, and sees another robot running off not far away. He wonders if it was Counterpunch.

At Cybertron City, the Cybertrons are about to move out when Metroflex transforms and asks to go with Fortress, as he wants to avenge Ultra Magnus. Fortress says he can come with them, just as Spacepunch returns and gets onboard Battleship Maximus. The Cybertrons then move out, as Spacepunch explains to Fortress about Galvatron's plan, and that now would be a good time to strike against the enemy.

In Alaska, Scorponok and the other Destron Headmasters have been planting bombs in key points of the Earth's structure for their own plan. Sixshot finds them and tells Scorponok that he must now be very cautious of Galvatron, as he intends to take parts from the most powerful Destrons. That surely means that MegaZarak is going to end up being dismantled. Scorponok decides to team up with Sixshot and put Galvatron out of the picture permanently, just as Galvatron arrives.

Sixshot pretends to restrain Scorponok by grabbing him, as Galvatron lands. Galvatron says long time no see, but he is here for Scorponok's transector -he wants MegaZarak. Scorponok refuses to just hand it over, and the two start to argue. But the Cybertrons then arrive up above, and Fortress tells both Galvatron and Scorponok that no matter what they are planning, they will both fail.

The battle begins, as Metroflex fights Sixshot, MegaZarak takes on Maximus, whilst Chromedome, Hardhead, Brainstorm and Highbrow battle Galvatron. But even when it is four against one, the Destron leader proves to be very strong, pushing them all off him without effort. Elsewhere Steeljaw finds where Twincast fell, and gets him back up.

Galvatron is pushed back to some icebergs, but as the Cybertron Headmasters charge, they all end up being send into the waters below. Galvatron sees they are all still alive, and wonders if they know when to give up. He jumps down and says he'll finish them off...

...but then Counterpunch appears, and yells out that Galvatron's weak point is his head. Galvatron realises Counterpunch was a spy after all, but this info comes too late. Chromedome jumps up and drop kicks him in the head, sending him crashing into the waters.

The Cybertron Headmasters jump up and use their head formation technique. Creating a great amount of energy between them, they use it as a weapon and blast Galvatron. But he gets back up and transforms into his cannon mode, and starts shooting back at the Cybertrons.

He hits Hardhead, and stops the head formation technique. As he starts shooting at the other Cybertrons, Hardhead recovers and transforms, crashing into Galvatron and knocking him into the waters once more. Galvatron says he will kill them all.

Hardhead says that is their line, and joins up with the others to use the head formation technique again. They start blasting at the icebergs, causing a lot of destruction and sending a lot of ice over Galvatron.

The ice falls all over Galvatron, covering him up. He yells out for the Destrons to help him, but nobody comes. Instead, the Cybertron Headmasters fire a final, stronger blast from their formation, which hits Galvatron and causes a massive explosion.

When the smoke clears, Galvatron is gone. Scorponok tells the Destrons to retreat, and they all do. Fortress and the other Cybertrons look over the sea, and there is no sign of Galvatron. Fortress says he was surprised at how much power Chromedome and the others just used, and Chromedome says even he didn't know they were capable of that. Galvatron has gone, but Scorponok still remains. The Cybertrons must still be vigilant, as Scorponok may be planning to destroy the Earth.


This episode's opening scene has Sixshot get some Destrons ready to battle, but this scene is missing from the DVDs I've got.

We've had generic Cybertrons before, but this episode of the series is the first to include generic Destrons -the guy on the right seems to have Skywarp's color scheme, the others I don't know.

Galvatron can survive an entire planet blowing up in his face, but some guys using a rainbow laser to drop some ice on him? Nope!

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