As Kenshiro nears his destination, he comes across a truck. Some people have been sent to escort him back the rest of the way. As they all head back together and enter Last Land, Ken notices that a lot of people have died. He finds out that a holy war has started to protect Doha, and he remembers that the villagers still aren't aware that Doha isn't really a God yet.

Tobi sees Ken has returned and is overjoyed to find out that he got the medicine. With this, his brother's life will be saved. He heads back upstairs and injects his brother, saying that he will be OK now. Ken asks where Sara is.

Tobi says that she isn't here and that they have other things to discuss. He takes Ken past a bunch of people who are praying for Lord Doha and then tells him that just after he left, a man known as Seiji appeared. He took Sara and had Tobi and Bista locked up, but they managed to escape. Tobi then got the villagers to rebel and start to take back Last Land. Kenshiro is more concerned with his deception -the people will not be pleased when they find out that Doha isn't a God, and is just a normal kid called Bista. He tells Tobi that he should stop this holy war and let him deal with Seiji.

Tobi thought it would come to this and leave the room, but as he heads out he hits a hidden switch which causes a large gate to fall. He tells Ken that he has changed and that he knew Kenshiro would object to what he is going to do next, so he can stay down here and keep quiet for a while.

Some other villagers arrive and put a robe on Tobi. He tells Ken that he is God's brother and will act as his mouthpiece. They will stay here in Last Land and together, they will create a new country which they will rule. These people will gladly sacrifice their own lives for their God and he has learnt that power and control is obtained through spilt blood. Ken asks if Sara knows about his plan, but he tells her she does not influence what he does any more, now that she has fallen into the hands of Seiji.

He and his followers then leave. Meanwhile, Seiji's troops are trying to rebuild some of their defenses, but they then see that yet another army of villagers is approaching. They've killed a lot already but they just keep coming. The villagers charge forward, saying that all of this is for the glory of Lord Doha. At this point, only the palace remains in Seiji's grasp.

Ches tells his master this and he isn't too pleased. After kicking him around he tells Ches to pull the army together and to continue killing the villagers. Ches explains that it doesn't seem to matter, as many of the villagers have died with smiles on their faces, happy to sacrifice themselves for their God. They aren't afraid of death. Seiji says that they are all mad for following their God, but there is a way he can beat them. He hits a pressure point on Seiji's head...

...which makes it bulge up. Seiji says his head will explode, but as he rolls around he hits another point on Ches' back which stops the bulging. However, Seiji reveals that Ches will die tomorrow. If he wants to be saved, he'd better go out and fight with the rest of the troops and prevent the villagers from getting in here. Seiji says the best way to counter madness is with madness and tells Ches to go out and kill.

Tobi is now treated like a God and after getting off his throne, he tells the villagers that by having faith in Lord Doha, they will be able to take back his sacred water from Seiji. Seiji uses a telescope to see that Tobi is the one behind the assault. As the villagers are following a false God, he tells Ches that they will go and kill both Tobi and Bitsa. With them out of the way, the villagers will stop fighting. He will then get them back on his side by making Sara their God instead.

A sand storm causes the final attack to be delayed, so Tobi goes back to visit his brother. He tells him that soon everything will be theirs, and that they will not be betrayed by anyone again. Tobi then thinks about his escape with Bitsa via the sewers -whilst he was down there, Sara found him.

Sara tells him that it is too dangerous to move Bista out of here and that he should wait for Kenshiro. Tobi disagrees, saying that there is no guarantee that Ken can defeat Seiji. He says that he will leave Last Land with his brother and that she should come with them. However Sara says she can't leave and Tobi guesses that she must have feelings for Seiji. He doesn't want to have anything else to do with her and continues though the sewers, but he now has a different plan. Back in the present, Ches is walking through the storm with another man.

Many of the villagers are still outside and given their inexperience in combat they are very easy targets. Ches arrives and violently kills many of them, with the storm providing the perfect cover.

Tobi and some villagers arrive only to find most of their army dead. They wonder who could have done this but then notice two figures nearby: one is Ches, and the other removes his cloak to reveal himself: Seiji.

He kills several of the men Tobi brought along with him and says that is doesn't matter how large his army is, he can kill them all. They are nothing to him. Tobi tries to reason that he is the brother of Lord Doha and if they kill him, Doha will strike them down. But most of the remaining villagers run away and Ches says that having faith in Doha will not save him now.

Ches stomps on Tobi repeatedly and then drags him around the city whilst driving a truck. They reach were Doha is and Ches and Seiji head inside, killing the people who were still in there.

Tobi manages to break his rope and heads inside. Seiji finds Doha/Bista on a bed and beckons Ches to go and kill him. Ches raises his two swords and is about to stab him when...

...Tobi arrives in the room and begs them to stop. He says Bista could still act as a God and they should let him live. If they have to kill anyone, they can kill him instead. Seiji agrees to this trade and is about to strike Tobi when he realises that he isn't afraid of death.

The look Tobi has in his eyes makes Seiji think back to the time he was attacked by a wolf. The look in the mother dog's eyes is the same as Tobi's stare now, and it sends him into a rage. People protect their loved ones, but not in his case. All he can think about is the time his own father dropped him down a canyon. He punches the ground in frustration, but then tells Ches to take Doha back to the palace and to treat him well. He then leaves the building.

Whilst Seiji is letting Doha live, nothing has been said about Tobi and Ches slices into his back a couple of times. He then takes Doha back towards the palace whilst Tobi collapses in a doorway, and can only watch his brother be taken away. Meanwhile, Sara has returned to the cave and can now only hope that Kenshiro will return, as he is the only one who can save them all now.

An old women suddenly appears and says that Kenshiro is already here, but Sara must go and help him. She says her name is Yura and that she wanders around the palace, almost like a ghost. She reveals a small boat for Sara to use and tells her to get going. Sara asks why she is helping and Yura just tells her she knows sadness better than anyone else. There is no need for another woman to just sit here and do nothing, so she should go and help before it is too late.

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