Galvatron has died, so Scorponok has now taken over as the leader of the Destrons. Becoming the "Emperor of Terror" he says that Galvatron tried to build the Destron empire and died in that attempt. They will combine their strength and destroy the Cybertrons. They will expand the Destron empire, and rule the universe. As the other Destrons cheer to their new leader's words, Counterpunch sneaks off to report things.

As the news of Scorponok's promotion filters through to the Cybertrons, Chromedome and Brainstorm discuss how the fighting is only going to get worse now that Scorponok has taken command of the Destrons. Highbrow is still looking through the code Tekna gave to him a while a go, but has still not had any luck in finding MegaZarak's weak spot.

Back on Jaar, Scorponok tells Sixshot that the death of Ultra Magnus changes everything, so they now have a chance to defeat the Cybertrons once and for all. Sixshot says he will deal with that and disappears, whilst Scorponok talks to the other Destron Headmasters. He wants them to continue with his plan on Earth. They want to fight the Cybertrons, but he tells them that will happen soon enough.

Meanwhile the Cybertrons take a look at where they have been recently attacked on Earth, and it seems that the majority of the attacks are happening in the northern region of the planet. Fortress decides to send more Cybertrons to that sector for now. Spike says that he also needs to go to Earth, as he is due to attend a meeting about Earth's mantle.

Chromedome decides to go along with Spike and they head to Earth via the Trainbots. The reason the meeting is taking place is because humans are wanting to drill into the mantle and extract energy out of it. Later on at Cybertron City, Spike shows the Cybertrons where a large volcano range is, and that the Destrons have recently been attacking the northern part of it.

Just then Dinosaurer attacks Cybertron City. Chromedome and Spike rush outside to see that there is no way that can defend themselves against such a large foe. Spike rather foolishly says he wants to stay outside and fight instead of heading back inside to take cover, but Metroflex drives in and starts firing to get Dinosaurer's attention.

Metroflex drop kicks Dinosaurer which sends him crashing into the ground, but before the Cybertrons can even think that they've won, Sixshot appears. He transforms and says he's going to take Chromedome's life now. Thinking of how he killed Ultra Magnus, Chromedome starts to fight him whilst Metroflex and Dinosaurer continue their battle. Sixshot starts to move around very quickly, and blasts Chromedome.

Metroflex is going to help, but Spike runs out and tells him to watch out -Dinosaurer is back up! Just as Dinosaurer attacks, a stray laser blast from Sixshot hits the ground near where Spike is, sending him flying. Shouki and Suiken run outside to see what is going on. Shouki tries to get Spike up, but he won't move. Suiken helps Metroflex throw Dinosaurer away.

Chromedome does some fast shooting to land a hit on Sixshot, whilst Metroflex and Suiken open fire on Dinosaurer. The two Destrons retreat.

Spike has been seriously inured in the explosion. He is transported to Athenia and an operation is started to remove pieces of shrapnel which got stuck inside him. Fortress and Arcee complete the operation and head back to tell the others that it has mostly been a success, but one piece cannot be removed. Upset that his father may die, Daniel runs off to where he is and Carly follows him. Chromedome thinks to himself that this is all his fault, but then decides to blame Fortress for not trying to destroy the Destrons sooner, and then says he's going to take on the enemy on his own. He attempts to head out but is stopped by Hardhead.

Fortress gathers the other Cybertron Headmasters and they talk about what Scorponok's plan must be. Highbrow thinks that the Destrons are going to use plasma energy to combust the Earth into a new sun. However Fortress thinks that the Destrons just want to destroy the planet completely. Scattershot then reports in that some Destrons activity has been seen in Kamchatka Peninsula, so Fortress decides to send some troops there.

Chromedome says they'll go and check it out, but Fortress says that in his emotional state, he is not fit to lead. He puts Brainstorm in charge in stead, forcing Chromedome to stay behind. As Brainstorm, Hardhead, Highbrow and the Trainbots head to Earth, Chromedome goes to the medical bay and overhears Spike talking to his son. Spike tells Daniel that if anything happens to him, he must be strong and continue to be an envoy for the Cybertrons. Daniel tells his Dad to hang on, but Spike suddenly rears away from him in pain, and it isn't looking like he'll make it.

On Earth, things are going badly for the Cybertrons -for once, Predaking gets the better of Raiden, whilst the Destron Headmasters are overwhelming their Cybertron counterparts. Scorponok is watching, and knows that if Chromedome isn't here, Fortress will show up eventually. When he does, he will destroy him once and for all.

Back on Athenia, Fortress says the only way to remove the last piece of shrapnel in Spike is for him to use his telekinetic powers. Chromedome does not think this is a good idea, as if Fortress does this, he will use up all of his energy. To make things worse, they then find out that MegaZarak is heading to Earth, but Fortress has made his decision. He transforms and uses his power to heal Spike. Spike's life is saved, but now Fortress does not have the energy to transform.

Back on Earth, MegaZarak has arrived, but doesn't have to do anything as the Destrons are clearly winning the battle. Abominus has also joined in, helping Predaking beat up Raiden. Fortress then heads to Earth on his ship, once again leaving Chromedome behind. Arcee and Chromedome know that Fortress will not last long against MegaZarak.

Chromedome says there is only one way they can save their leader -by finding MegaZarak's weak spot. They will have to continue with Highbrow's research. Chromedome heads into a computer room, and finds a note from Highbrow. The note states that MegaZarak's weak spot must be something to do with the connection between his head and his body. Daniel and Wheelie then run into the room and say they'll help out.

Fortress arrives at the battle on Earth, but MegaZarak instantly uses his the weakened state of his enemy to his advantage. He picks up Fortress' ship and throws it down a canyon. The other Cybertron Headmasters attack him but are no match for MegaZarak's superior fire power.

Back on Athenia, Chromedome is using a computer furiously to find the weak spot, and he gets it -the Destron insignia on MegaZarak's chest is where the weak spot is! It is where all of his power is centered. Arcee runs in and says Fortress is in trouble, but Chromedome says that they now know MegaZarak's weak spot, and he is going to head to Earth. Arcee reminds him that he'll never get there in time as the space bridge no longer exists, but Chromedome says he'll make it somehow.

Back on Earth, MegaZarak picks up Battleship Maximus and says this is it. He throws the ship into some lava below.

Chromedome is somehow using a warp to get to the Earth, and yells out that he's on his way. As Maximus sinks, the lava does not destroy it. Instead, the ship absorbs the power of the magma, re-energizing Fortress...

MegaZarak can tell something is wrong, and is shocked when Maximus emerges out of the lava. Fortress transforms and becomes Fortress Maximus, and has the Master Sword ready.

Before he can fight, Chromedome appears. Chromedome quickly tells Fortress Maximus what MegaZarak's weak spot is, and then he and the other Cybertron Headmasters fire at MegaZarak to distract him. Fortress Maximus leaps over and swings the Master Sword, and whilst MegaZarak blocks the strike, it hits him with such force he drops his gun and knocks him back.

Fortress Maximus plunges the Master Sword straight into MegaZarak's chest, badly injuring him. He stumbles forwards and falls into the lava, but a few seconds later he flies out of it and retreats with the other Destrons.

The Cybertrons on Athenia are glad that Fortress and the others are alright. Later on, Chromedome is upset the Destrons got away, but the others are just glad he showed up when he did as they may not have lived much longer otherwise. Chromedome doesn't want to take all the credit as it was Highbrow who did most of the research into the weak spot of MegaZarak. They know they are a good team, something the Trainbots also agree with. Fortress and the others head back to Athenia. Whilst MegaZarak has been damaged, Scorponok will not give up that easily. Fight on, Cybertrons!


Whilst Scattershot is the one who reports on the Destron activity, he or any of the other Techbots are never seen at the battle itself.

Chromedome sure as heck seems to use a space bridge to get to Earth, despite the fact all the space bridges were destroyed previously. Lame writing.

And yeah MegaZarak's weak spot is stupid also.

When Daniel uses a computer, you can briefly see some English text on it, and it once again seems to be a reference to Akira. Similar text also appeared in this episode.

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